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Need to Stage Your Home? Rent a Storage Unit

Selling your home fast and at your asking price may not be something that you can guarantee. The best thing that you can do is set your home up to look impressive to aspiring homeowners. It is easier to run into problems when you do not put much effort into staging your home. So, to allow for better execution, you should rent a storage unit for the sole purpose of making sure the property is clutter-free.

Need to Stage Your Home? Rent a Storage Unit

Keep Up with Your Intended Plans

If you have a new job in a new city or you want to move out in a certain period of time, you can increase the chances of selling your home quickly by putting your possessions into storage. It may be a little difficult to get used to having minimal items in your home throughout the time that it is listed, but this small sacrifice is well worth being able to make an excellent impression on potential buyers.

Take Impressive Photos

The main problem with clutter is that it just does not show up well in photographs. It is hard to make your home look presentable when you have kids toys in droves, lots of furniture, and family pictures all over. The second you remove these things, your home will look better to those who do a walk-through of the home and in photos for the online listing.

Make Buyers Feel Comfortable

Although buyers will take their wants and needs into consideration when looking at homes, they will also go by feel. If they walk into a home and immediately feel uncomfortable, they may just walk away. A cluttered home has a higher chance of making this happen compared to a clean home.

If you have any questions about our storage units, do not hesitate to contact us.

Use Self Storage For Your Hobbies

Interest in a hobby can come and go. But if you have invested a lot of money into that hobby and have lost interest, you may want to store some of those supplies in a self-storage unit until the next time you want to get into your hobby. If you don’t have very much storage at your home, this may even be something you rotate out seasonally. Here are some examples.

Sports Equipment

Case 1:

Jessica is a scrapbooking enthusiast. She makes scrapbooks for every occasion. From her study-abroad experience in college to other vacations and just day-to-day life, Jessica makes beautiful scrapbooks preserve the memories. But ever since becoming a mom, Jessica doesn’t have the time and energy to scrapbook. Originally she stored her scrapbooking gear in the spare room closet. Now that spare room is her daughter’s room and the closet is full of toys and clothes. Jessica doesn’t want to get rid of her scrapbooking materials because she knows she loves to do it. And she invested so much money into stickers, paper, scissors, stamps, etc. So for now, Jessica decided to store her scrapbooking material in a small, 5×10 foot unit until her kids are in school and she has more time to pick up her hobby again.

Case 2:

Trent loves the outdoors. In the winter, he travels to Colorado to go snowboarding and snowshoeing. In the summer, Trent goes camping nearly every weekend so he has lots of camping gear. He loves to take his friends camping too. His friends joke that he could be an outfitter because he has so much extra gear. But Trent lives in an apartment that he shares with roommates so he can’t store all of his outdoor equipment there. He rents a small storage unit for his stuff so he is ready for an adventure at any point that he has an opportunity.

These are two examples of how people can use a storage unit to help them continue their hobbies. For more information on renting a self-storage unit in Wylie, Texas, contact us today at Party Barn Self Storage.

3 Self Storage Tips For Protecting Your Electronics

Self Storage is a wondrous invention. With it, we can store almost anything our little hearts desire, from furniture to tools to electronics. As with all things, it’s not wise to just throw our belongings into a self storage without taking the time to prepare our items for a stint in a storage unit be it long-term or short-term. Certain items need extra care and it’s often wise to go over and check your storage unit to make sure it will be fit enough to store those more valuable and fragile items. Electronics are some of the more fragile of items. As we all know, things like moisture or extreme temperatures are not at all healthy for electronics and there are many tips and tricks out there to help you in storing several different categories of items. In this article, we’ll be going over how to protect your electronic items in storage.

3 Self Storage Tips For Protecting Your Electronics

  1. Take Inventory: Whether you are putting work electronics in storage or just your personal computer and Blu-Ray player, it’s wise to make a list of every electronic item you are placing in storage. This can also help in organization considering most electronics have any number of cords to go with them. Making an inventory of anything will help ensure you don’t miss something and remind you of what you stored later on down the road.
  2. Remove and Label all Removable media and accessories: This step is especially important. While taking inventory, be sure to remove all accessories and/or removable media such as external hard drives, flash drives, etc. Take note of all cords and label them along with the removable media accordingly. It is also wise to make a note as to which cords and media belong to which device so as to avoid confusion later. As a side note, place all of the smaller sized items such as cords and jacks into a plastic bag that you can later store in a drawer.
  3. Use Original Packaging: When packing your electronic items, it’s incredibly helpful to use the original packaging the items were delivered in. Original packaging has the foam pads designed to fit the items in without extra effort. It’s also helpful considering that the packaging was made for moving and storage of the item in mind. If the original packaging is not available then use boxes of roughly the same size then line the box with something soft, like old cotton towels or bubble wrap. You want to keep your electronic item from bouncing around or being damaged from moisture.
  4. Do Not Store on Ground: When placing your electronics into your storage unit, keep elevation in mind. Moisture tends to collect on the floor, so placing your electronics somewhere high, like a shelf, is advisable . In the absence of shelves, you can stack up a few unused pallets to achieve the same effect. Keeping your electronic items off the ground will keep moisture from seeping into the packaging and ruining your electronics.

