Breaking News: Storage Boxes Matter!

Boxes Can Be Your Friend! Or…….

“Are you busy Saturday? We need help moving!” Hearing those words is music to no one’s ears. Wouldn’t it be great if people made moving easier on themselves and others? Like, in their choice of storage boxes?

Breaking News: Storage Boxes Matter!

A Good Storage Box…

  • Is sturdy. When moving, or helping someone move, the last thing you need is a box (that’s full of items) falling apart on you.
  • Is already taped on the bottom. Moving day isn’t “box construction” day. (In a related vein, an excellent taping job is worth a few extra seconds. A sloppy taping job will likely cause problems later.)
  • Has “handle holes”. You know, those 2 slots on 2 opposing sides. They make moving easy peasy.
  • Isn’t all “marked up”. Storage boxes used multiple times may have many words on the outside. Knowing what’s in the box should not require knowledge of the Da Vinci Code.
  • Has a removable lid (maybe). This feature is not required for every box, but “bankers boxes” make looking inside a box quick and easy.

A Great Self-Storage Facility…

May end up as the destination of those boxes. Here’s what to look for:

  • Enclosed grounds for the best security.
  • A well-lit storage facility, because sometimes we need access when it’s dark outside.
  • Wide access for moving trucks.
  • A clean well-kept site.
  • Affordably priced.
  • Convenient office hours.
  • A lock to put on your unit! Sometimes we forget this detail when using a storage facility. A refundable deposit allows us the use of a lock to secure our possessions!

So choose your storage boxes, and your self-storage facility, wisely. Make sure you contact us today when you (or friends) are moving!

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