Extra Storage Eases the Burden on Caregivers

Caregiving can be a demanding job, but having extra storage space could take some of the pressure off you, and help you create a more orderly environment for the one you love. If you’re dealing with clutter creep on top of all your other responsibilities, see what a difference a self-storage unit could make.

Extra Storage Eases the Burden on Caregivers

Dealing with too much stuff: If you’re caring for senior parents or another relative, you’ve probably seen how possessions can add up over the years. In addition to any financial value, these objects often take on great importance for sentimental reasons. Trying to downsize becomes painful and time-consuming because it’s just too hard to let go of old golf clubs or children’s toys. Break through these deadlocks by picking up these objects and moving them off site into storage. It’s one method for getting them out of the way without causing too much stress.

Promoting safety: Clutter can create fire hazards and cause home accidents like tripping on the stairs or falling over a pile of newspapers. Discarding unnecessary items and putting others in storage doesn’t just make a home look better, it could prevent a visit to the hospital emergency room or even save a life.

Relieving anxiety: The emotional and psychological aspects of clutter often get overlooked, but these factors play a big role in the health and well-being of your loved one, as well as yourself. Feeling less crowded makes it easier to relax and think clearly.

Party Barn Self Storage in Wylie, Texas makes your moving and storage experiences as easy as possible. Contact us to learn more.

Avoid Regrets by Putting Your Old Furniture in Local Storage

Local storage is the ideal solution for items that are too big to keep around the house and too difficult to replace, which is pretty much the definition of old furniture. See why old furniture is worth hanging on to, and why self-storage is the place to keep it.

Avoid Regrets by Putting Your Old Furniture in Local StorageYou know you’re getting old when you start complaining about how things aren’t built the way they used to be. Then again, you’re right if you’re talking about furniture. You don’t have to be an expert on Antiques Roadshow to notice that older furniture is usually better built. Plus, it might have sentimental value for you.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can fit it in your home so there are times when a storage unit provides a suitable temporary home with space and climate-control features to protect your valuables:

Your family gives you furniture: If you have parents or other older relatives who are downsizing, you can take advantage of their generosity even if you live in a studio at the moment.

You’re saving furniture for your kids: They’re going to move out some day. Give them a head start with a real bed.

You love flea markets: Pick up pieces with potential, and store them until you have a chance to restore or refinish them. It may even become a side income for you, which could pay for the storage.

Whether you have a few pieces of quality furniture or an entire houseful, Party Barn has a unit that is the right size for you. Contact us today to discuss your storage options.

A Storage Unit Can Make Staging Your Home Easier

Are you getting ready to put your home on the real estate market? If so, you might be thinking about staging your home so that it will look great for potential buyers. Doing so can be easier than you think, especially if you rent a storage unit to make it easier.

A Storage Unit Can Make Staging Your Home Easier

Put Away Personal Possessions

One of the first things that many real estate agents will tell you is that it’s good to put away any especially personal possessions, such as family photos or religious items. This can give your family more of a sense of privacy when people are looking at your home. Additionally, it can help make it easier for people to see themselves moving into the house when they view it, which can be difficult for some people when the house is filled with someone else’s personal possessions.

Keep Valuables and Breakables Safe

Additionally, you may want to keep your valuable items and breakables safe when others are going to be in your home. Storing these items in a secure storage unit will help keep them safe.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Furniture

You’re probably going to want your home to look as neat and clutter-free as possible when people are viewing it. Putting away unnecessary furniture and other items can be a good way to make the home look more open and can leave room for staging with different furniture and decor. Until you’re ready to move, you can use a storage unit to store these items.

As you can probably see, if you are thinking about putting your home on the market and need some help with staging it, renting a storage unit can be a great idea. If you contact us, we can tell you more about your self-storage options.

Storage Space to Help You Build a Capsule Wardrobe at Home

Have you heard about the capsule wardrobe movement yet? It’s a movement that marries fashion with minimalism so that anyone who’s into it can stay fashionable without cluttering up their closet. Not only will having a capsule wardrobe help to declutter your home but it will also simplify your life. That’s because, with less clothing options to choose from, you won’t spend as much time picking out an outfit to wear in the morning. As a result, you’ll also experience less mental fatigue.

Storage Space to Help You Build a Capsule Wardrobe at Home

Getting Started

So how do you get started with having a capsule wardrobe? You start by taking out all of the clothes currently residing in your closet and only putting back in the clothes that you will actually have a good chance of wearing during the season that you’re building the capsule wardrobe for. To help make your selection, do try on all of your clothes to ensure that they still fit your current body and that you actually like the way you look in the clothing item.

