Consider Extra Storage Before You Lease Bigger Space for Your Small Business

Is your small business starting to outgrow your original location? Maybe you’re in an office where employees are packed so tight that everyone’s productivity is falling. Maybe you’re a retailer who can’t display your items the way you want to because there’s just no room. Either way, extra storage could be a cheaper and more effective solution than renting a bigger space.

Consider Extra Storage Before You Lease Bigger Space for Your Small Business

Advantages of Renting Extra Storage:

Renting a self storage unit will probably cost a lot less than you would pay for bigger office space. You’ll probably achieve more flexibility too. At Party Barn, you can move into a different size unit as long as the space is available compared to most commercial leases where you’re committed for a year or more. You also avoid the stress and expense of relocating your office. That can be especially valuable if you have a premium location that’s convenient for your employees and clients.

What to Put in Your Extra Storage Unit:

Depending on the nature of your small business, there are many ways to use your storage space. Moving some furniture off site could help if you’re reorganizing work stations to fit more employees. You might also want to store extra chairs and other items that you use for meetings and events but don’t need every day. Your storage unit is also ideal for other items that you don’t access that often such as certain supplies, equipment, and documents. You can store inventory too if you’re one of the many small businesses who don’t need a full warehouse operation. In fact, our facilities have wide lane access for trucks so you may be able to accomplish more than you think with some extra storage.

For clean and affordable extra storage with all the amenities you want for your small business, contact us at Party Barn Self Storage in Wylie, TX. We offer computerized gated access, convenient office hours, and more.

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