3 Ways to Keep Your Moving Storage Organized

Moving is always a process, no matter how many times you’ve done it. Many people use moving storage, and this can be a great tool to streamline your move. Like many things, though, you can gain more benefit from it if you go about it in an organized way.

3 Ways to Keep Your Moving Storage Organized

Some people feel a bit intimidated when they hear the word ‘organize’, but our suggestions can actually make things easier for you, and it really doesn’t involve any more work than you already are doing when you move. Here are 3 ways that you can stay more organized and save time throughout your move.

1.) Pack with a purpose.

When you are packing- which you will have to do regardless, it is good to keep similar items together as much as possible, and of course, label all boxes clearly. (It’s good to label the top of the box, and at least one side, so you know what’s in your boxes when they’re stacked.)

When you are packing items that include things you use regularly and others you don’t use on a regular basis, such as clothing or books, it is best to do a separate box just for the less-used items- the books you won’t be reading soon, or the clothes you hardly ever wear- and make sure you label the box as less-used in some way. Some people color code, write a number, or write it all out on the box specifically- whichever works for you and will help you to keep track.

2.) Keep important things accessible.

If you plan on putting some of your regularly used items in storage temporarily, it is good to separate those things from your less-used belongings, once inside the unit. Keep each group together, and make sure any items or boxes containing important things are easily accessible, such as towards the front of the unit, so you save yourself time and frustration when you need to remove them.

3.) Keep track of what is in storage.

You may want to make a list- either electronic or on paper- of what boxes, furniture, or items you will be leaving in storage for a while so you know what is in the unit, and then update the list once something is removed.

After your move, you may come across a situation where you could use something but can’t remember where it is, or if you kept it. This is where keeping track comes in handy. For example, if you wrote down ‘box of clothes too small for Jimmy’ on your list of things in storage, you will know that you have them, and where they’re located. All you have to do is take a run to the storage unit and find the previously labeled box. Keeping track of things will save you from rummaging through random boxes in your new attic or cellar, getting frustrated, and not knowing where your stuff is.

Everyone has things, and when you move, you are dealing with all your things at once. At Party Barn Self Storage, we want to make your life easier when you move. Please contact us, and we will happily assist you with all your storage needs.

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