Get Local Storage and Say Goodbye to Home Storage Containers

If you’re trying to get your stuff under control, local storage may be a better option than using home storage containers. Take a look at 3 good reasons to give up the basket and bin habit, and head to your neighborhood storage facility.

Get Local Storage and Say Goodbye to Home Storage Containers

Free up space:

Creating more room is the number one reason why most people want to declutter and organize. If you’re just transferring your stuff into a new receptacle at your house, you may not really accomplish much. You may even lose some space if you’re bringing in big and inefficient containers or hanging onto the baskets and tins that come with various gifts because you might find some use for them in the future. Plus, unless you’ve managed to acquire nothing but collapsible designs, most storage containers take up just as much room even if they’re empty or only partially full.

Save time:

What about all the time you spend shopping for containers and trying to figure out which items should go in which bin? Sadly, that’s often followed by another shopping trip when you realize your sports equipment is bigger than you realized, and your Christmas ornaments don’t take up so much room after all.

Give back:

If you already have a bunch of storage containers on your hands, there are plenty of thoughtful and constructive things you can do with them. Give them away on the nearest sidewalk or post an online ad. They can be useful for some people like teachers who need to organize classroom supplies or college students who don’t have much furniture. You could also give them to local charity shops who might sell them or use them to display their own merchandise.

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