Get Creative! Rent a Storage Unit as a Maker Space

The Makers Movement is expanding. Do-It-Yourself lifestyles have increased exponentially with the growth of Pinterest and Reality TV shows that now teach everything from painting furniture to building it from palettes. But, with trends toward smaller homes, it can be difficult to find the room to pursue our own personal creative efforts. Storage units are the perfect solution.

Get Creative! Rent a Storage Unit as a Maker Space

Dream Bigger

An open space that’s all your own gives you the creative room you need to dream without restriction. While you might not be willing to bring a pottery wheel into your home, a pottery studio set up in your own personal storage unit would allow projects of almost any size.

A Space of Your Own

Whether you need to get some quiet time for your creative juices to flow, or you simply don’t want little hands wandering through your boxes of glass beads, a storage unit allows you the control you need while providing a quiet space to get creative in.

Build Your Business

There’s nothing more satisfying for a creative person than finding a buyer who loves what they’ve made. But when space is tight, it’s hard to build an inventory to test the waters. Whether you want to build enough for a show or simply a few for your Etsy shop, packing your storage unit with shelving space allows you to protect the products you’ve made while working on the next creative idea.

The connection between creativity and space to explore that creativity is key to making the things you love. Contact us today to create a storage unit maker space of your very own.

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