How to Keep Baby Keepsakes in Tip Top Shape in Storage

As your child grows, you can accumulate a lot of outgrown clothes, baby gear, and toys.  While all these things can clutter up your garage or attic nicely, you might be reluctant to part with the memories associated with those items.  If you want to keep baby items as your child grows, you will need to do a few basic steps to keep them in top shape.  With these tips, you can safely place the items in storage to keep for many years.  After all, what good are heirlooms if they end up broken, full of moth holes, or stained?

How to Keep Baby Keepsakes in Tip Top Shape in Storage

Topic – What to do with baby items as your child grows up?

Step 1:

Wash everything – whether it is plastic, wood, cloth, or any other material.  Use whatever cleaning method works best for your item, and wash gently but thoroughly.  Clothing should be soaked in a mixture of 2:1 water and oxygen-based cleaner overnight.  This will remove the enzymes contained in breastmilk and formula, which can eventually come out as an ugly yellow stain.  Use a mild detergent to remove smudges and other marks from hard surfaces.

Step 2:

Make sure everything is in excellent shape, repairing any damage.  Tighten screws, paint chipped wood, and stitch holes closed.  Any damage you see now will only increase while the item is being stored.  If any screws or metal is rusted, replace it before you store the item.

Step 3:

Package the item safely.  If the baby item you are saving is clothing or any other soft item, package it in an air-tight plastic bin to prevent moth damage, water seepage, and snags or tears.  Hard items should be wrapped in shrink-wrap to prevent scratches, termite damage, and fading.  Use bubble wrap and a sturdy box to secure any breakable items.

If you follow these easy steps, then your outgrown baby items will make wonderful heirlooms.  Enjoy your child as they grow, and enjoy your memories years down the road without any surprises! If you are in need of a storage unit please contact us.

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