Packing Storage Boxes for Long-Term Storage

If you’re planning to place some of your belongings into storage for more than three months, here are tips for packing your storage boxes to keep everything safe.

Packing Storage Boxes for Long-Term Storage

General Tips

  • Use new, sturdy cardboard boxes or plastic bins.
  • Seal boxes with tape to reduce the risk of moisture, insects, and dust.
  • Label your boxes and create an inventory list.
  • Put a pallet in the unit to increase airflow.
  • Stack boxes with the heaviest ones on the bottom. Stagger the boxes, like bricks, when stacking to make the pile stable.


Special boxes can be purchased for dishes and glassware. The extra cardboard or foam dividers help separate and protect items. Add crumpled packing paper to the bottom and top of the boxes to provide extra cushioning. Wrap each dish and glass individually, adding extra paper around wine glass stems. Pack plates and bowls vertically to create rows rather than stacks.


Make sure clothes are clean and dry before hanging them in wardrobe boxes or folding them in regular boxes. Folds can cause stress points, so consider archival boxes for delicate items. The item will then be flat and stuffed with acid-free tissue. Items like quilts or curtains can be rolled before being boxed. Vacuum-sealed bags can prevent mold, but don’t use regular plastic bags, which can trap moisture.


Use small or medium boxes for books to ensure you’ll be able to lift them safely. Books can be packed upright, flat, or spine down. Don’t pack spine up though, since the weight of the pages can damage the book. Place crumpled paper between rows of books and in any open spaces, including at the top of the box. Wrap any important or fragile books in acid-free tissue paper.


Remove any dust or dirt before wrapping and packing in the original box. If you no longer have that, look for specialty boxes of the correct size. Fill any open spaces with packing paper or soft cloths. If you use bubble wrap, make sure it is an anti-static kind and use paper or cloth as your first layer. Before packing, remove any batteries, disks, or ink cartridges.

Your boxes will stay safe in a storage unit at Party Barn Self Storage, known for cleanliness, gated access, and an on-site manager who lives on the property. Contact us with any questions.

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