What to Do With All the Extra Clothes

Once your capsule wardrobe has been curated, you’re sure to be left with a lot of extra clothes. Clothing that you know no longer fits your style and lifestyle should either be donated or sold online. For clothes that you still want to hold on to but aren’t going to wear anytime soon, you can put it away into a rented storage space for now.

To learn more about using our storage space to store your extra clothes, contact us today.

The Perks of Neighborhood Storage – A Fresh Storage Solution

If you are looking into storage options for your household items, one new creative solution that might work for you is finding a facility that is close to home. While you might save a few bucks a month finding a facility that is further out-of-town, this can make accessing your items a pain. Here are three things to think about when picking the best location for your storage facility needs.

The Perks of Neighborhood Storage - A Fresh Storage Solution

1. Your Items Will be in the Neighborhood

The thing about traditional storage facilities is these are usually located in large outdoor spaces or warehouses. Because of this, these facilities might out-of-town or in areas that aren’t the most convenient for your needs. If you can find storage right in your neighborhood, it won’t feel like storage at all. You’ll be able to pack in and pack out your items quickly and stay right near your home to do so.

2. Specific Sizing Isn’t an Issue

Whether you are storing a couch, a few boxes, or a jet ski, sometimes options can seem daunting if your storage facility is too far from your home. By sourcing a local storage facility, you can store as much or as little as you need without too much extra time spent on moving your items. Your personal needs will be an integral part of finding the best storage option near your home.

3. Ditch the Hassles of Storage Facilities that are Out-of-the-Way

Storage facilities in inconvenient locations can come with caveats that make this type of environment not worth the savings this might offer in return. Storage units left unattended have more chances of break-ins, and many time facilities that don’t have much traffic can be targeted. A storage space nearby will bypass these traditional hassles.

Thinking local when it comes to your storage needs can help you break the mold and move away from traditional storage facilities that are miles away from your home. Whether you need storage for a few days or a few months, contact us to help with local storage facilities in your area.

Selecting A Self Storage Company in Wylie, TX

When you are choosing a self-storage unit, please take into consideration that you will be bringing items in or taking them out often.  The last thing that you probably want to worry about is looking over your shoulder. However, it’s always important to focus on your safety. If safety is your top priority then follow these tips when choosing a self-storage unit.

Selecting A Self Storage Company in Wylie, TX

Choose a Storage Unit with Gated Access

One of the first steps to ensuring that you are safe while you are working in your storage unit — and to make sure that your items are protected while they are in storage — is to choose a self-storage company that has gated access. This can help cut down on who enters the storage unit area, which can help keep you safe and can help you ensure that your items are nice and secure when you aren’t there.

Ample Lighting

When choosing a self-storage company, inquire about the lighting in the area. A good self-storage company will have ample lighting in and around the property. This can help keep you safe and can make it easier for you to see when you are moving items in and out at night.



There are various steps that you can take that can help you stay safe and sound while working in your storage unit. Follow these tips so that you will have less to worry about while you’re moving items around or when you’re working in your unit. If you’d like to find out more about renting the perfect storage unit with ample lighting and gated access, as well as many other great features, contact us at Party Barn Self-Storage today.

Self-Storage Can Help You Clean Out Your Closet

When you open your closet door, do you find that it’s filled to the brim with clothes, shoes and other items that you don’t wear? If so, you might wonder if you will ever be able to tackle the mess. A messy closet can be a major eyesore, and it can even make it tough for you to find clothes to wear when you’re getting ready for work in the morning. Luckily, there is a great option that can help you get your closet under control: renting a self-storage unit.

Self-Storage Can Help You Clean Out Your Closet

First of all, you can go through everything in your closet and get rid of what you don’t want or that doesn’t fit, such as by donating it, selling it or throwing it away. Then, you can figure out which items need to be moved to your storage unit. For example, during the spring and summer months, there is really no reason for your closet to be filled with your winter coats, heavy sweaters, and winter boots. One excellent idea for keeping your closet under control is to move out-of-season clothing to your storage unit. Then, when the weather changes, you can swap things around.

You may also find that you want to store items that you don’t wear very often in your storage unit. For example, formal dresses and suits that you only wear once or twice a year can be kept safe in a storage unit so that they are out of the way.

Are you tired of dealing with a mess every time that you open your closet? If so, we can help. Contact us at Party Barn Self-Storage today so that we can tell you more about our storage units and how they can help you get your closet under control.

Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze With These 3 Easy Storage Ideas

Spring has sprung, Easter is over and warm weather is officially underway. If you are devoting some of your free time to spring cleaning, here are 3 ways to make getting organized a breeze…

Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze With These 3 Easy Storage Ideas

Get the Kids Involved 

Get the kids involved in your tidying efforts by turning old shoeboxes into the perfect hideaway for drawings, crayons, pencils, Playdoh tubs and other small items that may be cluttering the floor. With glue, a paint brush, old magazines, and scissors, they can reimagine those old shoeboxes into collaged hideaway spots with attitude. Best of all, they will stack neatly on shelves.

Helpful hint: Save this project for a rainy day to help keep the kids busy.

Turn to Self-Storage

Figuring out what to part with is tough and with self-storage, you don’t have to choose. Local storage allows you to safely, neatly and effectively tackle home organizing, helping you to enjoy a clean, spring home without rushing to decide what to keep or toss. Ready to make way for that new bookshelf or larger-than-life toy kitchen? Keep the peace and stay stress-free. We can help.


While well-known charities are often in need of new items, but there are still PLENTY of other charities and great causes out there that are looking for gently used items. From blankets to jackets, toys and even home items, your home is a built-in, good-deed-maker ready to be used. Call up local shelters to find out what their biggest needs are for spring and summer. Chances are that they even take winter items early. Home items and toys may even find a good home at battered women’s shelters.

As you get ready to welcome the sunny days of spring and summer, clearing the clutter can make coming back inside after a day of outdoor play even more inviting.

Storage for Golfers

Golf clubs and golfing equipment are expensive and should be kept in pristine condition. Party Barn Self Storage can keep a person’s woods and irons in great shape by offering storage opportunities that allow a golfer’s bag and gear to be kept separately from the rest of the clutter in the garage or house. Party Barn Self Storage will also keep golf equipment in pristine condition while providing a storage space that has enough room to practice putting or swinging a club.

Storage for Golfers

Separate Storage Space

By keeping golf bags, clubs, cleats, and balls in a separately contained area, and not a garage or basement, the sports gear will not get dirty or wet should these areas of a house get flooded or pummeled by rain that seeps in through windows and doors.

There is also less chance of a person’s golf equipment getting damaged or lost if it is securely kept in a storage unit provide by Party Barn Self Storage, where only the owner has direct access to it. All of the storage units offered by Party Barn Self Storage are clean and kept guaranteed good condition. Storage unit sizes vary from 9’x10′ to 10’x30′.

Better Storage Conditions

By utilizing a self-storage unit from Party Barn Self Storage, a golfer is going to be keeping their equipment safe. This means the gear will last longer. Clubs, irons, hybrids, and putters are expensive and an investment in the sport of golf.

According to an article on About Sports regarding golfing costs, “Top-of-the-line drivers range from $250 to $600.”

A set of irons can be as little as a $100 or well over thousands of dollars, while a good putter is also known to be very expensive. Therefore a person should not be leaving this type of sporting equipment out on the open ground of a garage floor or unattended in the trunk of a vehicle. Party Barn Self Storage enables a golfer to very their own golf storage space to hold all equipment. Units will keep a golfer’s gear in good condition, so a person has nothing to worry about except his or her golf game handicap.

Contact Party Barn Self Storage for more information.

4 Simple Furniture Storage Tips

Packing a storage unit can seem like a daunting task, especially when you have large pieces of furniture. How do you fit everything into your unit while also making sure nothing gets damaged? Read these furniture storage tips to answer that question.

4 Simple Furniture Storage Tips



Always make sure you prepare your furniture for storage. First, clean it using a cleaning product appropriate to the material. Next, let it dry completely. Putting damp furniture into storage could lead to patches of discoloration, mildew, and rot.

Break it Down

Smaller items might store easily but consider taking larger items (such as tables, beds, and couches) apart. Just make sure you keep track of all the different pieces. Wrap the individual parts of an item of furniture together. Make sure you label them as well.


It’s important to make sure your furniture is properly protected while in storage. Use bubble wrap on easily broken items such as mirrors, vases, and fragile decorations.

Protect your furniture from dust as well. Consider using drop cloths instead of plastic. Plastic can trap moisture and damage your furniture. Drop cloths keep your furniture protected while also allowing the air to move freely.


Before putting your furniture in your storage unit, make sure you plan out where to put everything. Create a map of your unit and update it as you go. Keep a copy of the map in the unit itself. This step will help you avoid scratching your furniture when you need to find something.

Also, make sure to store your furniture with space in between each item. If you pack it in too tightly, air can’t circulate. Allowing the air to move will keep your furniture in good condition.

For more information about how to store furniture safely, contact us.