From Storage Boxes to Settling-In: Make Moving Easier

Moving is one of those things that’s so life-changing it’s considered one of the top five most stressful experiences, right up there with death and divorce. With everything involved, the best thing you can do is plan as much as you can and don’t wait until the last minute! From storage boxes to settling-in, check out the tips below to help make moving easier.

From Storage Boxes to Settling-In: Make Moving Easier


It just makes sense to start packing right away, to organize your belongings as you’re packing, and store things you don’t need. It isn’t easy to start right away, but if you wait, boxes will pile-up and the clock will tick down. Then, you’ll be tempted to just start filling-in the spaces with random stuff and let organization fall to the wayside. Oh, we can do that when we get there.

Waiting until you get to your new space to organize is a recipe for moving stress Al-a-mode. Instead of waiting, get lots of storage boxes, and get more if you need them in order to make sure everything is organized and labeled with the room where the items will go. The more you do this, the less you’ll have to stress about once you move into your new place.


Don’t wait until you’re in your new home to get rid of things you don’t want or need. Unclutter your space before you get there, and donate unwanted items to organizations that provide help to local families in need.

Also keep in mind that while it’s important to hold onto things of sentimental value that are positive, don’t hold onto things from your past that just dredge-up bad memories and emotions. Especially if you’re going through a divorce or another major life-change at the same time you’re moving, make sure that you aren’t holding onto things that will hinder the new life or path you want to create for you future.


As you’re organizing, if you discover that you don’t have enough room to store everything and still maintain a functional, positive living space until you move, consider renting a storage space. Storage spaces provide a very economical way to keep your peace of mind and prepare for moving day, and settling-in!

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