How Self Storage Helps You Sell Your Home

How Self Storage Helps You Sell Your HomeIt is a matter of some disagreement among realtors whether or not a home that is staged sells. However, from a buyer’s point of view, a house that is staged gives them an aura of space. Buyers want to know that their stuff will fit in your house. They need to know that storage space is plentiful. To give buyers this aura of space, placing in self storage everything but the barest necessities for everyday life will provide this aura. What, you ask, needs to be stored? We’ll be happy to help.

Living Areas

Have you ever toured a Wylie, TX model home? No rugs cover the floor, and only the most necessary of seating is placed attractively in the living areas. The formal dining room contains a table and chairs, the kitchen or breakfast nook contains the smallest of tables and two chairs, while the family room is furnished with perhaps a sofa and chair. Minimal is the keyword, so the buyer gets an idea how furnishings could be placed. The bedrooms are even more minimal. A bed and dresser often grace the rooms, with perhaps a tray filled with plastic food to give buyers an idea of possibilities placed invitingly on the bed. This should give you an idea what should be placed in storage from your own home.

Buyers need to see a cavernous room, so they will be assured their things will fit. Place in storage all but a sofa and easy chair. Place from the family room the occasional tables, coffee tables, sculpture, lamps, entertainment system, desks, electronics (except what you need for every day) and all but one painting in storage. Empty any hall closets, and place its contents in storage. Give buyers a chance to judge space for themselves.

The formal dining room, kitchen and breakfast nook should be left as empty as possible. In the formal dining room, leave the table and chairs. Put in storage the china cabinet, sideboard, extra dining chairs and the Persian rug. The breakfast nook and kitchen should be wide open space, so place any tables and chairs in storage. The formal living room will need only a sofa and chair to give buyers an idea of space. No rugs should grace the floor, so buyers will see possibilities for their own things.


Buyers need to know how much room is available for their children’s furnishings. Small children, especially, need a lot of room for toy boxes, doll houses, basketball hoops for Nerf balls and such. Older children just need enough room for their desk and chair, bookcases, bed and dresser. Place in storage all but the bed and dresser. Empty the closets of toys and other inhabitants. If the kids have a bathroom off their room, or they share one in the hallway, make sure it is uncluttered. Take down the shower curtain. Hang a towel on the rack, and let the buyers imagine their clutter on the counter.

Basement/Attic Spaces

If you have a finished basement or attic space, empty them into the storage unit. These spaces should shout at the buyers “I’m extra storage space! Fill me up!” Some homeowners use these spaces as an apartment for their parents, or they might rent it out. You could leave a sofa and chair or a bed and dresser in the space, giving buyers an idea for extra income, perhaps. Place the contents of any closets in storage. Make sure the windows look good, because natural light in these types of spaces is very important.

Curb Appeal

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. When buyers pull into the drive, they should see grass, flowers and trees and that’s it. Put into storage the yard ornaments, fountains and flags. Take off the deck or porch any tables and chairs, and place them in storage. The same goes for the garage. Empty everything you won’t use every day into storage, so buyers will have an idea of space and storage.

It might seem that you’ll be doing most of your packing just so you can put it all into storage. Well, that’s not such a bad idea, because it will all be out of the way. Just remember to leave the absolute bare minimum of furnishing and wall décor in the house. When a buyer gets that gleam in his eye that means you’ve sold the house, all you’ll have to do is have a moving company pack out the remainder of the furnishings and then head over to the storage unit to pack it out. Party Barn Self Storage is glad to be there for you, so contact us when you’re ready to begin staging your house.

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