His and Her Extra Storage

A happy relationship depends upon a lot of things, and his and her extra storage units may be one of them. If you love your life together and want things to keep running smoothly, consider how having your own self storage space can help.

His and Her Extra Storage

Putting things into your extra storage unit:

Even the closest couples may have different hobbies, interests, and tastes. Forget about debating whether each household item is suitable for storage. Get your own units so you both can satisfy your storage needs. You won’t have to worry about hurting your loved one’s feelings if you don’t share their enthusiasm for collecting comic books or holding onto baby clothes.

Organizing your extra storage unit:

Getting your possessions into storage is just the first step. You also need a system for keeping them safe and accessible. While there are many effective ways to approach this task, you and your partner may not find a single method that is comfortable for you both. If you get irritated because you can’t find something when someone else tidies up your desk, an entire storage unit will magnify that feeling several times over. Keep the peace by renting separate spaces that you both can organize according to your own strategies.

Retrieving items from your extra storage unit:

What goes into storage will usually be coming out of storage someday. You don’t want to run into an emergency where both of you assumed that the other one was keeping track of a particular item that you now need right away. Similarly, when things get shifted around in storage as they often do, you’ll have a better idea where those Christmas ornaments migrated to instead of suspecting each other of being the culprit who buried them under something on a previous visit.

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