Maximize Your Storage Space with the Right Box

As you accumulate items it is always handy to just pack them in whatever box is sturdy enough or seems the right size. But, when it comes time to pack for self-storage, picking the right box ensures that your belongings will stay clean, dust free, and easy to access.

Maximize Your Storage Space with the Right Box

Consider Your Needs

A little common sense will help you figure out what you need. Pack heavy items such as tools in sturdy boxes designed for books. Bulky but lightweight items such as quilts and coverlets can be stowed in larger boxes. Flat rectangular boxes are great for documents, fine linens or Christmas ornaments. Wardrobe boxes allow your clothes to hang neatly, as they would in your closet. Whether you choose cardboard or plastic boxes is up to you and your budget.

Get Your Boxes Ready

To efficiently pack a storage unit pick two sizes of boxes to make them easy to stack. Next, measure the storage space and calculate how many of your boxes will fit into it. This will also prevent wasted space and you can fit more in the unit. It will also make it easier to create neat aisles that allow you to move around and see everything you have.

Make sure the boxes are clean before you pack them. You don’t want to be responsible for bringing insects or mildew into your storage space. Plan to attach labels and lists, fragile stickers or other labels on the boxes so you remember what you have.

Packing Tips

When you pack your boxes, they should be completely filled, but not stuffed hard. If there is room at the top add crumpled paper to cushion the items when you stack the boxes. When you place them in the storage area, set them on pallets to keep them off of the floor. This will allow for air circulation and prevent mildew from growing.

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