How to Make Your Carpentry Business Stronger with a Warehouse

Carpentry businesses never go out of style. Once you start looking, there are always commercial and residential clients who need fences, decks, and more fine-tuned interior finishes. But just because there’s a lot of demand doesn’t mean streamlining your business should take a back seat. Here are three ways a warehouse can help:

How to Make Your Carpentry Business Stronger with a Warehouse

1. Increase your marketability with more tools.

Good carpentry relies on skills and experience. But you also need the right tools to get the job done. When your garage runs out of space for more saws and specialty tools, add more square footage to your business by renting out a storage unit. Not only can you widen your assortment of tools for different jobs, but you also have more room to switch out the exterior tools during the summer season and internal carpentry equipment during the peak renovation season.

2. Load up on lumber and extra materials.

Material costs add up, no matter how you invoice your clients in the end. So start storing excess material or high-quality wood that would be lost to the landfill. As carpentry demand in some regions veers toward the artistic and unique, that weathered wood you rescued from a century-old building could be just the thing for your next job. Having popular local materials on hand also means you can complete jobs faster, and customers love that.

3. Keep your capital safe with reliable temperature control.

Even treated wood needs to be stored in a stable environment. Choose a storage unit with climate control, protection from the elements, and solid walls that keep wood-loving pests away from your materials. If you’re running a solo business and currently store everything in your garage, a good storage unit can give you your garage back.

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