4 Simple Furniture Storage Tips

Packing a storage unit can seem like a daunting task, especially when you have large pieces of furniture. How do you fit everything into your unit while also making sure nothing gets damaged? Read these furniture storage tips to answer that question.

4 Simple Furniture Storage Tips



Always make sure you prepare your furniture for storage. First, clean it using a cleaning product appropriate to the material. Next, let it dry completely. Putting damp furniture into storage could lead to patches of discoloration, mildew, and rot.

Break it Down

Smaller items might store easily but consider taking larger items (such as tables, beds, and couches) apart. Just make sure you keep track of all the different pieces. Wrap the individual parts of an item of furniture together. Make sure you label them as well.


It’s important to make sure your furniture is properly protected while in storage. Use bubble wrap on easily broken items such as mirrors, vases, and fragile decorations.

Protect your furniture from dust as well. Consider using drop cloths instead of plastic. Plastic can trap moisture and damage your furniture. Drop cloths keep your furniture protected while also allowing the air to move freely.


Before putting your furniture in your storage unit, make sure you plan out where to put everything. Create a map of your unit and update it as you go. Keep a copy of the map in the unit itself. This step will help you avoid scratching your furniture when you need to find something.

Also, make sure to store your furniture with space in between each item. If you pack it in too tightly, air can’t circulate. Allowing the air to move will keep your furniture in good condition.

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