How to Protect Items in Storage Units

Self-storage units protect your possessions from criminals, severe weather and fires. It’s usually less vulnerable to the types of incidents that ruin belongings at home. Nonetheless, you can maximize security and reduce the likelihood of damage if you take a few extra steps:

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1. Avoid placing especially flammable or explosive objects in a locker. It’s best to keep things like gasoline, firecrackers and chlorine out of storage facilities. To shield important documents from flames, keep them in a metal file cabinet or safe.

2. Carefully clean and deodorize items before storing them. Try to banish any crumbs, residues or moisture. Grime may draw insects and rodents to a locker, especially if it produces an odor. Dry, clean surfaces prevent mold growth.

3. Fasten the door with a rugged, well-made padlock; don’t use a $1 lock from an obscure brand. Try to create more than one layer of security. For example, put a heavy safe in the storage unit and lock belongings inside of it.

4. Find out if your existing insurance covers possessions in a locker. If not, talk to the storage company’s staff about insuring the contents of your unit. Most facilities sell affordable coverage that will benefit you if a fire occurs or someone burglarizes the locker.

5. Be careful not to place belongings in precarious positions. Heavy vibration could cause them to fall. Don’t lay your refrigerator down when you transport or store it; the top of this appliance should always face the ceiling.

6. If there’s a risk of flooding, use wooden pallets or other heavy, low-cost objects to elevate your valuables above the unit’s floor. The risk of damage greatly decreases at higher elevations, and a few inches can make a big difference in some floods.

If you’re looking for a secure storage locker in a well-lit location where you’ll feel safe, please contact us today to learn more about our modern facility and competitive rates.

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