Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze With These 3 Easy Storage Ideas

Spring has sprung, Easter is over and warm weather is officially underway. If you are devoting some of your free time to spring cleaning, here are 3 ways to make getting organized a breeze…

Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze With These 3 Easy Storage Ideas

Get the Kids Involved 

Get the kids involved in your tidying efforts by turning old shoeboxes into the perfect hideaway for drawings, crayons, pencils, Playdoh tubs and other small items that may be cluttering the floor. With glue, a paint brush, old magazines, and scissors, they can reimagine those old shoeboxes into collaged hideaway spots with attitude. Best of all, they will stack neatly on shelves.

Helpful hint: Save this project for a rainy day to help keep the kids busy.

Turn to Self-Storage

Figuring out what to part with is tough and with self-storage, you don’t have to choose. Local storage allows you to safely, neatly and effectively tackle home organizing, helping you to enjoy a clean, spring home without rushing to decide what to keep or toss. Ready to make way for that new bookshelf or larger-than-life toy kitchen? Keep the peace and stay stress-free. We can help.


While well-known charities are often in need of new items, but there are still PLENTY of other charities and great causes out there that are looking for gently used items. From blankets to jackets, toys and even home items, your home is a built-in, good-deed-maker ready to be used. Call up local shelters to find out what their biggest needs are for spring and summer. Chances are that they even take winter items early. Home items and toys may even find a good home at battered women’s shelters.

As you get ready to welcome the sunny days of spring and summer, clearing the clutter can make coming back inside after a day of outdoor play even more inviting.

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