Keeping A Child Safe When Visiting A Storage Unit

If you need to rent a storage unit to hold your valuables, and you intend on visiting your allotted space with a child in tow, their safety while on the premises among your treasures is of the utmost concern. There are several steps you can take to help keep your youngster safe when something needs to be retrieved from your storage unit. Here are some points to consider.

Keeping A Child Safe When Visiting A Storage Unit

Keep One Area Clear

It is wise to reserve a portion of your unit for your child to wait for you when you need to look for something inside of the space. Keeping the front area completely clear of clutter allows for your child to have a safe resting area when you need to search for something within the confines of the unit.

Use Storage With Drive-Up Parking

Renting a storage unit with the capability to drive up to the doorway allows you to see your child from the inside of the unit while they wait inside your vehicle. If this is not possible, make sure to rent a unit in a location with security measures in place on the property. This will keep you, your child, and your belongings safe.

Use Tape To Show Designated Walking Areas

Before you place items inside your unit, use colored masking tape on the floor to indicate the safe areas for your child to stand or walk. Making walkways from tape will help to keep your child out of the way of stacked items, keeping them in a safe spot during a visit.

Provide Interesting Items To Investigate

If you have a younger child, curiosity about the items inside your unit is sure to pique their interest. To help keep your child busy, set aside one portion of the unit with items they are allowed to look during visits. They will be likely to hone in on this area during subsequent trips to revisit items they do not see often.

If you are ready to rent a unit, or if you have questions about security measures in place on our property, contact us to speak to a representative. We look forward to keeping your belongings, and those who come to view them, safe.

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