Why Landlords Need Furniture Storage

If you’re a landlord, renting furniture storage could make your job easier, and help you make more money. Managing one or more properties presents you with many challenges to deal with from late rent payments to excessive noise complaints. With local storage, you’ll be able to get at least one potentially difficult situation resolved:

Why Landlords Need Furniture Storage

Attract Good Tenants: Many landlords have to weigh the pros and cons of offering furnished or unfurnished units. Given that tenants will usually pay higher rents for furnished units and you may enjoy some extra tax deductions due to your investment, you may prefer that option. However, you may also not want to miss out on a good tenant who prefers to bring their own bed and couch instead of using yours. With furniture storage, you can rent a unit to them, and keep your items at our facility until they are needed again.

Keep up with Turnover: Keeping your units rented may require you to be flexible, especially if you offer short term leases. With a local storage unit you can keep your furniture accessible. That way you’ll be prepared to get your apartment ready for whatever arrangements and move in dates your tenants prefer. Maybe you’ll have someone who will choose your apartment over another property because you can quickly provide a bedroom set for their children or outdoor furniture they want for entertaining.

Prevent Damages: While furnished units may be more profitable, you may also be exposing yourself to a higher risk of damages. If you have some furniture that you don’t want to take chances with, you can keep it secure in a storage unit so that you don’t have to worry about what your tenants might do to it.

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Three Ways to Make the Most out of a Smaller Storage Unit

If you will be renting out a storage unit, picking a unit that is just large enough for your items can help you save money, but might be tough to organize. Having a game plan before you start stacking boxes and furnishings in your unit can help you maximize this space, and hopefully even have a little room left over. Here are three tips for getting all of your items in a smaller storage unit.

Three Ways to Make the Most out of a Smaller Storage Unit

1. Think Through Space-Saving Set-ups

If you will be storing awkwardly shaped items or large furnishings, how you get these into your storage unit can make all of the difference. If your unit has a taller ceiling, consider stacking tables or turning couches up on one side to maximize your space. Make sure to store boxes under tables and chairs and utilize desk and drawer spaces to store smaller items where you can.

2. Strategize Where Your Items are in Your Unit

If you will be accessing your storage unit here and there over time, you aren’t going to want to put items you might need, like a bike or other seasonal equipment, in the back of your unit. Pack in rarely used items in the back of your unit first, and clear up the front space for items you might grab from time to time, such as holiday decorations or sports equipment.

3. A Step Ladder is Your Friend

Invest in a step ladder for your storage unit that you can keep in your space. This way, you can stack boxes and items safely. By keeping a ladder nearby, you can always grab items easily that you have tucked away higher up that free up more space.

Storage units can be a lifesaver either for your short-term or long-term needs. If you are about to pack a lot of items into a smaller storage unit, having a game plan can make all of the difference. If you are looking for the perfect storage facility to fit your needs, contact us to help.

Sell Your House Faster by Getting Storage for Moving

Even if your house is in great condition, there is always a possibility for it not to sell as fast as it could if you don’t clear out the clutter. Getting a storage unit to help you prepare for moving may be one of the most cost effective decisions you’ll ever make.

Sell Your House Faster by Getting Storage for Moving

There are a lot of factors you can’t control when it comes to selling your house. You’re pretty much stuck with the location, and you might not have much influence over your local school district. On the other hand, it’s relatively easy to get organized, and put extra items into storage. Here are a few suggestions that will have the most impact, and get your house ready to show:

Furniture: The next best thing to being able to increase the square footage of your rooms is to make them look bigger. Paring down your furniture will do that. In fact, you might be able to remove just the biggest and heaviest pieces to make your whole house look lighter and more spacious.

Kitchen appliances: Bare counters look so much more attractive. Figure out what appliances and supplies you can’t live without, and store the rest. On the bright side, cutting down on kitchen items will also make it much easier to clean, and you’ll need to keep your house sparkling while the for sale sign is up.

Books: Maybe your overstuffed shelves prove how interesting you are, but your bookcases have to slim down at least temporarily. Buyers need to be able to imagine themselves making this their house. Plus, books can be some of the heaviest things to move so you’ll be grateful later on that you got a head start on this task.

If you need extra storage space for moving or any other reason, contact us at Party Barn Self Storage in Wylie, Texas. You’ll find a wide range of clean and competitively priced storage units.

Why Rent a Self-Storage Unit Before Moving into Your First Apartment

Why Rent a Self-Storage Unit Before Moving into Your First Apartment

Have you finally signed the lease on your first apartment? Congratulations! Whether you’re moving in with roommates, a significant other or taking the leap on your own, you should consider renting a self-storage unit to help ease the transition into your new place. Below we discuss five reasons to do so:

Why Rent a Self-Storage Unit Before Moving into Your First Apartment

Affordable Flat Monthly Rate

Everybody knows moving into your first apartment can present a number of financial challenges. Fortunately, you can store all your non-essentials in a clean, secure self-storage unit at an affordable flat monthly rate. This means you can avoid cluttering up your new space without hurting your wallet!

