Storage Tips for Collectibles and Heirlooms

If you have to store items that hold personal value, it is important to do this correctly so that your items are safe and stay damage-free. Even if you will be storing items in a public storage unit, you can still control the interior of this space and how you pack up your items. Here are four tips to help store heirlooms and collectibles safely within a storage facility.

Storage Tips for Collectibles and Heirlooms

1. Climate-Controlled Storage

One feature that certain storage units can include is climate-controlled spaces. This is especially necessary for parts of the country that get extremely hot or cold and might warp or damage valuables. If you can pay a little extra and opt for a temperature-controlled feature, you can rest assured your items will be safer in the long run.

2. Invest in Plastic Bins

Cardboard boxes are great for moving, but these aren’t the sturdiest method for packing up and then storing collectibles and smaller items of value. Cardboard can deteriorate over time and if items shift, boxes can fall apart or not stack correctly. Especially if items are older or fragile, getting these in sturdier storage holders made of plastic will be better for your valuables.

3. Wrapping up Larger Items

While you might have your smaller heirlooms and collectibles safely stored in plastic bins, larger items need to be securely stored as well. Even furniture and bigger items should be wrapped in plastic in order to keep these from disintegrating over time or being susceptible to dust and grime that might creep in when accessing your storage unit. Purchase plastic stretch wrap designed for this purpose at home improvement stores and maybe even directly at your storage facility.

4. Don’t Forget About Your Storage Unit

If you are storing memorabilia and heirlooms for a prolonged period of time, it might slip your mind that you have these items in storage. Mark on your calendar to check in on your storage periodically, at least every month or so. It is a good idea to set up an auto-payment schedule as well. The last thing you want is to lapse on your payments and have your treasured items go to auction.

While keeping collectibles and heirlooms in storage is a resource, it is important you do this in a way that will keep your items safe and free from damage. The hope is, your items will be ready to pass on to others or display in your home when you are ready to do so. Contact us to help you keep these items intact until you are ready for them.

How Gated Access Protects You and Your Stuff

When evaluating a storage facility, two things are generally most important: how safe will I be when I’m there and how safe is my stuff. While it might not seem as obvious as good lighting and strong locks, gated access can be very important to ensuring both.

How Gated Access Protects You and Your Stuff

A storage facility with gated access is, by virtue of having a gate, restricting who can be on the property. That means only people who have a way to get through the fence and gate are going to be on the property. This immediately protects you from random people who might want to rob you while you are focused on unloading your stuff or who might want to cut the lock to your storage unit and steal your stuff.

It also provides a deterrent for random vandals who are simply looking for a place to cause mischief. Law enforcement studies show again and again that most crimes are crimes of opportunity. Gated access lessens the opportunity, encouraging would-be criminals to go somewhere else.

Gated access also helps you control who has access to your storage unit. Since gate codes are generally user specific, you can prevent family members, friends or even your ex-spouse from getting a look at what you have in storage simply by keeping your gate code a secret. There’s little chance a thief is going to cruise by your unit when it is behind a locked gate.

If you’d like additional information on how gated access can help protect you and your storage unit, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to walk you through some of our safety precautions so you can know that when you are here, you are safe.

Vintage Linen Collectors: A Self-Storage Unit Is The Answer

Do you collect vintage linens? Many people do and as a consequence, they may end up with more than their fair share. So what’s a vintage textile collector got to do when his or her cache becomes too large for the home? Why invest in self-storage solutions of course! At Party Barn Self Storage, our units are perfect places to store vintage textiles and here’s why:

Clean and Dry

Ask any serious, vintage textile collector and they’re apt to tell you one thing. Linens must be kept unstarched, clean, dry and wrapped in acid-free tissue paper. Our air-tight, self-storage units are kept very dry and clean. So there is less chance moisture and insects will get in to destroy your vintage linens.

Vintage Linen Collectors: A Self-Storage Unit Is The Answer

Room to Hang Out

In addition, there is room inside of the units to hang the linens up or store them in portable containers. This is important given how stress can easily destroy delicate fabrics. And we know that each collector has his or her favorite method of self-storage. So don’t be shy about asking our staff which units are best suited to your preferred method of preserving linens.

Let There Be Light

Also, bear in mind that our self-storage facility is lit at night but not in a way that would negatively impact items within the units. As such, your vintage linens would also be protected from excessive light too. And yes, once inside the units there are ways to receive as much light as needed for collectors to go through their vintage linen collections. After all, we know eventually you’ll want to show them off to others or prepare for antique linen sales.

Ready, Set, Sale!

If you plan to take the antique linens to shows or auctions, there is one other thing you must know. Our gated facility is accessible always. So you can get in and add or subtract to your vintage linen collection anytime. To learn more about placing vintage textiles into self-storage and the benefits therein, please contact us today.

