4 Self Storage Tips for Storing Your Holiday Items

4 Self Storage Tips for Storing Your Holiday ItemsThe holiday season is upon us and while you may have just rescued your holiday decorations from a long storage stint, the time to pack it all back up for self storage is quickly approaching. Below is a list of 4 tips to help make storing your holiday items easier as well as giving you an easier start for the next holiday season.

  1. Organization: This simple word may not seem truly important but it really is. Developing your own system of organizing your holiday items and decorations will only help you. Whether you want to color-code your containers by holiday or types of ornaments and decorations, using an organization system will make storing less of a daunting task. When the next holiday season rolls around, you’ll also find pulling everything out is quicker and more efficient.
  2. Left Over Tissue and Wrapping Paper: You don’t have to throw out left over wrapping and gift materials. Instead, use them in protecting your fragile and breakable holiday items by wrapping them up or shredding the papers to use as filler in containers.
  3. Original Packing Material: This tip best serves any holiday displays you may have such as a Nativity scene. Often times these holiday displays will arrive in a clearly labeled box with packing filler designed specifically for protection of these usually fragile items.

Holidays items and decorations are often sentimental to all of us. The above tips will help you keep those fond holiday memories intact for years to come. For more information about self storage please contact us.

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