Various Sizes to Choose From

Depending on how many belongings you have, you can choose from many different sizes for your self-storage unit—from 5’x10′ all the way up to 10’x24′. And you can even use a space estimator to figure out exactly how much room you need. This way, you can store additional items as efficiently as possible!

Officially Move Out of Your Parents’

Even if your parents are willing to let you keep boxes of childhood memories, clothes and extra furniture from college at their house, wouldn’t it be nice to officially be out on your own? By doing so, you’re able to cut the cord while they make new use of your old room and other storage areas.

Maximize the Potential of Your Living Space

Apartments generally have limited storage areas which are normally used for necessities. That’s why you need to make the most out of the space you have. Not to mention, if you’re living with other people, bringing along items that you may not use on a regular basis can be a nuisance. Eventually you’ll have a home where you can put all those things—but right now, it’s best to store them elsewhere.

Everything You Might Need Within Proximity

Some of the items you might choose to put into your self-storage unit could include winter clothing, extra furniture or holiday decorations; all of which you can quickly grab whenever you need to. This convenience is paramount, and just another reason why renting an affordable storage space makes life a whole lot easier!

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Self-Storage: 3 Things NOT To Put in a Storage Unit

Getting a storage unit is a great way to find space for all those things you simply don’t have room for all those things you simply don’t have room for in your home, but which you don’t actually want to get rid of. However, it’s important to remember that there are some things you really shouldn’t leave in a storage unit. Things that present a hazard when left alone and unsupervised in a storage unit.

Self-Storage: 3 Things NOT To Put in a Storage Unit

3 Things NOT to Store in a Storage Unit

#1: Hazardous Materials

This is a broad category, but generally speaking if you can’t send it through the mail, don’t keep it in your storage unit. Everything from gas cans and oil, to fireworks and alcohols falls into this particular category. If there’s any risk at all, don’t put it in your self-storage locker.

#2: Anything Perishable

It seems self-evident, but sometimes when you stock up on bulk buys you realize too late that you just don’t have room in your house for all that food. Maybe it isn’t even for you, but it’s for a big event you’re helping run. If it has an expiration date, though, then don’t put it in a storage unit. Not even for the short-term.

#3: Items That Need Special Storage Conditions

This one varies, since there are some storage units that offer climate control and humidity control. However, if you have items that require a special environment to avoid being damaged, then putting them in an average storage unit is probably not the best idea. You can’t just leave a humidifier or a dehumidifier plugged-in, either, since it represents a serious hazard in the event something goes wrong.

These are just a few, broad categories of items that really shouldn’t be left in a storage unit. For more guided, and specific, advice on your items, simply contact us today!

How to Create Extra Storage in Your Home

There is no such thing as too many shoes. There is also no such thing as too many purses, dresses, boots, accessories, blouses, blazers, jackets (get the picture?). There is, however the dilemma of having a closet that is simply too small. To free up precious real estate in your closet, consider storing your off-season garments in a storage unit. We’ve listed a few ideas to help you figure out what to store and reclaim space in your closet.

How to Create Extra Storage in Your Home

  1. Store Winter items in the Spring – Don’t leave your closet out of the “Spring Cleaning” activities. Gather up your Fall and Winter gear and get it ready to store. Items such as jackets, coats, heavy scarves, sweaters, boots and some closed toe shoes can be stored away until the season comes back around.
  2. Store Summer items in the Fall – Do the same in the Fall with your Summer items. Consider packing up sandals, sun dresses, shorts, tank tops and any other summer specific items in your closet at the end of the season to make room for those heavier Fall and Winter sweaters.
  3. Festive Attire – Special occasion garments aren’t necessarily seasonal, but can take up space. Bulky evening gowns, tuxedos, wedding or bridesmaid gowns are perfect candidates for storage. While items like these hold sentimental value, they are not practical to keep in your closet simply because they take up too much space.
  4. Seasonal Accessories – Bags and hats just seem to multiply. Keep in your closet only the accessories you will need, for the season that you can use them in.

When preparing your items for storage, come up with a system to make sure you can quickly retrieve what you’ve packed. Use colored sticky notes or sticker dots to denote the season or garment type. Take pictures and tape them to boxes with shoes or boots to help you quickly identify what shoe is where.  Our extra-large storage units come in a variety of sizes for your convenience. Call us today for more information.

Get Creative! Rent a Storage Unit as a Maker Space

The Makers Movement is expanding. Do-It-Yourself lifestyles have increased exponentially with the growth of Pinterest and Reality TV shows that now teach everything from painting furniture to building it from palettes. But, with trends toward smaller homes, it can be difficult to find the room to pursue our own personal creative efforts. Storage units are the perfect solution.

Get Creative! Rent a Storage Unit as a Maker Space

Dream Bigger

An open space that’s all your own gives you the creative room you need to dream without restriction. While you might not be willing to bring a pottery wheel into your home, a pottery studio set up in your own personal storage unit would allow projects of almost any size.