How to Use Moving Storage to Alleviate Moving Day Stress

Moving can be stressful and anybody who has moved from house to house knows this is pretty much a given when moving. There is a way you can use moving storage to alleviate some of the stress of moving day.

How to Use Moving Storage to Alleviate Moving Day Stress

  • Pre-Packing – If you feel stressed or anxious when you have boxes sitting all over your home, using a self-storage unit can help. You can transfer a few boxes at a time into storage before the big move date.  Make sure these are things you won’t need straight away. After you have moved you can take your time transferring the boxes back to your new place.
  • Clearing the Clutter – Moving is a great time to get rid of the clutter in your home. However, just throwing things away or even giving them away can be hard. By hiring a moving storage unit, you can put these things away before or during the move. You can then unpack your new house and decide if you are really going to need these things or not.
  • Moving Day Gap – If  you have just sold your house and purchased a new home, there may be a gap between when you have to leave your current home and when you can move into your new home. A self-storage unit is a perfect solution, you can store all of your household items safely and securely until you are ready to move it into the new home.
  • Extra Time – Most moving stress comes from feeling like you have to get everything moved in and unpacked on that one day. If you would prefer to take your time, we can help. You can move what you need straight away into your home, then move the rest into storage. You can then take your time unpacking and setting up your new home without feeling the pressure to get it all done at once.

If you are looking for a moving storage solution to help make your move easier, contact us today at Party Barn Self Storage.

Storage Solutions for When Your Senior Parent Is Moving

When a senior parent moves out of their home, the transition is often both emotionally and physically difficult. Whether the parent is moving in with you, one of your siblings, or to an old age home, one of the challenges you will face is where to store all of your senior parent’s belongings.

Storage Solutions for When Your Senior Parent Is Moving

Some of the furniture you may be able to sell. Others, however, may have a special significance, either to your or to your parent. You are then faced with the task of finding a safe and secure home for these possessions.

A simple solution would be to rent a storage unit. When looking for such a unit, you want one that is spacious, secure, clean and is managed by a friendly and courteous staff.

At Party Barn Self Storage, you will find competitively priced storage units that fit all of the above-mentioned qualifications. All of our units are enclosed in a gated compound to provide an added measure of security and to make sure that you can store your parent’s belongings with peace of mind. The gates are computerized and are designed to provide you with the convenience you are looking for. There is no need to purchase a lock — we provide them for you.

Transferring your precious items to the storage units should not be an issue. The storage facilities have wide lanes and are easily accessible by truck.

If your senior parent is moving, don’t fret over what to do with their precious possessions — contact us today.

Worried About Storing Your Electronics?

Storing your electronics in a storage unit can be a great option if you are running out of space at home, but are not ready to get rid of some of your belongings. These electronics can vary from extra office supplies to classic video game consoles that you can’t part with. Whatever the case may be, there’s no reason to avoid using a self-storage unit if you need the extra space.

Worried About Storing Your Electronics?

Added Security for Storage Facility

If you’re worried about storing your belongings due to security concerns, there’s no need when you rent a unit at a facility with gated access. By having a locked gate that only employees and tenants have access to, it can help keep out people who may pose a threat to the contents of your storage unit.

Easy to Get In and Out

While a locked gate may seem like it makes it harder to reach your belongings put into storage, this shouldn’t be the case in most situations. With gated access, you should have a pin number that you can enter to get into the storage facility for added safety.

Party Barn Storage

To make the moving and storage experience as as easy as possible we typically include a lock with your storage unit and even wide lane access for trucks. A few other benefits include computerized gate access to enclosed lighted grounds. Year round gate access is also provided along with convenient office hours.

Contact us if you’re interested in storing your electronics and are concerned about security.

Organization and Planning: Make the Most of Your Storage Unit

Organization and Planning: Make the Most of Your Storage Unit

A storage unit is a great option for so many different reasons. And no matter what you are planning to use it for, making sure it is nicely organized can greatly benefit you. You will have more space when you properly pack your unit. Also, you can find what you want, when you want it if all of your items are orderly. A more structured storage unit help keep your belongings safer, too as they will be less likely to topple over. Let’s get ready to pack to make the most of your storage unit!

Packing Your Items

  • Use boxes that are the same size, or try to use no more than a couple different sizes. This will make stacking them in the storage unit much easier.
  • Label your boxes. Depending on your needs, you may choose to attach a general label such as “kitchen items” or you may choose to list out all of the items in the boxes. Also, placing a label on the top and the side will make it more convenient to know what’s in each box. Be sure mark boxes as “fragile” if they contain breakables.
  • Fill the boxes as full as possible. Be careful, however not to completely fill them with heavy items or you may not be able to carry them. By doing this, your boxes will be less likely to tip over or collapse.

