Keep Moisture Down in Your Self Storage Unit

Keep Moisture Down in Your Self Storage UnitThere are several different types of self storage units. Some of which can become a bit costly such as climate-controlled units. There are times when getting the exact storage unit you want isn’t exactly in the cards of the financial powers that be. What can one do to protect their more fragile items from damaging things like moisture? Below is a small list of cheaper alternatives to help keep the moisture level down to better protect your documents, electronics and other fragile items.

  1. Dehumidifiers: If you have a storage unit with running electricity and you live in a more humid climate, then use a dehumidifier to keep the moisture down. Dehumidifiers pull the moisture from the air and store it in a built-in drip bin, keeping the moisture level constant and preventing the growth of mildew, rust, and mold from your belongings.
  2. Charcoal: Line a bag or bucket with foil and fill it with charcoal briquettes then place that container in your storage unit. The briquettes will absorb moisture. You will have to change and replace the briquettes every 1 to 2 months.
  3. Kitty Litter: This solution works in much the same way as charcoal briquettes but may need to be changed out more frequently.
  4. Double Check the dryness of your belongings: A very simple and free solution to lowering the moisture level in your storage is to make sure that all of the items you intend to store are completely dry. Any dampness or moisture on items such as clothes will only increase the moisture in the air of the storage unit. Increased moisture makes your belongings prime real estate for mildew, mold and rust.

The above list only depicts a few of the more cost efficient solutions to keeping your belongings damage free and your storage unit nice and dry. Please contact us if you would like anymore information on self storage.

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