Get Local Storage and Say Goodbye to Home Storage Containers

If you’re trying to get your stuff under control, local storage may be a better option than using home storage containers. Take a look at 3 good reasons to give up the basket and bin habit, and head to your neighborhood storage facility.

Get Local Storage and Say Goodbye to Home Storage Containers

Free up space:

Creating more room is the number one reason why most people want to declutter and organize. If you’re just transferring your stuff into a new receptacle at your house, you may not really accomplish much. You may even lose some space if you’re bringing in big and inefficient containers or hanging onto the baskets and tins that come with various gifts because you might find some use for them in the future. Plus, unless you’ve managed to acquire nothing but collapsible designs, most storage containers take up just as much room even if they’re empty or only partially full.

Save time:

What about all the time you spend shopping for containers and trying to figure out which items should go in which bin? Sadly, that’s often followed by another shopping trip when you realize your sports equipment is bigger than you realized, and your Christmas ornaments don’t take up so much room after all.

Give back:

If you already have a bunch of storage containers on your hands, there are plenty of thoughtful and constructive things you can do with them. Give them away on the nearest sidewalk or post an online ad. They can be useful for some people like teachers who need to organize classroom supplies or college students who don’t have much furniture. You could also give them to local charity shops who might sell them or use them to display their own merchandise.

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Self Storage Tips for Moving on a Tight Deadline

If there’s anything more challenging than moving to a new home, it’s dealing with such a major transition in a short time frame. When you have no time to lose, self storage can help make a quick move easier for you and your loved ones.

Self Storage Tips for Moving on a Tight Deadline

Cut Down on Decision Making:

Making big decisions can be stressful even under ordinary circumstances. You’ll feel better if you can identify your top priorities and table other issues for later. If sorting through everything you own in less than 30 days is too much, put some items in storage to deal with another day. For example, store most of your furniture. It could be a smart move, especially for long distance moves. Housing styles and tastes can differ dramatically in various parts of the country, and it’s hard to tell what will work in your new abode. Take the pieces you’re sure of and finalize the rest of your arrangements when you have a better feel for what you’ll need. You may save a lot of money by keeping items that you would otherwise have to replace or not moving stuff you won’t use.

Take a Gradual Approach:

Bring the items you need for daily living and put the rest into a self storage unit. It will be easier to deal with the busy first days in your new home without boxes underfoot that you may not have time to unpack for a while. Plus, less clutter is good for your peace of mind and the safety of your family.

Ask for Help:

You don’t have to manage your move alone so rely on family, friends, and professionals. Let people know what they can do to help. Assign appropriate tasks to each family member. Whether you’re moving for a new job or a family situation, you need adequate support to help you through a demanding time.

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3 Things to Put in Local Storage

The great thing about renting a storage unit is this: you have a safe and secure location to put your unneeded items in and you get to free up your home or office so you can stay more organized. As you look around and see how crowded your property really is, you know it’s time to put some things in your local storage unit facility. But what? Here are three things you can place in local storage without interrupting the normal function of your home or business. 3 Things to Put in Local Storage

3 Things to Put in Local Storage

Seasonal items

Your air conditioner, snow clothing and equipment, summer toys, and other seasonal items can all be placed in local storage until they are needed again. As seasons change, rotate what you put in storage so you always have room freed up in your garage for the seasonal items you need right away.

Baby items

Are you not quite ready to put your baby clothing, cribs, toys, and other baby-related items away? Are you planning on expanding your family but not for a while? Rather than give these items away or allow them to take up space in your home, rent a unit from a local storage facility. You’ll easily have access to these baby things when you do need them.

Hobby supplies

Having a hobby takes up space. You don’t want to get rid of the hobby supplies you’ve invested in, but you don’t have room in your home or office for all your inventory. Rotating your hobby items as needed by placing supplies in storage will help you stay organized as you expand your hobby. You’ll also be able to keep your items sorted so you don’t double up on supplies you already have.

