New Year’s Resolution: Get a Storage Unit!

New Year's Resolution: Get a Storage UnitJust like every year, you might have set a resolution that you wanted to follow for the new year, such as being more organized or getting more exercise in. Just like previous years, however, you might have found yourself off the wagon and no closer to your goal than you were months ago.

It can be easy to get discouraged, but it’s not too late to follow up on your resolution. In fact, there is a chance that you just might not have the right tools to help you achieve your goal. In some situations, renting a storage unit can help.

For example, if you are looking to become more organized, you might struggle with the amount of clutter in your home. If you invest in a storage unit, you can move some of your out-of-season and other items out of your home. Then, organization and cleaning will be a lot easier.

If it’s your goal to exercise, you might find that a storage unit can help you as well. You can relocate your exercise equipment to your storage unit, for example, so that you can step away from your home and family for a while, get away from your distractions and focus on yourself and your fitness goals.

Don’t feel like you have to give up on your resolutions for the new year just because you haven’t achieved them yet. Instead, consider the tools that you can use to achieve your goals. If you find that you need a storage unit, contact us at Party Barn Self Storage so that we can help.

Self-Storage for Your Inventory

Self-Storage for Your InventoryAre you buying stuff in bulk to resale online? Do you have a lot of clothes and toys that your children have all outgrown? Do you plan on reselling those clothes and toys at an upcoming consignment event? Regardless of which of the two previously mentioned scenarios you currently find yourself in, one of your top priorities right now is probably just finding a place to store all of your inventory. After all, you don’t want your own living quarters to look as if a garage sale exploded inside of it.


Since you’re trying to turn a profit with your inventory, it’s critical for you to find an affordable place to store it all. Our self-storage units are rented out at very affordable rates. Therefore, it’s a great option financially speaking.

Easily Accessible

When you’re reselling stuff online, you need to be able to get to your inventory as soon as a buyer orders your stuff. Hence, it’s highly important for you to have easy access to your things. When placing your items in our self-storage units, you’ll be able to get to your inventory both day and night. So you’ll have no problem meeting the demands of your buyers in a timely fashion.

No More Need to Sell Your Stuff Cheap

Because of the lack of space, many people end up selling their children’s old clothes and toys for cheap with a garage sale. However, if you could just hold on to the items a while longer in a storage unit, you’ll be able to make much more money by selling the items at a proper consignment event. That’s why you should contact us today to put your items in storage until it’s the right time to sell.

4 Self Storage Tips for Storing Your Holiday Items

4 Self Storage Tips for Storing Your Holiday ItemsThe holiday season is upon us and while you may have just rescued your holiday decorations from a long storage stint, the time to pack it all back up for self storage is quickly approaching. Below is a list of 4 tips to help make storing your holiday items easier as well as giving you an easier start for the next holiday season.

  1. Organization: This simple word may not seem truly important but it really is. Developing your own system of organizing your holiday items and decorations will only help you. Whether you want to color-code your containers by holiday or types of ornaments and decorations, using an organization system will make storing less of a daunting task. When the next holiday season rolls around, you’ll also find pulling everything out is quicker and more efficient.
  2. Left Over Tissue and Wrapping Paper: You don’t have to throw out left over wrapping and gift materials. Instead, use them in protecting your fragile and breakable holiday items by wrapping them up or shredding the papers to use as filler in containers.
  3. Original Packing Material: This tip best serves any holiday displays you may have such as a Nativity scene. Often times these holiday displays will arrive in a clearly labeled box with packing filler designed specifically for protection of these usually fragile items.

Holidays items and decorations are often sentimental to all of us. The above tips will help you keep those fond holiday memories intact for years to come. For more information about self storage please contact us.

