Follow these Tips when Placing your Out-of-Season Clothing in Storage

No matter how big your closets are, it seems like there is never enough room for everything. The best way to maximize your closet space is by placing your off-season clothing in storage. Utilizing a storage unit for out-of-season clothing is easy when you keep these tips in mind.

Follow these Tips when Placing your Out-of-Season Clothing in Storage

#1. Choose the right location

Ideally, you should choose an area inside your storage unit that is as cool and dry as possible. If you are hanging up certain items, you’ll also want to pick a spot where they won’t get snagged when you are accessing other objects.

#2. Make sure clothes are clean

This might not be a problem if you have recently worn your clothing; however, if you have items that have been hanging in your closet for some time, you may want to wash them first. Doing so will prevent them from developing a musty smell while they are in storage.

#3. Gather some storage containers

Choose storage containers that are airtight and waterproof to prevent clothing from becoming damaged. In addition to plastic storage containers, you can also use old suitcases, trunks, or the plastic bags that comforter sets come in. Use plastic garment bags or cover items with a garment rack cover to ensure any clothing on hangars is properly protected.

#4. Guard against insects

Even well-packed clothing can be subjected to moths, which is why you should include a few moth balls in each container. Spreading a few moth balls around in the area where your clothing is being stored will help keep mice and rodents at bay as well.

#5. Label your containers

Before placing clothing in containers, be sure to label them. Include who the contents belong to and what is inside for example “Mary’s summer clothes.”

Follow these tips, and you can easily use that extra space inside your storage unit to expand your closets. In doing so, the task of finding something to wear will also become much easier. If you are in need of a storage unit for clothing or other seasonal items, please contact us.

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