Local Storage to Meet Decorating Goals

Using a lit and secure local storage unit is a great first step for adopting smart decorating principles in your home. Feng shui is the Chinese art of placement, but it’s also a popular decorating philosophy that ties into minimalism and the emphasis of nature in the home. With any decorating style, there are important items that are best to store in a safe local storage unit rather than leaving in the home. For example, anything that has monetary value but reminds you of a divorce, death or something negative is better kept in storage. Also, anything you need to shove under the bed or squeeze behind bedroom furniture or under sofas is not meant to be kept in the home. Smart decorating is not just about emotional energy and feelings, but about the practical issues related to organization, health and clean air flow in the home.

Local Storage to Meet Decorating Goals

Creating a clutter-free entryway

When packing up items to put into a local storage unit, start by assessing the entryway to your home or apartment. For some, the front door represents a first impression or how people view you in the world. Remove any clutter. Decide whether you want to toss, put in storage or move the items to better locations in the home. If you have seasonal decorations and wreaths for the front door, put the out-of-season decor items in storage within properly-labeled boxes.

Making your bedroom serene

To make your bedroom a restful haven, remove anything under the bed. Storing things under the bed is unwise because of the rodents, roaches, pests and dust collection. Other tips include putting mismatched furniture pieces such as nightstands in storage. Invest in new matching nightstands to put on both sides of the bed. Also, a solid headboard is ideal. Under-the-bed storage including sharp objects is unwise. People need fresh air flowing around them while they rest at night.

Other important ideas include removing broken objects that symbolize obstacles. If it’s a broken item that you plan to have professionally repaired in the future, add it to a storage box for now. Also, take care of overstuffed closets. If you can’t fit into certain clothes, store them away for now. Once you let go of unnecessary things, you will likely lose the extra weight that keeps you from fitting into the clothing. Keeping items that collect dust shows that you are stagnant. Also, be selective of family photographs.

At Party Barn Self Storage, we provide clean and secure storage units at reasonable prices. Choosing local storage gives you easy access to items you need but don’t want to add as clutter to your home. For more organization and storage tips, please call us today.

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