These are only a few of the tips and tricks you can use to protect your electronics in storage. Using the above tips will help keep your electronics protected during their stint in storage. If you have any questions or would like more information in regards to self storage, please feel free to contact us.

Tips for Moving Storage

Now and then when it comes to a move, the timing doesn’t work out like you hope. When you have to be out of your old place before you can be in your new place, you need moving storage to keep the majority of your things while you wait. Party Barn Self Storage understands this struggle and is here for you to securely keep your belongings as you go through your move. Party Barn Self Storage is located in Wylie, Texas and offers the most security, with computerized  gate access. We have a variety of storage unit sizes to meet your needs and keep our facilities clean and well-lit.

Tips for Moving Storage

If you need moving storage, let us provide you with a few tips so you can get the most out of your unit.

  1. As much as you can, pack things in similar sized boxes. While you may be tempted to round up boxes from wherever you can, it is worth it to purchase boxes of the same size. That way you can easily and safely stack them and get the most use out of your unit.
  2. Especially if you expect to be in and out of the unit while you are transitioning into your new home, leave yourself aisles between boxes. You don’t want to have to pull everything out and put it all back when you realize you need your daughter’s precious elephant stuffed animal, or you accidentally packed that library book you needed to return.
  3. If you have the time, eliminate clutter while you pack. You will thank yourself when you get into your new home and have less to unpack if you get rid of the things you don’t use or want  as you pack.

For more information on renting a storage unit from Party Barn Self Storage while you are in a moving transition, contact us today.

How to Pack Clothes for Self Storage

If you have a bulging bedroom closet, boxes of family clothing in the attic, or a room full of community theater costumes, consider placing your clothing in self storage. Storing clothes in a dark, windowless storage unit protects it from damaging sunlight. Keep the clothing usable and in good condition with proper packing and plenty of air circulation.

How to pack clothes for self storage

Before storing anything, clean the clothes. Old stains may become impossible to get out, or even appear after the clothing ages. Do not iron or starch the clothing. Try not to dry clean the clothing as the chemicals used in the process can cause damage over time.

Proper air circulation is crucial for clothing placed in self storage. It is tempting to stick everything in a cardboard box and wedge it in a corner, but an airless environment causes problems like mildew or yellowing. Use acid free tissue paper to wrap items. Avoid plastic bags because they trap moisture.

Use polypropylene or archival storage boxes for folded items, placing heavier items on the bottom of the container. Wardrobe boxes are great for hanging items. Avoid hangers that can rust and don’t cram clothes into the box. Mark the boxes for categories, such as name of person or season. Clothing boxes should fit comfortably in the self storage unit with room for air to circulate.

While mothballs are great for killing insects, use cedar with clothing placed in self storage. Cedar repels rather than kills, preventing a bin of dead and decaying insects. Check on clothes occasionally to make sure they are still in good condition, looking for mildew and insect damage.

Contact us to talk about how much you have to store and which size unit is best. We have ten different sizes available to meet your needs.

Rent a Storage Unit to Help With Spring Cleaning

As the springtime is approaching, one thing that you might be planning for is spring cleaning. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your home in order and to prepare yourself for the beautiful spring and summer months, but it can be a lot of work. Luckily, renting a self storage unit can help.

Rent a Storage Unit to Help With Spring Cleaning

First of all, having a storage unit allows you to move items out of the way so that you can get a deeper clean in your home. If you are thinking about deep cleaning your carpets, for example, moving bulky furniture items to your storage unit for a few days can help you get the job done more effectively.

Plus, organizing is probably a bit part of your spring cleaning routine, and a storage unit can definitely help with that. These are some of the items that you can consider storing in your storage unit so that you can de-clutter your home during spring cleaning:

  • Seasonal clothing
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Antiques or other much-loved but currently unneeded items
  • Toys or clothing that your children have grown out of

These are just a few things that you can put in storage during spring cleaning. By moving all of this stuff out of your house, you can make it that much easier to de-clutter, organize your home and get — and keep — everything nice and clean. Luckily, if you contact us at Party Barn Self-Storage, we can tell you about our storage units so that you can rent one for safely and securely stashing these items and more.

Traveling Long Term? Use Self Storage & Rent Your Home

Traveling Long Term? Use Self Storage & Rent Your HomeIndividuals use storage units for all sorts of reasons, ranging from basic storage to inventory for items that are being sold. Although you might know most of the traditional reasons for using a storage unit, you should not hesitate to use self storage in a unique way, especially if it can help you accomplish your goals. If you plan on traveling for months or years, you can put your items in a storage unit, and then turn your home into a rental.

