Furniture Storage Makes Buying a Fixer Upper Easier

If you’re interested in buying a fixer upper, furniture storage could make your life a lot easier. See how local self storage could help you succeed at one of the most important investment decisions of your life.

Furniture Storage Makes Buying a Fixer Upper Easier

Buying a home that needs renovations, and putting your furniture and other valuable possessions in storage are two smart decisions that work well together. You’ll probably enjoy significant savings by buying a house that’s below market value, paying less in property taxes, and even selling it for a substantial profit when you’re ready to move on. Meanwhile, storage will help you deal with the daily challenges that you’re likely to face:

Storage gives you flexibility:

You may be rearranging your sleeping and eating quarters while you’re making the necessary improvements to your home. With your furniture and other large and valuable items in storage, it will be easier to adjust. After all, it’s a lot easier to move a futon and a microwave rather than your entire bedroom and dining room sets.

Storage protects your possessions:

Anyone who has ever stayed in their home during a renovation project will never forget how much dust there is to deal with. It’s best to move your items off site to a safe place or keep them covered up. It’s also essential to do a thorough cleaning each day that may even include vacuuming the walls. Storage will speed the process up by giving you an open space to work in, and it will reduce the risk of wear and tear from dust, debris, wet paint, moisture, and other hazards.

Storage helps you create your vision:

If you’re like most people who buy fixer uppers, you’re probably passionate about designing your living space. Keeping your furniture in storage as your new home evolves gives you the opportunity to evaluate your current priorities and see what works in your emerging space.

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