A Self Storage Unit is the Perfect Place to Stash Holiday Gifts

A Self Storage Unit is the Perfect Place to Stash Holiday GiftsAs the holidays are approaching, your gift list is probably a mile long. You’re already going to be spending a
lot of time and money while battling the crowds and shopping for gifts, so you should consider doing something to make the whole process a little bit easier for you — renting a self storage unit. This will provide you with the perfect place to stash all of your holiday gifts this season. These are a few reasons why.

Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

After breaking out all of your holiday decorations, you might feel as if your home is a bit more cluttered than usual. Adding gifts into the mix will just clutter things even more. If you have a storage unit, you can stash gifts so that they don’t take over your home.

Prevent Peeking

When buying gifts for people in your household, you might always worry where you can hide them so that there won’t be any peeking. Sometimes, the anticipation can be too much to resist, especially for kids. If you store your gifts off-site, however, you don’t have to worry about anyone spoiling the surprise.

Give Yourself Some Space

Wrapping holiday gifts can quickly become a disaster when you’re trying to juggle wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, scissors, tape, ribbons and labels. If you have a storage unit, however, you’ll have some extra space to stretch out and wrap your gifts without kids or pets underfoot. This can provide you with some much-needed “me” time during the busy holiday season.

As you can see, now is a great time to rent a storage unit for stashing your holiday gifts. If this is something that you’re interested in so that you can make your life easier this holiday season, contact us at Party Barn Self Storage today to find out about your options.

Why Self Storage is Great for Budding Entrepreneurs

Why Self Storage is Great for Budding EntrepreneursIn the business to become your own boss? Still only just starting out and working from your home garage most of the time? Then you’re in desperate need of some extra space in your life. Keep reading to learn why self storage is great for budding entrepreneurs.

Free Up Your Garage

There is absolutely no shame in working from your home garage when your business is still in its startup phase. However, to make the most of your working environment, you will need to get rid of all the things that does not directly relate to your business. Many of those items can easily go to the trash bin or the donation bin. However, there will be plenty of items that you simply must hold on to for at least a while longer. For those essential items, you will want to relocate them to rented storage space. That way, you will have the room you need to do your best work and help your new business grow.

Securely Store Your Inventory

Most businesses require inventory of some sort. Therefore, it is common for budding entrepreneurs to have boxes and boxes of inventory cluttering up their home and business space. At some point though, the amount of inventory you have stored in your home will get overwhelming. When that happens, you will need to find a secure place to store your important business inventory. A storage unit is perhaps the most safe and cost-effective solution you will have. Therefore, contact us today to rent a unit for your inventory.

Why You Need a Storage Unit This Holiday Season

Why You Need a Storage Unit This Holiday SeasonIf you are like many people who don’t have a storage unit, you might think that they are only useful for people who have a lot of stuff, people who are moving or people who don’t have a permanent home. However, a storage unit can be very handy for just about anyone. For example, if your family is like most,
you could probably benefit from renting a storage unit this holiday season. These are a few reasons why.

Make Room for Holiday Decor

When you break out your holiday decor, your home might feel a little cluttered. A storage unit will allow you to store extra furniture and other items to make more room for your decorations.

Prepare for Holiday Parties and Guests

If you’re planning on hosting holiday parties or are planning on inviting guests to come and stay with you and your family this holiday season, you might need to make room for everyone. A storage unit will allow you to move things out of the way — and get rid of clutter to make your home look its best — so that you are ready for all of your guests.

Hide Your Holiday Presents

You probably don’t want your kids — or spouse, or anyone else in your household, for that matter — to find your holiday gifts. Prevent people from snooping by hiding your presents in a storage unit. You can even head to your storage unit to wrap presents.

Store Holiday Decor

After the holidays, you could be short on space when it comes to storing all of your decorative items. Luckily, a storage unit can provide the perfect storage space until next year.

As you can see, a storage unit can be very handy for the holiday season. If you contact us at Party Barn Self-Storage, we can help you choose the perfect storage unit for your holiday needs.