Packing Your Storage Unit

  • Prepare the storage unit before putting your items in it. Start by cleaning it out. Then, if you can, place pallets on the ground. When your items are off the ground, it can prevent rats and other pests from creating a home under the boxes.
  • Decide where you want to place your items within the storage unit. Sketching out a floor plan can be a very helpful option. Be sure, though, to leave a walkway or two, depending on the size of the unit.
  • Start at the back of the space with your biggest items. If you have furniture that can be dismantled, take it apart for more room.
  • Take advantage of any hollow furniture or shelving units. For example, place a box or two in a wardrobe, refrigerator, or washing machine or use the shelves for boxes or other items.
  • Stack your boxes so you can get to them if needed. Place the heavier boxes on the bottom and the lighter ones higher up. Also, face the labels out so you know what you have placed where.

Taking a little extra time to plan and organize your storage unit is a worthwhile task. For more information about making the most of the space, contact us.

Tips to Consider For Your Moving Storage Needs

Moving is often a stressful experience. Taking all of your possessions from one location to another is challenging, especially if you don’t have as much space in your new place. Another issue that many people face is selling their home and not having a place to store items until they find a new home. One simple solution to such dilemma is to rent space at a self-storage facility. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you solve your moving storage needs.

Tips to Consider For Your Moving Storage Needs

  • Find a facility in a convenient location. If you’re planning a long-distance move, it’s often easier to choose a self-storage facility closer to your future home rather than the one you’re leaving. This will make it simple to transfer items from storage to your new place.
  • Always inspect the facility before making a choice. Make sure the facility and storage units are clean. The area should have good lighting in case you have to transfer items after dark. You should also ask the owner or manager about security. Modern facilities provide keypad access to the grounds.
  • Pack everything securely and mark all boxes. Pack your belongings in sturdy, new boxes. Secure them with masking tape. Some self-storage facilities sell these items. Always mark boxes so you won’t forget what’s inside.
  • Place items in your storage unit with care. Your goal is to make it easy to retrieve items in the future. Stack boxes neatly and according to categories such as cookware, linens, books, etc. If everything is an undifferentiated mess, it will make things harder when you want to find something.

To find the best self-storage solutions in Wylie, Texas contact us.

Gated Access 101: Why Gated Access is Important

With the amount of Self Storage facilities across the nation, it’s no wonder that there are so many standards and varieties in what any given facility will offer. There are many factors to consider when searching for the right storage facility. There may even be a few things you might have to compromise on. One thing you shouldn’t compromise on, however, is security. In this post, we’ll be giving you a few reasons why a gated access storage facility will better protect your belongings.

Gated Access 101: Why Gated Access is Important

  • What is Gated Access? Simply put Gated access is a physical security measure put in place as a fence with a locked gate. This protects everything within the fenced perimeter. many residential communities have this security feature but so do many Self Storage facilities.
  • Gated Access Features: Not every facility with gated access has the same features. Some have a seemingly complex wrought iron fence and gate with the gate set up to slide open when the appropriate key code or key card is used at the gate’s access panel. Some storage facilities even have more complex access panels where tenants can also pay their monthly bill and receive receipts as well as provide the owners of the facility remote control.
  • Is Gated Access Worth It? While many people’s opinions may differ, we believe that having gated access to your storage facility is high worth it in terms of cost and peace of mind. A gated fence adds an additional level of security for everything within that fenced perimeter by keeping out potential criminals, the general public and anyone else who seeks unauthorized access to the many belongings and valuables located within any given storage facility.

At the end of the day, which storage facility you choose to rent a unit from is ultimately your decision. The above statements are simply here to give you more information in regards to keeping your items protected. If you have any questions or you would like more information on self-storage please feel free to contact us.

Preparing for a Move with Young Children? 3 Tips to Make It Easy

Moving is a task that can come with a lot of challenges—especially as a family with young children. Instead of rushing into hiring movers or feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work involved in getting everything packed in time, it may be best to rely on moving storage services. Whether you drop off your items into a storage unit on your own or you rely on a pickup service for your boxes or furniture, it’s best to consider the following.

Preparing for a Move with Young Children? 3 Tips to Make It Easy

Rely on the Right Storage Unit

As you prepare for renting a storage unit, you likely will be faced with a number of different items that are difficult to move or cannot fit into the moving truck with ease. Instead of allowing this to be an issue, you could rely on moving storage instead.

Put Items into Storage Early

The best way to avoid unnecessary stress when moving is getting started as early as possible. In fact, with moving storage already arranged, you can start packing up items you won’t need right away- such as seasonal decorations or camping supplies- and put them into storage.

Even before you know the date of your upcoming move, you can begin renting the storage unit so that you can begin to pack and load the unit ahead of time.

Get Your Kids Involved

One way to help your kids be comfortable with the move is through getting them to help out. Start them off by assigning them to their bedroom and possibly with a list that can help with packing for storage.

For more advice on moving storage, don’t hesitate to contact us.