Infant Toys to Keep in Storage

Infant Toys to Keep in StorageHas your toddler outgrown his favorite infant toys? Do you plan on keeping some of those toys for a future sibling? Then check out the post below to get an extra set of opinions on which infant toys to place in storage for your future baby.

Activity Playmat

In order to prevent the risk of SIDS, otherwise known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, parents all over are being advised to put their babies to sleep lying on their backs. And while that has greatly helped in combating SIDS, it does put more pressure on parents to make sure that they give their little ones plenty of time on their tummies while awake. At first, some babies will cry and scream when made to participate in tummy time. Luckily, you can help them to find pleasure in tummy time by giving them an activity playmat to play on.

Rubber Ducks

Bath time isn’t just about getting cleaned. It’s also a time for your baby to splash and have fun. So give them some bath toys to play with while they’re in the tub. Rubber ducks make the perfect companion for your infant during bath time each day.

Teething Rattle

Rattles are a delightful joy to babies. And if they happen to be teething , then there’s nothing that satisfies them more than a teething toy. Therefore, a teething rattle is a must for infants.

It’s important to remember that infants learn about the world they live in through play. So don’t get rid of all those great toys. Save them for a future sibling by contacting us to reserve some storage space today.

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