Choose Storage Over Stress

Choose Storage Over StressMost us of have stressful clutter in our lives.  We cannot control the people in our lives, but we can eliminate the stuff.  Store it.

Crap?  We store it for you.  Boats and RVs?  We store them too.

Get in all out of the way.  Get it all out of the house, garage, and driveway.

A storage unit is the perfect opportunity to de-clutter your home and buy yourself some time to actually go through the “stuff” and get your 2016 in perfect order.

Stuff happens.  Whether you are combining families, downsizing, or are just a hoarder, it happens.  Take these steps to de-clutter your life this year.

Step 1:  Box it up.  No stress involved here.  Getting it out of sight and out of mind will be such a blessing.  You will go through the boxes soon enough.

Step 2:  Store it.  No stress involved here.  Your  belongings will be safe and sound.

Step 3:  Each month just go grab a box or two.  No stress involved here.  In fact, this is the fun part.  Go through it.  It will be exciting.  Touch each item only once and decide whether to keep it, trash it, or put it in an “undecided” box.

Step 4:  Take the “undecided” boxes back and pick up a few more new ones.

It sounds simple but, by the end of 2016, you will have the “stuff” in your home that matters, the stuff in the trash that doesn’t, and the stuff in storage that is still “undecided.”  This will make 2017 much less cluttered and less stressful.  Contact us and let us help you de-stress your life!

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