Store All of Your Belongings in a Secure Place

Although you could keep most of your items in the home and turn it into a furnished rental property, you might not want other people using your possessions that you would like to keep for the long run. It is best to put all of your belongings in a secure place, so you do not have to worry about them while traveling.

Take Your Vehicle Along or Put It in Storage

If you are going to be traveling within the country, you may want to take your vehicle along. However, you can also put it in storage, given that you get a large enough storage unit to fit your car and possessions.

Get Assistance to Rent Out Your Home

It is ideal to get professional assistance with renting out your home because you will not be around to take care of maintenance, repairs, and finding high-quality tenants. With the money that you earn, you can put it into savings or extend your traveling as you will still be bringing in income on a monthly basis.

If you have any questions about our storage units, contact us.

Use Self Storage When Your Kids Go Off to College

When your kids go off to college, but their rooms stay behind, you might want to start looking into a self storage unit so you can use that space for you. Party Barn Self Storage is a competitively priced, pristine self storage center in Wylie, Texas. We have units that will hold the contents of your children’s bedrooms until they are ready to come claim them.

Use Self Storage When You Kids Go Off to College

Perhaps you have found yourself in the situation where your children are grown, you are an empty nester, but many of their belongings have stayed behind. Your son’s room is full of rock band posters, movies, action figures, and sports gear. Your daughter’s room is full of stuffed animals, boy-band memorabilia, cheap makeup, and prom dresses. You could be using those rooms as a weight room and a painting studio. Don’t let your hobbies be stifled by your kid’s old things. You can box them up and wait until they are ready to sort through them and part with some of their old memories.

If your children went to live in the dorms, chances are they aren’t taking much of the furniture from their room. You want to hold onto it for when they get a place of their own, but don’t want it taking up space at your house. And what about those boxes and boxes of all the art projects, spelling tests, and research papers you saved? You can get the right size self storage unit for all of these things.

Contact us at Party Barn Self Storage today to get a storage unit for you kid’s things. When they see how happy you are using your new weight set and craft room, they will forgive you.

Rent a Storage Unit to Preserve Seasonal Items

Unless you live in a large house with a multi-car garage, you will normally have some problems with storing items, especially ones that you only use for a certain portion of the year. Instead of settling for below-average storage solutions, which can reduce the lifespan of your seasonal gear, you should just rent a storage unit that provides you with plenty of room to store these items properly.

Rent a Storage Unit to Preserve Seasonal Items

Winter Sports

If you enjoy going skiing, snowboarding, or sledding on an annual basis, you will generally have a decent collection of winter sports gear in your home, especially if you have a family to bring along. Just the gear that you need to stay warm in the snowy conditions is bulky and requires careful storage, and a storage unit is the perfect place to store these possessions until you go on winter trips.


While hiking is not something that requires much storage, camping is a different story. For instance, you will want to have a tent, sleeping bag, pots and pans, cooking utensils, and more. It is important to store all of these items correctly as you will come to rely on them when you are staying in the wilderness.


Surfboards, body boards, skimboards, and wetsuits are just some of the summer equipment that you might have. Although surfboards can handle rough waves out in the ocean, you can severely damage them quite easily when you do not store them in a place that is out of harm’s way.


Some gear that you might have is able to be used throughout the entire year. Although it makes sense to keep this gear in your home, you can also keep it in a local storage facility and pick it up at any time. Keeping this gear at the front of your storage unit is the best way to make it easily accessible.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about storing your gear.

Infant Toys to Keep in Storage

Infant Toys to Keep in StorageHas your toddler outgrown his favorite infant toys? Do you plan on keeping some of those toys for a future sibling? Then check out the post below to get an extra set of opinions on which infant toys to place in storage for your future baby.

Activity Playmat

In order to prevent the risk of SIDS, otherwise known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, parents all over are being advised to put their babies to sleep lying on their backs. And while that has greatly helped in combating SIDS, it does put more pressure on parents to make sure that they give their little ones plenty of time on their tummies while awake. At first, some babies will cry and scream when made to participate in tummy time. Luckily, you can help them to find pleasure in tummy time by giving them an activity playmat to play on.

Rubber Ducks

Bath time isn’t just about getting cleaned. It’s also a time for your baby to splash and have fun. So give them some bath toys to play with while they’re in the tub. Rubber ducks make the perfect companion for your infant during bath time each day.

Teething Rattle

Rattles are a delightful joy to babies. And if they happen to be teething , then there’s nothing that satisfies them more than a teething toy. Therefore, a teething rattle is a must for infants.

It’s important to remember that infants learn about the world they live in through play. So don’t get rid of all those great toys. Save them for a future sibling by contacting us to reserve some storage space today.