How Gated Access Protects You and Your Stuff

When evaluating a storage facility, two things are generally most important: how safe will I be when I’m there and how safe is my stuff. While it might not seem as obvious as good lighting and strong locks, gated access can be very important to ensuring both.

How Gated Access Protects You and Your Stuff

A storage facility with gated access is, by virtue of having a gate, restricting who can be on the property. That means only people who have a way to get through the fence and gate are going to be on the property. This immediately protects you from random people who might want to rob you while you are focused on unloading your stuff or who might want to cut the lock to your storage unit and steal your stuff.

It also provides a deterrent for random vandals who are simply looking for a place to cause mischief. Law enforcement studies show again and again that most crimes are crimes of opportunity. Gated access lessens the opportunity, encouraging would-be criminals to go somewhere else.

Gated access also helps you control who has access to your storage unit. Since gate codes are generally user specific, you can prevent family members, friends or even your ex-spouse from getting a look at what you have in storage simply by keeping your gate code a secret. There’s little chance a thief is going to cruise by your unit when it is behind a locked gate.

If you’d like additional information on how gated access can help protect you and your storage unit, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to walk you through some of our safety precautions so you can know that when you are here, you are safe.

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