3 Tips For Properly Storing Your Items In Self Storage

Storing your items in a self storage unit is a great way to keep them protected when you aren’t using them. However, it is crucial that you store your items properly in order to keep them as safe as possible and to make things easier for you when it comes to accessing your unit and looking through your items. Here are three great tips for properly storing your items in self storage.

3 Tips For Properly Storing Your Items In Self Storage

Label All Boxes

Before you ever bring boxes into your storage unit, it is important that you have them all carefully labeled. Writing what the contents inside of the box are on multiple sides of the box is a great way to ensure that you can read it from almost any angle. Once your boxes are labeled, you can then bring them into your storage unit and strategically place them in groupings that make them easy to find, such as holiday decor, kitchen items, etc.

Wrap Items In Plastic

Any item that you fear may get dirty or damaged in a storage unit should be carefully wrapped in plastic. This would include items like couches, dressers, pianos, televisions, etc. Purchasing a plastic that is self adhesive is best because it will stick to itself as your wrap it around, making it easy to apply to whatever item you are protecting. Also, if an item needs an added level of protection, purchasing bubble wrap to also wrap around it is a great idea.

Take Items Apart

If your storage unit isn’t very big, then you can save a great deal of space by taking any of the items that you can apart. This includes things like tables, chairs, fitness equipment, etc. Once these items are taken apart, carefully tape the screws and other small pieces to the item they belong to so they are not lost. This allows you to store them in a much smaller space and can actually save you money on your storage unit.

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