5 Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

If you plan to sell your storage or garage items, you need to prepare well and learn various tips to sell the items successfully. Here are tips for a successful garage sale.

5 Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

Clean the Items
Sometimes, items in your garage or storage unit can be disorganized, dirty and dusty. No buyer will be willing to buy such items. This is why you need to clean them before the display. Take time and clean all dirty items and ensure they are all neat. When done, organize the items into different categories for easier identification.

Pick a Good Location
Location matters most when planning a garage sale. Whatever place you choose will either make or break the sale. It also determines whether you’re going to close the sale faster or stay longer. Therefore, get a good location that offers adequate parking, and you can display all your items effectively.

Consider Available Space 
People will move up and down in the garage sale as they check out the items. In this case, you need to have adequate space for your shoppers to move around unhindered. Create clear paths for people to move in and out and access all corners of your garage sale seamlessly.

Display the Items Well
When potential buyers move to the garage sale, they want to sample all the items before deciding what to buy. Therefore, ensure you display all the items well and make them visible so that buyers make quick purchase decisions.

Leverage Online Platforms
Some customers always prefer checking out items online before they visit the physical location for the actual sale. In this case, it is best to advertise your items online, showing clear pictures and prices of each item. Post the content on your website, blogs and other social media pages for easy access by your target audience.

The Bottom Line 
Use the tips above to sell your items successfully and within your expected timeline. Contact us today for all your garage storage needs.

Why You Should Use Storage To Help You Rotate Your Wardrobe

Having the appropriate clothes for different seasons is very important. You need heavier layers for the fall and winter and lighter clothes for the spring and summer. However, having all of these clothes in one space can often be difficult. A great solution to this problem is to store some of your clothes in a self storage unit. Here are three reasons why you should use storage to help you rotate your wardrobe.

Why You Should Use Storage To Help You Rotate Your Wardrobe

You Create More Space In Your Closet

One great reason to use storage to help you rotate your wardrobe is because it allows you to create more space in your closet. Instead of trying to fit clothes for each season inside, you just have to worry about the clothes that you are currently wearing. This creates ample space for everything and allows you to spread them out so that you can see all of them easily and have clear access to them.

You Can Easily Change Out Your Clothes

A self storage unit is very easy for you to access at any time, which makes it very simple and straight forward to change out your clothes. You can simply enter your unit using the key that you have been given, retrieve what you need, and place the new items inside. You don’t have to work through anyone else because you are in charge of your own unit.

You Can Find A Unit Size That Works For You

When it comes to storing your clothes in a storage unit, you will be happy to know that you can get whatever size unit you need. This allows you to easily store all the seasonal clothes that you aren’t currently using, without any worries. You will only have to pay for the size that you need, so it is well worth your money.

To learn more reasons why you should use storage to help you rotate your wardrobe, or to get a self storage unit today, visit us at Party Barn Self Storage.

How Self-Storage Can Help Grow Your Thrifting Business

Thrifting is a very easy business model to get started with. The simple act of buying things at a low price and reselling them for profit can bring in a lot of money for those with a keen eye. A self-storage unit can provide added space for those who are rapidly expanding their thrifting business, and there are other benefits you can take advantage of with self-storage.

How Self-Storage Can Help Grow Your Thrifting Business

Safely Store Delicate Items
If part of your collection involves fragile items or items that plummet in value after taking the tiniest bit of damage, a self-storage unit could be the solution to keeping them safe. The unit will protect your items from most of the things that could damage them, and a climate-controlled unit could keep things at just the right temperature if your items require that much protection.

Declutter Your Workspace
Clutter can cause both increased stress and reduced productivity. You can use a storage unit to clear out your workspace and store away things you don’t use very often. Even if those things are important, a lot of storage units have excellent security, meaning you can have peace of mind when storing away your items or documents.

Store Excess Inventory
This one is usually the first thing that comes to mind for those who are thinking about renting a storage unit. If your business is picking up, then chances are you are going to have a lot of inventory. Instead of buying a building to store your extra inventory, you can rent a storage unit for a much lower price and store any excess inventory that you have there.

