How to Choose the Right Box For Smart Storage

Choosing local storage is a great way to declutter your home and organize your life. But for every precious item you choose to pack in a box, you should be as careful in choosing the right box. Here are three tips for choosing the right storage box.

How to Choose the Right Box For Smart Storage


It seems like common sense, but remember the age-old advice: measure twice, box once. If you have larger items, especially items that are large across all sides (height, width, depth), you definitely need to choose the right box.

And if you end up with a box that is just a little smaller than the item you wanted to pack, you should think twice before trying to bend the item or bend the top of the box. You don’t want to damage your possessions, and you don’t want to compromise the integrity of the box.

This includes making sure you don’t use a box that is too big. Empty space inside the top of your storage box is dangerous if you try stacking boxes on top of it. Your goal should be to pack the box up to the top.


Just because you can fit everything inside of a box, doesn’t mean you should! One example is books. A single book may not weigh that much, but when you pack 30 books in box, that weight starts to add up.

You should choose smaller boxes for heavier items. If you have difficulty lifting the box when you’ve finished packing, it’s a good bet that it’s too heavy, and the box may degrade. Also look to see if the box lists a specific weight tolerance.


If you are packing specialty items, like electronics, clothing, or glassware, consider specialty storage boxes. Electronics boxes may have sturdier sides. Clothing boxes may allow you to hang your clothes. And glassware boxes may have inserts which separate and protect individual pieces.

In conclusion, after you’ve made the smart decision to use self storage for your possessions, don’t forget to follow this smart advice on choosing the right storage boxes: size, weight, specialty. Successful packing means successful storage. Contact us today and let us help you!

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