4 Tips For Efficient Self Storage

wylie-storageCleaning out the house does not mean throwing away or selling items. Sometimes it means storing items until it is time to use them. Many people find self storage frustrating when they cannot find items quickly and easily. There are several ways to organize storage to eliminate this problem.

Label All Sides Of Boxes

It is easier to move and store small items when packed into boxes. Once in storage, these boxes become part of a tall stack. If notes on what is inside the box are only on the top of boxes, then it is necessary to look into every box. Make sure to label the four sides of the box. This provides a quick way to locate the correct box at a glance. By marking all four sides there is no worry about turning boxes to find labels.

Attach An Inventory

Small items going into storage such as serving utensils or dishes are generally used multiple times during the year. Packing arrangements might require only one or two items per box needed at any time. Grouping small items into several boxes and attaching an inventory makes locating these items easier.

Keep Stacks Within Reach

Tall stacks of boxes save storage space, but they are inefficient unless stacked correctly. Place larger boxes on the bottom for stability. Smaller and lighter boxes go on top of the stack.

Stack According To Box Size

Pack items that will have a long storage life into bigger boxes. Place often needed items into smaller boxes. This allows for larger boxes on the bottom of stacks and smaller, easily moved boxes on top. It makes accessibility easier and less time-consuming.

Self storage is the best way to retain necessary items that are not used on a daily basis. If you need efficient self storage, please contact us today.

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