Allows Deliveries
In this day and age, a lot of your thrifting likely comes from online, meaning you have to deal with a lot of deliveries. Most storage facilities accept deliveries, meaning you can have items delivered there and stored right in your unit, making your business even more efficient.

Does a self-storage unit sound right for you? Reach out to Party Barn Self Storage for exceptionally clean and competitively priced storage units and maximize the efficiency of your thrifting business.

4 Tips to Create Extra Storage Space in Your Home

Everyone needs storage space. Sometimes, space can be limited if you have many things or if your home appears small. However, there are several ways to create more space, regardless of the size of the house. Here are some tips to create extra storage space in your home.

4 Tips to Create Extra Storage Space in Your Home

De-Clutter Every Room
Some people keep things that do not matter most. Such items can feel up the house, and you might end up thinking that there is no adequate storage space. Begin by re-arranging every room in your home as you sort out things you do not need and do not use frequently. You can sell, donate or gift some of the items to create space for the essentials.

Install Shelves beneath the Stairs
Most houses have adequate space beneath the stairs. The area can accommodate shelves, in-built drawers, bulky items, and other portable storage containers. Check beneath the stairs and install shelves and drawers. You will be surprised by the amount of storage space you will create.

Maximize the Kitchen Space 
The kitchen area needs to have adequate space to allow easy movement and avoid injuries. You can create more space with vertical shelving and install more drawers to store your food items and containers. Install a pot rack to keep your pots and install hooks on the wall to hang mugs and cutlery.

Use Containers for Storage 
You can create additional space by storing essential and non-essential items in various storage containers. Purchasing containers is relatively cheap and depends on the number of items that need storage. Buy plastic storage containers to store clothes, accessories, sports equipment, files, cleaning supplies, kitchen items, décor, and papers.

The Bottom Line 
Taking advantage of all the free space in your home will help you create extra storage space. Proper storage will not only free up items, create more space, but it will also improve safety and make your home appear neat. If you’ve been wondering how to get storage units, contact us today for top-quality storage units worth a bang for your buck.

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Storing Furniture

If you’re moving and storing furniture, it can be a bit challenging. You don’t want to leave your belongings lying around where they could get damaged or stolen. Likewise, finding a good place to store your things can be challenging. However, once you find a place, here are three tips that can help you store your furniture safely.

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Storing Furniture

Use Old Towels

If you plan on storing your furniture while it is away from home, it is essential to protect its surfaces. You don’t want a scratch or dent in your couch or bed frame when you finally get the chance to use them again. Cover up all the surfaces you can. If you have table cloths for tables and chairs, put those over any exposed wood. You can use old towels because they are soft and can absorb a lot of moisture. If something spills on the towel, it won’t soak into the fabric or wooden surface underneath.

Store Furniture on a Level Surface

Make sure your furniture is sitting on a level surface. Don’t just dump everything in the storage unit — set it all up first. Try to stack any boxes and containers to be used as slightly higher platforms for specific pieces of furniture. If your furniture isn’t stored on a level surface, it could slide around and get damaged or broken.

Keep Dust Off your Furniture

Finally, it is essential to keep dust from settling on your furniture. One way is by covering it with a sheet or large cloth of some sort and securing it to the furniture with some rope (you can tie sheets together to create one big cover if necessary).

If you want more information on storing furniture, contact us at Party Barn Self Storage.

Prepare and Protect Your Storage Unit for Hot Weather

It’s that time of year again. The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, and you’re getting ready to pack up some of your things into a storage unit. But wait! You need to prepare it for hot weather first! If you don’t take care of the heat before packing up your belongings, you might be in trouble when you return. Here are three ways to help protect your storage unit from extreme heat.

Prepare and Protect Your Storage Unit for Hot Weather

Think About What You Store

It’s important to think about what you’re storing (and where) before the heatwave sets in. Your storage unit can be a lifesaver if it is well-prepared for high temperatures, but some items will fare better than others because they have natural benefits to help them stay cool during this time of year. Try to avoid storing anything like antiques or heirlooms in non-climate-controlled units.

Take Care of Metal Furnishings

Oxidation can set in on furnishings made from brass, silver, or nickel, especially in the presence of high temperatures. Therefore, if you have anything made from these materials, make sure you polish it well before storing it so that you can keep it in pristine condition.

