Extra Storage Can Help You Save Money!

It’s crazy to think of how much stuff everyone has in their home. Often times, half the items, no one is really using at all. The kids may have gotten older, you no longer have a hobby in crafts, or you’ve just have accumulated too many clothes. Have extra storage, like that of a storage unit can not only help you save your sanity, but also some money.

Extra Storage Can Help You Save Money!Declutter First

Because we tend to hold on to too many things, it’s a good idea to first take some time to declutter your home before you store stuff away. Walk through each room with a piece of paper and a pen. Put things in three categories: Keep, Sale, Toss. Any “extra” items sort into each of these categories and the end of your walk-through this is where you start. A good rule of thumb always is, if you haven’t touched it, worn it, or even looked at it in 6 months, it’s gone.

Decide on Your Method of Storage

Whether you will be using storage boxes or plastic bins, you will want to ensure you have something to store your extra items in, so they don’t end up cluttering up your storage unit. Label each neatly with a general category, so that if the time comes and you need to retrieve your items, you’ll be able to find them easily.


Putting items you don’t necessarily use everyday away can help to save you money by allowing you to storage them until a later date. Parents of young children use this method to put larger size clothing up until their children grow into them, so they don’t have a huge price tag when it comes to back to school shopping. By finding ways to declutter, you may actually learn more about what is really important to you and your family, and that in itself is a huge savings.

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