How Self Storage Helps You Sell Your Home

How Self Storage Helps You Sell Your HomeIt is a matter of some disagreement among realtors whether or not a home that is staged sells. However, from a buyer’s point of view, a house that is staged gives them an aura of space. Buyers want to know that their stuff will fit in your house. They need to know that storage space is plentiful. To give buyers this aura of space, placing in self storage everything but the barest necessities for everyday life will provide this aura. What, you ask, needs to be stored? We’ll be happy to help.

Living Areas

Have you ever toured a Wylie, TX model home? No rugs cover the floor, and only the most necessary of seating is placed attractively in the living areas. The formal dining room contains a table and chairs, the kitchen or breakfast nook contains the smallest of tables and two chairs, while the family room is furnished with perhaps a sofa and chair. Minimal is the keyword, so the buyer gets an idea how furnishings could be placed. The bedrooms are even more minimal. A bed and dresser often grace the rooms, with perhaps a tray filled with plastic food to give buyers an idea of possibilities placed invitingly on the bed. This should give you an idea what should be placed in storage from your own home.

Buyers need to see a cavernous room, so they will be assured their things will fit. Place in storage all but a sofa and easy chair. Place from the family room the occasional tables, coffee tables, sculpture, lamps, entertainment system, desks, electronics (except what you need for every day) and all but one painting in storage. Empty any hall closets, and place its contents in storage. Give buyers a chance to judge space for themselves.

The formal dining room, kitchen and breakfast nook should be left as empty as possible. In the formal dining room, leave the table and chairs. Put in storage the china cabinet, sideboard, extra dining chairs and the Persian rug. The breakfast nook and kitchen should be wide open space, so place any tables and chairs in storage. The formal living room will need only a sofa and chair to give buyers an idea of space. No rugs should grace the floor, so buyers will see possibilities for their own things.


Buyers need to know how much room is available for their children’s furnishings. Small children, especially, need a lot of room for toy boxes, doll houses, basketball hoops for Nerf balls and such. Older children just need enough room for their desk and chair, bookcases, bed and dresser. Place in storage all but the bed and dresser. Empty the closets of toys and other inhabitants. If the kids have a bathroom off their room, or they share one in the hallway, make sure it is uncluttered. Take down the shower curtain. Hang a towel on the rack, and let the buyers imagine their clutter on the counter.

Basement/Attic Spaces

If you have a finished basement or attic space, empty them into the storage unit. These spaces should shout at the buyers “I’m extra storage space! Fill me up!” Some homeowners use these spaces as an apartment for their parents, or they might rent it out. You could leave a sofa and chair or a bed and dresser in the space, giving buyers an idea for extra income, perhaps. Place the contents of any closets in storage. Make sure the windows look good, because natural light in these types of spaces is very important.

Curb Appeal

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. When buyers pull into the drive, they should see grass, flowers and trees and that’s it. Put into storage the yard ornaments, fountains and flags. Take off the deck or porch any tables and chairs, and place them in storage. The same goes for the garage. Empty everything you won’t use every day into storage, so buyers will have an idea of space and storage.

It might seem that you’ll be doing most of your packing just so you can put it all into storage. Well, that’s not such a bad idea, because it will all be out of the way. Just remember to leave the absolute bare minimum of furnishing and wall décor in the house. When a buyer gets that gleam in his eye that means you’ve sold the house, all you’ll have to do is have a moving company pack out the remainder of the furnishings and then head over to the storage unit to pack it out. Party Barn Self Storage is glad to be there for you, so contact us when you’re ready to begin staging your house.

Why Self Storage Makes Sense for all of Your Storage Needs

Why Self Storage Makes Sense for all of Your Storage NeedsIf you have looked around your home or office space, only to see clutter, it is time to consider your storage options. With many storage options out there it may be hard to choose which way to go.

When it comes to storage options that are flexible, affordable and secure, self storage makes sense. Let’s look at a few of the ways self-storage wins out over other storage options.