Keep Items Off the Floor

If you live in a place with hot summers and don’t want to worry about the safety of your belongings, be sure to store your belongings off the floor. If you don’t, they may be damaged by the sheer heat. In addition, if there’s any condensation, it might cause damage to any items that have been left in contact with the floor. If you can’t get your items off the floor, at least consider putting them on top of plastic tarps or sheets.

If you want more information on how to best store your possessions in hot weather, contact us at Party Barn Self Storage.

3 Reasons A College Student Should Get A Storage Unit For Summer Storage

If you are a college student that has moving plans for the summer, it is so important to make sure that you have a place to store your items while you are away. Whether you are moving home, have an internship, or are going abroad for the summer, taking these items with you just doesn’t make sense. You are going to need them again the following year and moving them back and forth can be very tiring and tedious. Thankfully, you have the option of storing them in a storage unit. Here are three reasons why a college student should get a storage unit for summer storage.

3 Reasons A College Student Should Get A Storage Unit For Summer Storage

You Can Find The Size That Works For You

One great reason to store your items in a storage unit for the summer is the fact that finding the right size unit is easy. You can look at all the different size options both online and in person, allowing you to find the unit size that will hold all of your items. This means that you are only going to pay for the size that you need, which helps to make sure that you stay within your budget.

Rent Is Month to Month

Another great reason to store your items in a storage unit for the summer is because you can store them with a month to month storage plan. You aren’t required to sign up for any long term commitments, but can put your items in and then remove them whenever you need to. You will simply pay for the summer months and then cancel once you remove your items in the fall.

Moving Your Items Is Very Easy 

Lastly, moving your items into a storage unit is incredibly easy. The distance you have to move your items is short, and you can take as many trips as you need. This means you can avoid having to get a large moving truck to move your items all the way home and can save both time and money.

To learn more reasons why a college student should get a storage unit for summer storage, or to get your storage unit today, visit us at Party Barn Self Storage.

Local Storage to Meet Decorating Goals

Using a lit and secure local storage unit is a great first step for adopting smart decorating principles in your home. Feng shui is the Chinese art of placement, but it’s also a popular decorating philosophy that ties into minimalism and the emphasis of nature in the home. With any decorating style, there are important items that are best to store in a safe local storage unit rather than leaving in the home. For example, anything that has monetary value but reminds you of a divorce, death or something negative is better kept in storage. Also, anything you need to shove under the bed or squeeze behind bedroom furniture or under sofas is not meant to be kept in the home. Smart decorating is not just about emotional energy and feelings, but about the practical issues related to organization, health and clean air flow in the home.

Local Storage to Meet Decorating Goals

Creating a clutter-free entryway

When packing up items to put into a local storage unit, start by assessing the entryway to your home or apartment. For some, the front door represents a first impression or how people view you in the world. Remove any clutter. Decide whether you want to toss, put in storage or move the items to better locations in the home. If you have seasonal decorations and wreaths for the front door, put the out-of-season decor items in storage within properly-labeled boxes.

Making your bedroom serene

To make your bedroom a restful haven, remove anything under the bed. Storing things under the bed is unwise because of the rodents, roaches, pests and dust collection. Other tips include putting mismatched furniture pieces such as nightstands in storage. Invest in new matching nightstands to put on both sides of the bed. Also, a solid headboard is ideal. Under-the-bed storage including sharp objects is unwise. People need fresh air flowing around them while they rest at night.

Other important ideas include removing broken objects that symbolize obstacles. If it’s a broken item that you plan to have professionally repaired in the future, add it to a storage box for now. Also, take care of overstuffed closets. If you can’t fit into certain clothes, store them away for now. Once you let go of unnecessary things, you will likely lose the extra weight that keeps you from fitting into the clothing. Keeping items that collect dust shows that you are stagnant. Also, be selective of family photographs.

At Party Barn Self Storage, we provide clean and secure storage units at reasonable prices. Choosing local storage gives you easy access to items you need but don’t want to add as clutter to your home. For more organization and storage tips, please call us today.