Self storage is an excellent solution to many of your home or business needs. We have many units available at Party Barn Self Storage, so contact us today to rent storage space of your own.

Save Your RV from Long-Term Weather Damage with Covered Storage

Parking your RV in your driveway year-round wastes a lot of space. It can even be bad for the RV itself. Here’s how you can protect it with off-site storage options.

1. Don’t let leaks turn to rot.

RVs have fiberglass shells that are particularly susceptible to leaks over time. But if you only use your RV for the occasional road trip or summer vacation, you might not spot that leak for several months. The difficulty is compounded by the fact that many leaks form in cracks and only manifest in the side near poor seals.

But if the leaks aren’t caught immediately and the water stays trapped in your RV, it will lead to mildew, mold, and rot. Keep your RV stored in a covered storage unit garage so water can cause damage in-between trips.

Save Your RV from Long-Term Weather Damage with Covered Storage

2. Keep the shell safe from hail.

Hail is an annual constant in the DFW area. Even if you have a covered garage extension on your property, that can’t fully protect an RV from bouncing hail. The ice can punch right through the sides of your RV or destroy the mechanisms in the undercarriage. Instead, keep your RV completely covered in a storage unit.

3. Add shade so color doesn’t fade away.

RVs have bright bands of color on the exterior panels. But UV radiation can make those colors fade away and prematurely age your RV. Even if the aesthetics of your RV aren’t a priority, that faded color can hurt your car’s resale value. UV radiation and heat can also dry out the plumbing seals and plastic elements. Make sure it stays in the shade as much as possible, especially when you aren’t planning on using it.

Go to Party Barn Self Storage in Wylie, Texas, to find storage options for your RV in our one car and one and a half car garage units. You can also store your boats, vehicles, and recreation equipment.

3 Security Features Your Business Needs for Its Local Storage

When your business runs out of space, a local storage unit is one of the best solutions available. In many circumstances, it’s simply not safe to throw away or sell old technology because it’s impossible to thoroughly erase old data. It’s also a frequent requirement for businesses to hold onto tax documentation for years.

But a storage unit can be a risk if it’s not appropriately secure. Look for these three security features that can help keep your business’s assets safe.

3 Security Features Your Business Needs for Its Local Storage

1. Is there only gated access?

Your storage unit needs multiple tiers of security. That shouldn’t just include the locks on any safes or lock boxes, and it shouldn’t just include the padlocked door. Look for storage unit facilities that are gated. When there’s a record of everyone accessing the property, you can be more certain that unauthorized parties aren’t getting close to your unit.

2. Is there an onsite manager?

The best security is on top of things 24/7. Look for units that are protected by the presence of an on-site manager at all times. If someone is living at the property, they can respond immediately to signs of trespassing, flooding, fires, or damage. Their presence also deters potential criminal activity.

3. Are the grounds lighted?

Lights are an equally important element of security. Constant lighting makes potential trespassers or burglars think twice about breaking into a gated site. Lights also keep rodents and larger animals away. Since rodents can cause a lot of damage to stored paper, furniture, and boxes, it’s important to keep these animals out. These lights can also help your employees feel safer if they need to retrieve stored documents or equipment to complete a project.

Go to Party Barn Self Storage for local, secure storage options in Wylie, TX. Our units come in a variety of sizes and contract terms to best serve your business’s excess storage needs.

How Local Storage in Wylie, TX Can Help You Meet Minimalism Goals

The minimalism trend is gaining traction in Texas. Books about finding joy in having less are consistently on the bestseller list. People are taking online courses and in-person seminars about how to purge their clutter and enjoy a simpler, less materialistic life. But it’s not an easy move to make. Even the most dedicated individuals may have problems moving from a consumer-focused lifestyle to a minimalist one. If you’ve made minimalism your goal in the new year, there are several reasons you should rent local storage in Wylie to help get you started.