Cost Effective

Self storage units are one of the most cost-effective ways to get the extra space you need. If you were to rent extra office space, buy a bigger house or install a big shed on your property, these choices would all cost more than the small monthly fee for self-storage. Self-storage allows you to pay a small monthly rental fee and pay just for the space you need.


Many storage facilities offer a range of storage sizes and flexible contracts. This allows you to be able to rent the space you need, as you need it. You may be clearing out an office or home and you can’t decide what to part with, after renting a storage unit for six weeks, you may realize you don’t need half of the things you have stored. You can clean out your current unit and the next month move to a smaller unit. Whether you need to upgrade or downsize your storage needs, self-storage gives you this flexibility.


Security is important when you are storing valuables. A good self-storage facility will offer several security measures. These may include a computerized entry system, good lighting, and locks on your storage unit. This extra security gives you peace of mind when leaving your valuables in a different location away from your home.

These are just three of the many advantages that make storing your valuables in self-storage a good idea. If you are looking for self-storage in the Wylie, TX area, contact the team at Party Barn Self Storage today. Our storage experts can help you find the right space for your current needs.

4 Tips For Efficient Self Storage

wylie-storageCleaning out the house does not mean throwing away or selling items. Sometimes it means storing items until it is time to use them. Many people find self storage frustrating when they cannot find items quickly and easily. There are several ways to organize storage to eliminate this problem.

Label All Sides Of Boxes

It is easier to move and store small items when packed into boxes. Once in storage, these boxes become part of a tall stack. If notes on what is inside the box are only on the top of boxes, then it is necessary to look into every box. Make sure to label the four sides of the box. This provides a quick way to locate the correct box at a glance. By marking all four sides there is no worry about turning boxes to find labels.

Attach An Inventory

Small items going into storage such as serving utensils or dishes are generally used multiple times during the year. Packing arrangements might require only one or two items per box needed at any time. Grouping small items into several boxes and attaching an inventory makes locating these items easier.

Keep Stacks Within Reach

Tall stacks of boxes save storage space, but they are inefficient unless stacked correctly. Place larger boxes on the bottom for stability. Smaller and lighter boxes go on top of the stack.

Stack According To Box Size

Pack items that will have a long storage life into bigger boxes. Place often needed items into smaller boxes. This allows for larger boxes on the bottom of stacks and smaller, easily moved boxes on top. It makes accessibility easier and less time-consuming.

Self storage is the best way to retain necessary items that are not used on a daily basis. If you need efficient self storage, please contact us today.

When to Use Self-Storage to Get the Greatest Value

When to Use Self-Storage to Get the Greatest ValueSelf-storage facilities provide a place for people to store their items safely. However, you should make it a goal to get the best value when renting a unit to avoid spending money unnecessarily. It is helpful to learn about what situations can benefit most from using self-storage.

Before Moving

If you plan on moving to a nearby home, you can take advantage of storage before moving. It is not always realistic to go through all of your belongings prior to moving, especially on short notice. With this in mind, you can store non-essentials and sentimental items that you can go through at a later time.

After Moving

Another similar situation is to get self-storage after you move. Once you bring all of your items to the new home, you might realize that certain items do not need to stick around for the time being. Instead of keeping these items in boxes in a closet, spare room, or your garage, you can just put them in storage.


An ideal way to use a self-storage unit is when you plan on downsizing. When moving into a smaller home, you do not want to clutter your new home with furniture and other items that do not fit comfortably.

Whether you use the unit as a way to sell your possessions over time, as temporary storage until you decide what to do, or even permanent storage because you want to keep the items is up to you.


If you want to start traveling full-time, you might not want to pay rent or stay in your home, especially because you could rent out your home while you take up traveling. It is beneficial to put everything into storage, which can drastically reduce your monthly expenses and give you more money for traveling.

Contact us if you have any questions about our storage units.