5 Reasons to Store with Party Barn Storage

No matter your age or occupation, anyone can be faced with the problem of needing a place to store your belongings. Here’s a list of a few ways Party Barn Self Storage can help you when you get to the point you need storage:

5 Reasons to Store with Party Barn Storage
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Parents of College Students

There are many ways parents of college students can utilize our storage and moving. Your child is newly moved into their dorm, and you’re left with plenty of time on your hands—but no space to start any new hobbies. If you want to clear up space, put the larger pieces of furniture from their bedroom into storage for the school months, and use their emptier room for all your empty-nest projects. When they come back for the summer, just move those larger pieces back in and spend the summer months with your college student!

Similarly, if your child is going to school in a different state, use our storage system to keep their dorm or apartment items so you don’t have to transport them back and forth between school and home.

Military Members Deployed Overseas

Military members may find themselves in a very similar situation—leaving home for a while, and needing to get things out of your space. Leaving your home for months or years at a time can bring unnecessary worry. Will your stuff get stolen? Will it be okay sitting in a home? Get rid of that worry by putting your valuables into storage, kept under surveillance.

Short Term Job Assignments

The same goes for short term work assignments. If you’re going to be living in another place for an extended time, it can be difficult to trust leaving your valuables in your home. Instead, keep them in storage. There’s no need to waste precious luggage space when you can keep your valuables in our storage units.

No Place to Put Inherited Furniture

You’ve just inherited that beautiful, vintage couch from your relatives—but you’re not in your forever home, or you simply don’t have the room. Maybe the item simply doesn’t match your current decor. Instead of selling your precious family heirlooms or stuffing it into your house, keep it in storage until you have the space to make it yours. This route means no tough decisions have to be made—you can have your inheritance, and keep it too!

Downsizing, but Not Ready to Let Go

Moving to a new house is difficult, but it’s even more difficult when you’re having to let go of collectibles or antiques before you’re ready. If you’re ready to downsize, but not ready to let go of your antiques or larger pieces of furniture, storage is the best option. Why get rid of something you’re not ready to give up? Keeping those items you love in a place where they’re safe and taken care of—without taking up space in your new home—can relieve the stress of moving into a new home.

Whether you’re sending your kid off to school, living far from home for an extended time, or moving into a home without extra space, contact us at Party Barn Self Storage  and we will help you sort out your moving and storage needs!

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