Five Fun Facts About Storage Units

Most Americans don’t have to travel far to find the nearest self-storage business. These fun facts offer a closer look at this massive industry, its past and a few of the reasons why people rent storage units:

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1. Estimates vary, but self-storage companies clearly have well over 40,000 business locations in the United States. This figure surpasses the combined number of laundromats, Burger King restaurants and Walmart stores!

2. As of 2019, the total square footage of American storage units is estimated at 1.7 billion. If every household in the nation were to rent a locker, there would be almost 5.5 square feet for each individual’s belongings.

3. Like fireworks and silk, self-storage was invented by the Chinese. Storage units were located underground and protected by guards. Great Britain became the second country to embrace this idea on a small scale. Lockers didn’t become widespread until they reached America.

4. The first U.S. units were established in Florida and Texas. A major construction boom took place during the late 1970s. The concept eventually spread to a few other countries, such as Canada. Although recessions have caused temporary setbacks, this industry continues to grow.

5. Most storage businesses put abandoned belongings up for auction. The contents of a unit sell for around $400 to $450 on average. Some companies prefer to attract a wider range of buyers by selling items individually.

6. A major chain conducted a survey to find out why customers rent its lockers. Moving to a different house or apartment ranked as the most common reason. Others wanted to declutter rooms, protect seasonal vehicles, remodel their homes or set aside excess shop inventory.

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