How Local Storage in Wylie, TX Can Help You Meet Minimalism Goals

Clear Out the Clutter

One of the first steps on the minimalism journey is to clear out your clutter. One popular book recommends keeping only items that spark joy or are useful to you. Everything else should go. That can mean you have a giant pile of stuff that needs to find a new home. Instead of simply adding to the local landfill, take it to a self-storage space. This will give you an area away from your home where you can sort out your items. You’ll be able to take your time and determine what to sell, what to donate, and what to recycle.

Discover What You Really Need

If you are reluctant to part with your items, consider putting them into a self-storage facility temporarily. You may discover that living without those items isn’t only possible, but a positive experience. If you decide that you do want something back, you’ll be able to easily access it from your secure storage space. This will give you peace of mind about parting with your items since it’s only temporary if you want it to be.

Keep Seldom-Used Items Out of Sight

Another great way to practice minimalism in your home is to keep seldom-used but still needed items out of sight. Instead of cluttering up your closet or garage, move them into a local storage space. That way you can still access them when needed. This might include a winter wardrobe, holiday decorations, or outdoor toys only used in the summer.

Looking for a great storage space that can help you live the minimalist lifestyle? Get in touch with our team today to learn more about renting a secure local storage space of your own in Wylie.

3 Must-Haves for Great Self-Storage in Wylie

If you’ve decided it’s time to find a self-storage facility in Wylie for all your extra gear, then you’ll want to find the best space for your money. Not all self-storage facilities are created equal, nor do they charge the same amount for the same space. But cost shouldn’t be the only factor that you take into consideration when shopping around for storage space. Here are three must-have amenities you should look for when searching for great self-storage.

3 Must-Haves for Great Self-Storage in Wylie

Does Your Texas Self-Storage Offer These Great Perks?

Year Round Access

You don’t want to be locked out of your stuff because someone went on vacation. The right self-storage facility will offer year-round access to your items so you can get them when you need them. This might happen through computerized access gates, which offer security without having to call ahead.

Plenty of Security

When you put your stuff in storage, you are trusting the facility to protect them for you until you need them again. That’s why the facility you choose should put an emphasis on safety and security. Look for surveillance cameras, on-site staff, and secure keypad entry. You should feel safe visiting the site, too, because it’s not just your stuff that should be safe.

Convenient Location

Self-storage isn’t convenient if you have to drive long distances out of your way just to access your stuff. The facility that you choose should be well-positioned so you can easily reach it throughout the year. That way it’s more convenient to store your items while still getting to them when you need them.

Party Barn Self Storage Offers All of This and More

If you want all these benefits in your Wylie self-storage, then Party Barn may be the perfect solution! Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our convenient self-storage location and how to reserve a space that’s right for you.

The Joy of a Storage Unit for Marie Kondo Fans

Just as people were making their New Years Resolutions, Netflix kicked off 2019 with the release of the new Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. The show’s popularity is largely centered around its relatability to diverse audiences. Most people can benefit from being a bit more organized and declutter their space.

The Joy of a Storage Unit for Marie Kondo Fans

Who is Marie Kondo?

Marie Kondo is a well-known author and Japanese organizing consultant. Her theory for cleaning house, known as the KonMari method, focuses on the process of decluttering by gathering all items together, one category at a time, and then going through each item individually to determine those things that bring joy to the owner. Whether clothes or books, the idea is to go through every single item and determine its value to the owner.

How can a storage unit help in bringing joy?

While many people have found freedom and stress-relief in following the KonMari method, it is not a one-size-fits-all option as there are many approaches to cleaning house. Whatever the methods or reasons for wanting to declutter, renting a storage unit can provide a fast and easy solution for removing items from your space in the near term so that you can focus on what is most important. You may want to store those items that you have decided don’t bring joy until you can figure out what to do with the clutter. On the flip side, it may also be a smart idea to get a storage unit for preserving those items that do bring joy yet it may not be the right time for them to be in your current space.

