How to Pack Clothes for Self Storage

If you have a bulging bedroom closet, boxes of family clothing in the attic, or a room full of community theater costumes, consider placing your clothing in self storage. Storing clothes in a dark, windowless storage unit protects it from damaging sunlight. Keep the clothing usable and in good condition with proper packing and plenty of air circulation.

How to pack clothes for self storage

Before storing anything, clean the clothes. Old stains may become impossible to get out, or even appear after the clothing ages. Do not iron or starch the clothing. Try not to dry clean the clothing as the chemicals used in the process can cause damage over time.

Proper air circulation is crucial for clothing placed in self storage. It is tempting to stick everything in a cardboard box and wedge it in a corner, but an airless environment causes problems like mildew or yellowing. Use acid free tissue paper to wrap items. Avoid plastic bags because they trap moisture.

Use polypropylene or archival storage boxes for folded items, placing heavier items on the bottom of the container. Wardrobe boxes are great for hanging items. Avoid hangers that can rust and don’t cram clothes into the box. Mark the boxes for categories, such as name of person or season. Clothing boxes should fit comfortably in the self storage unit with room for air to circulate.

While mothballs are great for killing insects, use cedar with clothing placed in self storage. Cedar repels rather than kills, preventing a bin of dead and decaying insects. Check on clothes occasionally to make sure they are still in good condition, looking for mildew and insect damage.

Contact us to talk about how much you have to store and which size unit is best. We have ten different sizes available to meet your needs.

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