3 Tips For Storing Your Furniture In A Storage Unit

Putting your furniture in a storage unit is a great way to store it when you aren’t using it. However, in order to store your furniture properly, and get the most out of your storage unit, there are certain things that you should do. Here are three great tips for storing your furniture in a storage unit.

Choose A Climate Controlled Storage Unit 

One thing that you may want to consider is putting your furniture in a storage unit that has climate control. This not only helps to control how hot or cold the unit gets, but it can also help to keep moisture out of the storage unit as well. This stops your furniture from becoming damaged, and is especially important if you have items that are electronic, created from wood, or are otherwise fragile.

Protect All Of Your Furniture

Before you place your furniture items into the storage unit, it is important that you properly protect each item. It is a good idea to wrap your furniture in plastic wrap to stop the edges of it from being damaged. If you have a piece of furniture that needs extra protection, using bubble wrap can provide extra cushion and help to resist unwanted damage.

Put Large Items In First

When it comes to actually loading your furniture into your storage unit, it is a good idea to put all of your large items in first. Once all of these items have been carefully and strategically placed inside, you can then put the smaller pieces in like a puzzle. This allows you to get the most out of your space and makes it easier to fit all of your items into one storage unit.

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