A storage unit also provides opportunities for you to use the space to explore things that make you joyful. Make a second library, build your own gym, or stretch your creative muscles. Organize your crafts and hobbies. All of the contents will be safe from the elements in a climate-controlled environment.

If you find yourself decluttering your home after binge-watching Marie Kondo’s new show, then consider renting a storage unit to help in enjoying a more joyful, stress-free space. Contact us to learn more about how you can claim your storage unit today!

Storage for Every Season

We Texans love to make a statement and holidays provide us with a perfect outlet to do so. Beyond the big ones we tend to celebrate our own slew of big days as well. From the first day of football season to Cinco De Mayo margaritas in conjunction with a big backyard BBQ, it is fun to be … “That house on the block.”

Storage for Every Season

From the red and white banner of Independence Day to the spooky ghosts dangling from your trees on Halloween you never fail to decorate culminating with strings of colorful Christmas lights installed and fired up right on cue before the Thanksgiving turkey is even cold. Yes, it’s fun to have the one house people in the neighborhood take the long way around just to drive by and check out. Or the focal point of the backyard bash know for the coldest Shiner and most savory brisket. Either way storage for every season is of the essence.

Here We Go Again

But, wow, can decorating be exhausting, time consuming, and cumbersome. If you are of the organized nature, you have stacks of nicely labeled plastic tubs and containers that must be shuffled around in the attic or garage so you can pull out the pink hearts you hang on the porch for Valentine’s Day and the cute little cupid figurines that sit on the mantle. If you are unorganized decorating quickly becomes a time-consuming treasure hunt.

There is a Better Way

From storage bins to inflatables, to awkwardly shaped reindeer lights we amass a lot of seasonal stuff that sits around unused taking up space in our house for eleven months of the year. By the time we again need to access these items they have been shuffled and punched behind almost a year’s worth of life’s flotsam and jetsam. Remember the time the Dallas Cowboy flag somehow fell into the box of luau decorations for the end of summer pool party and you spent all day Saturday and part of Sunday before finding it right before kickoff? Don’t repeat that mistake.

The Party Barn in Wylie, Texas can simplify all of this with a self storage unit that will safely keep all of your stuff out of the way until you need it. Knowing exactly where all of your seasonal decorations are will save you valuable time and space so contact us today to discuss the perfect sized unit to fit your needs.

Talking with Your Partner and Children about Extra Storage

Unless you live alone, you’ll probably need to talk with your loved ones to find solutions for extra storage that work for your family. Effective communications can help bridge the divide between different shopping and housekeeping styles. Here are some tips for encouraging collaboration with your partner and children.

Talking with Your Partner and Children about Extra Storage

General Tips:

Actions speak louder than words. Clean up your own clutter and pick out which of your possessions you’re going to put in storage before you start commenting on the rest of the family. Stay positive. Show your appreciation for any efforts to put your home in order, and celebrate your progress. It also helps to appeal to the other person’s self-interests. Maybe your spouse would love to free up some additional space in the garage or your kids are excited about redecorating their bedrooms once you settle your storage needs.

Tips for Talking with Your Partner:

Aim to be flexible and nonjudgmental. Like many relationship issues, it helps if you’re both willing to give and take. Respect each other’s views even when your priorities may differ. Maybe you’re conscientious about keeping those important family documents you might need someday. Maybe your partner doesn’t want to let go of various collectibles with sentimental or financial value.

Tips for Talking with Your Children:

Try to turn the storage process into a game, and give your children choices. They’re likely to be more enthusiastic and cooperative if they’re having fun and feel like they have a voice in the process. Let them pick a different color label for each family member’s boxes. Sort toys into categories and ask them to make the final selection for what goes into your storage unit.

At Party Barn Self Storage in Wylie Texas, you’ll find the best options for all your family’s extra storage needs. Contact us today to find out more about our clean and competitively priced self storage units.