3 Security Features Your Business Needs for Its Local Storage

When your business runs out of space, a local storage unit is one of the best solutions available. In many circumstances, it’s simply not safe to throw away or sell old technology because it’s impossible to thoroughly erase old data. It’s also a frequent requirement for businesses to hold onto tax documentation for years.

But a storage unit can be a risk if it’s not appropriately secure. Look for these three security features that can help keep your business’s assets safe.

3 Security Features Your Business Needs for Its Local Storage

1. Is there only gated access?

Your storage unit needs multiple tiers of security. That shouldn’t just include the locks on any safes or lock boxes, and it shouldn’t just include the padlocked door. Look for storage unit facilities that are gated. When there’s a record of everyone accessing the property, you can be more certain that unauthorized parties aren’t getting close to your unit.

2. Is there an onsite manager?

The best security is on top of things 24/7. Look for units that are protected by the presence of an on-site manager at all times. If someone is living at the property, they can respond immediately to signs of trespassing, flooding, fires, or damage. Their presence also deters potential criminal activity.

3. Are the grounds lighted?

Lights are an equally important element of security. Constant lighting makes potential trespassers or burglars think twice about breaking into a gated site. Lights also keep rodents and larger animals away. Since rodents can cause a lot of damage to stored paper, furniture, and boxes, it’s important to keep these animals out. These lights can also help your employees feel safer if they need to retrieve stored documents or equipment to complete a project.

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