3 Storage Life Hacks You Won’t Believe You Haven’t Been Using

Have you ever wished it was easier to keep your house in order? That you could find a place for everything, and actually keep it there? Well, it’s easier than you might think. If you’ve had trouble combating the mess in your life, try these 3 storage life hacks on for size.3 Storage Life Hacks You Won't Believe You Haven't Been Using

Hack #1: Put A Curtain Rod Under Your Sink

How many times have you decided to do some cleaning, opening the cabinet under your sink, and spent the next half hour remembering what all the bottles under there actually do? It’s close, crowded, and navigating it is quite frustrating. Fortunately, putting a curtain rod along the space can be a big help.

Why put a curtain rod down there? Because you can easily hang all your cleaning bottles from the rod by their sprayers, getting them off the ground and making it easy to see which bottle is where. This frees up the floor space for additional storage, and lets you organize more effectively.

Hack #2: Use CD Racks To Organize Your Plates and Tupperware Lids

Most of us have gone digital with our music, but that doesn’t mean CD organizers aren’t still useful. Putting them in cabinets, or drawers, gives us an easy way to store our plates, our Tupperware lids, and any other vaguely disc-like items we happen to have lying around. If your cabinets or drawers are sloppy or full, this can help add some order.

Hack #3: Remember, Velcro is Your Friend

How many items do you have that get lost, misplaced, or just sit in the way? Remotes for the TV, video game controllers, and others are all necessary, but they can quickly turn into clutter. However, if you slap some Velcro on them, you can easily put them somewhere they aren’t in the way. Just hang them from the side of your entertainment center, or the underside of a cabinet, and they are out of the way without getting lost.

Sometimes, though, there really isn’t enough space in your place. When that happens, consider looking into self-storage. If you need help finding a facility that fits your needs, simply contact us today!

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