Local Storage to Make Space for Surprise Long-Term Guests

A growing number of extended families are climbing on board with multi-generational living – often due to necessity. Whether it’s a niece with a newborn child, adult child who lost a job or senior citizen parents, family members surprise us with their life circumstances. By relying on a local storage company to keep some of your furniture and boxes, it makes room for surprise long-term guests. Depending on the circumstances, it’s also wise to put some of your guests’ belongings in storage.

Local Storage to Make Space for Surprise Long-Term Guests

Decide whether to join or separate units

The first decision to make when accommodating a house guest is whether to rent more than one storage unit. A larger storage unit that is 300 square feet holds the equivalent of what would fit in one and a half garage. When using a larger unit, make sure to label boxes clearly so you know what belongs to you and what belongs to your guest. If possible, make it easier by color coding and separating the boxes within the unit. On the other hand, it is also wise to rent two smaller storage units if privacy and security within the family is a concern.

Clean out a guest room and bathroom

Before a long-term guest arrives, take the time to clear out the space by removing personal photos, décor items and belongings unless the guest is arriving with nothing. A few questions to ask a long-term visitor include whether or not they plan to use their own bedding, if they are bringing large furniture pieces and if they intend to shop for furnishings upon arrival to town. Make note that people who move in with their own furniture tend to stay longer than those who keep their furniture in storage. To encourage a shorter stay, clear out clutter but suggest the guest put clunky furniture in storage.

Designate items to give to guest

When organizing and planning for a guest’s arrival, go through belongings and furnishings to decide if there are items you’d want your guest to keep when they move out. Giving away household appliances, furniture, equipment and décor frees up space and sets the stage for redecorating and refreshing a home’s identity after the guest leaves.

Although there are challenges with multi-generational living, a local storage company makes the transition easier as extended relatives move in, stay and move on. Rely on storage units to make temporary living arrangements less of a burden and more of an adventure and opportunity to redecorate.

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