A Space of Your Own

Whether you need to get some quiet time for your creative juices to flow, or you simply don’t want little hands wandering through your boxes of glass beads, a storage unit allows you the control you need while providing a quiet space to get creative in.

Build Your Business

There’s nothing more satisfying for a creative person than finding a buyer who loves what they’ve made. But when space is tight, it’s hard to build an inventory to test the waters. Whether you want to build enough for a show or simply a few for your Etsy shop, packing your storage unit with shelving space allows you to protect the products you’ve made while working on the next creative idea.

The connection between creativity and space to explore that creativity is key to making the things you love. Contact us today to create a storage unit maker space of your very own.

3 Ways Storage Boxes Can Improve Your Life

The longer you live in a home the more things you tend to accumulate. Eventually, all of the closets and attics inside your home will get full and you either have to choose to keep only what you really need or add more storage areas to your home. Sometimes, many people collect a lot of items that they won’t get rid of, requiring them to store the items and/or eventually move them to a new home.

3 Ways Storage Boxes Can Improve Your Life

1. Renting A Storage Unit Helps Declutter Your Home

Keeping your home clean and free of clutter reduces stress in life. Getting a connex storage trailer to store needed items outside of the home will help keep the clutter down inside the house. Less clutter means that regular cleaning will be much easier.

2. Use A Storage Trailer To Store Items For Friends Or Family 

Sometimes, people end up having friends or family members moving into their homes. If you suddenly have new roommates a storage trailer will come in handy as a convenient place to store other people’s items that your house doesn’t have room for.

3. Storage Trailers Help When Moving Or Storing Items During The Moving Process

When it is time to relocate to a new home, renting a semi-trailer is an easier way to get your items moved than renting a moving truck. Sometimes during a move, there is a short transition period where you have gotten the stuff out of your old house but can’t move into the new one yet. Connex and storage trailers are a great way to store things while you are in transition because they are easily moved when the time comes.

Trailer and container storage rental and leasing can come in handy when you have too much stuff or you need to move all of your personal items.  If storage boxes sound like they could be of use to you, contact us to learn about all of the options available.

Local Storage Makes Decluttering Less Overwhelming

If you want to declutter your home, but you keep putting it off because the process seems overwhelming, you’re not alone. It may be too big a job to try to do it one step. That’s where local storage comes in to make the process less overwhelming, but every bit as effective.

Local Storage Makes Decluttering Less Overwhelming

After all, there’s only so many decisions you can make at a time before you find yourself feeling fatigued. You start out strong moving from room to room boldly sorting your possessions into piles you want to keep or discard, but then doubts set in. You may even wind up backtracking, and putting stuff back in your closets or basement after you already looked it over thoroughly and realized you no longer had any use for it.

Well, with local storage, you can tackle the task of decluttering more gradually so you’ll feel more confident about your decisions. Instead of trying to sell things or give them away all at once, you can put them into storage, and see if you really want to hold onto them after all without having them in your way on a daily basis. You can also tackle one section of your house at a time instead of waiting forever for some imaginary free weekend when you’ll have nothing to do but weed through your book collection that keeps increasing exponentially or try to locate and organize all the musical instruments and sports equipment that your kids begged for and forgot about.

Contact us to see how convenient and affordable local storage can be. At Party Barn Self Storage, we provide exceptionally clean and competitively priced self storage units in the Wylie Texas area.

3 Storage Life Hacks You Won’t Believe You Haven’t Been Using

Have you ever wished it was easier to keep your house in order? That you could find a place for everything, and actually keep it there? Well, it’s easier than you might think. If you’ve had trouble combating the mess in your life, try these 3 storage life hacks on for size.3 Storage Life Hacks You Won't Believe You Haven't Been Using

Hack #1: Put A Curtain Rod Under Your Sink

How many times have you decided to do some cleaning, opening the cabinet under your sink, and spent the next half hour remembering what all the bottles under there actually do? It’s close, crowded, and navigating it is quite frustrating. Fortunately, putting a curtain rod along the space can be a big help.

Why put a curtain rod down there? Because you can easily hang all your cleaning bottles from the rod by their sprayers, getting them off the ground and making it easy to see which bottle is where. This frees up the floor space for additional storage, and lets you organize more effectively.

Hack #2: Use CD Racks To Organize Your Plates and Tupperware Lids

Most of us have gone digital with our music, but that doesn’t mean CD organizers aren’t still useful. Putting them in cabinets, or drawers, gives us an easy way to store our plates, our Tupperware lids, and any other vaguely disc-like items we happen to have lying around. If your cabinets or drawers are sloppy or full, this can help add some order.

Hack #3: Remember, Velcro is Your Friend

How many items do you have that get lost, misplaced, or just sit in the way? Remotes for the TV, video game controllers, and others are all necessary, but they can quickly turn into clutter. However, if you slap some Velcro on them, you can easily put them somewhere they aren’t in the way. Just hang them from the side of your entertainment center, or the underside of a cabinet, and they are out of the way without getting lost.

Sometimes, though, there really isn’t enough space in your place. When that happens, consider looking into self-storage. If you need help finding a facility that fits your needs, simply contact us today!