Cluttered from Selling Stuff Online? Consider Local Storage

Online selling marketplaces are booming. Whether you’ve been selling online for a long time, or you just started as a side-gig during the pandemic, you may have found that keeping all of your inventory in your home is stressful and difficult! From taking pictures to storing, selling stuff online is lucrative, but it often eats-up home space, in turn creating extra clutter.

Renting an office space to store online products is expensive, and it can significantly add-up if you have to pay for utilities too. Paying for an office space would limit the purpose of having an online store to make money in the first place! Plus, office rentals often have limited access hours, especially on weekends, which isn’t an option when you’re selling online products that need immediate shipment to ensure good customer feedback.

Cluttered from Selling Stuff Online? Consider Local Storage

Local Storage

Renting a local storage space, on the other hand, is much more cost effective than renting an office space, and it gives you many more hours of access to your stuff.

Having a dedicated away-from-home space for your online products can also help you to efficiently increase your inventory, without having to worry about it increasing the clutter in your home space. It will also help with the organization process of online selling. Instead of having all types of items crammed into boxes you have to sort through, just so you have room for them in your home, you can have clearly labeled storage bins.

It may also be a good idea to get a storage space that’s large enough for a shipping table and supplies, so you can package your online products there and go straight to the post office. If you’re taking advantage of, for example, eBay’s option to print shipping labels from home, just remember to keep a log of the weight of the item, plus packaging, and you can print the labels from home before you go to the storage unit to get your item and ship it.

Best of all, you’ll find that your home is no longer cluttered-up from selling stuff online. For information about storage unit sizes, pricing, and availability in Wylie, Texas, contact us today.

4 Tips For Making Money With Self Storage Auctions

So, you’re going to start buying abandoned stuff from self-storage auctions? Good for you. With all the different kinds of investment out there, you’ve chosen one that’s both unusual, and which you can make a career out of if you want. With that said, it’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole when it comes to these auctions. So keep the following tips in mind before you click that bid button.

4 Tips For Making Money With Self Storage Auctions

Tip #1: Remember, You Probably Aren’t Getting Market Value For That Stuff

If you’re examining the photos of a self-storage auction lot, it’s easy to get excited because you find some high-price items. A Tiffany lampshade, perhaps, or some distinct steel-case watches from the second World War. However, before you start hammering on the bid button, it’s important to remember that the stuff you’re looking at is used. So you should knock at least 15 percent off what a new item would be worth, and probably as much as 20 percent just to be on the safe side. Keep that in mind when you bid, because if you pay more than you can sell your items for, you aren’t making a profit.

Tip #2: All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Would you rather make $10,000 in a month, or earn a penny doubled every day for those 31 days? Those of us who’ve done the math realize that taking the doubling penny is actually a much bigger payday. In much the same way making lots of small sales from your self-storage purchases will actually earn you a more reliable income than making one big score. However, it’s hard to focus on the smaller profits, even when they’re adding up to big numbers in your bank account.

Don’t be afraid to bid low, and sell small. As long as you’re making a profit, you’re winning at the game.

Tip #3: Treat It Like A Business

When you’re at an auction, even an online one, it’s easy to get swept up in the gamble of it all. Will your bid be the one that wins? Do the other bidders know something you don’t? Who will wind up with this lot when all is said and done?

Try your best to put those questions out of your head, and focus on what matters. You’re not rolling the dice in Las Vegas; you’re here to make a business purchase. Estimate what the storage unit is worth, and then subtract the costs of getting there, cleaning it out, storing the items, and making any necessary repairs to them. Then calculate how much profit you need to make for all that effort to be worth it. Once you have those numbers, you have your maximum possible bid. If you can get the lot for that number or less, do it. If you can’t, then walk away. There will always be another one.

Tip #4: Cast A Wide Net

The great thing about the Internet is it allows you to find out about self-storage auctions you would never have come across in the old days. However, too often we find a venue we’re comfortable with, and we settle into a rut. So instead of just sticking with one or two sites or facilities, branch out. Make connections in the community, and get a lead on where more auctions are happening. While you may not win at all of them, broadening your pool of investments is always a good idea.

For more tips and tricks for making the most out of your thrifting hobby, as well as for more information on self storage facilities to keep your recently acquired stock, simply contact us today!