Fitting Your Home Into Self Storage

Fitting Your Home Into Self StorageGetting an entire home of furniture and appliances into a self storage unit may look like an impossible task. First time users may rent a unit, take a good look at their possessions and believe they will never have enough space. There are easy ways to measure possessions and fit them into storage efficiently.

Measure The Large Items

When deciding how to pack everything into a unit, measure all the large items of furniture and appliances. Do this in inches and convert the storage unit dimensions into inches as well.  For example: a 10 X 10 storage area is 120 inches by 120 inches. Write down all the measurements for large items and see what fits and how it fits to get the maximum space. Remember to match items by width and length to make a line down one side of the unit. Do this for all large items, making several lines of furniture and appliances until all items are fit into the floor space.

Take It Apart

Not all items will be in one piece during storage. Beds are routinely taken apart and stored in an upright position. Check all large items for space-saving possibilities in this manner. Remember to figure the new dimensions into the storage calculations.

Think Up

Smaller and lighter items are generally able to stack. Boxes stacked on larger furniture items saves floor area and maximizes space usage. Smaller furniture stacked up with boxes has the same effect. Decide before beginning to pack the storage unit for the most efficient use of space.

Your items will fit into a storage unit. Please contact us for assistance with determining your best storage unit size.


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