Cluttered from Selling Stuff Online? Consider Local Storage

Online selling marketplaces are booming. Whether you’ve been selling online for a long time, or you just started as a side-gig during the pandemic, you may have found that keeping all of your inventory in your home is stressful and difficult! From taking pictures to storing, selling stuff online is lucrative, but it often eats-up home space, in turn creating extra clutter.

Renting an office space to store online products is expensive, and it can significantly add-up if you have to pay for utilities too. Paying for an office space would limit the purpose of having an online store to make money in the first place! Plus, office rentals often have limited access hours, especially on weekends, which isn’t an option when you’re selling online products that need immediate shipment to ensure good customer feedback.

Cluttered from Selling Stuff Online? Consider Local Storage

Local Storage

Renting a local storage space, on the other hand, is much more cost effective than renting an office space, and it gives you many more hours of access to your stuff.

Having a dedicated away-from-home space for your online products can also help you to efficiently increase your inventory, without having to worry about it increasing the clutter in your home space. It will also help with the organization process of online selling. Instead of having all types of items crammed into boxes you have to sort through, just so you have room for them in your home, you can have clearly labeled storage bins.

It may also be a good idea to get a storage space that’s large enough for a shipping table and supplies, so you can package your online products there and go straight to the post office. If you’re taking advantage of, for example, eBay’s option to print shipping labels from home, just remember to keep a log of the weight of the item, plus packaging, and you can print the labels from home before you go to the storage unit to get your item and ship it.

Best of all, you’ll find that your home is no longer cluttered-up from selling stuff online. For information about storage unit sizes, pricing, and availability in Wylie, Texas, contact us today.

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