Why Self Storage Makes Sense for all of Your Storage Needs

Why Self Storage Makes Sense for all of Your Storage NeedsIf you have looked around your home or office space, only to see clutter, it is time to consider your storage options. With many storage options out there it may be hard to choose which way to go.

When it comes to storage options that are flexible, affordable and secure, self storage makes sense. Let’s look at a few of the ways self-storage wins out over other storage options.

Cost Effective

Self storage units are one of the most cost-effective ways to get the extra space you need. If you were to rent extra office space, buy a bigger house or install a big shed on your property, these choices would all cost more than the small monthly fee for self-storage. Self-storage allows you to pay a small monthly rental fee and pay just for the space you need.


Many storage facilities offer a range of storage sizes and flexible contracts. This allows you to be able to rent the space you need, as you need it. You may be clearing out an office or home and you can’t decide what to part with, after renting a storage unit for six weeks, you may realize you don’t need half of the things you have stored. You can clean out your current unit and the next month move to a smaller unit. Whether you need to upgrade or downsize your storage needs, self-storage gives you this flexibility.


Security is important when you are storing valuables. A good self-storage facility will offer several security measures. These may include a computerized entry system, good lighting, and locks on your storage unit. This extra security gives you peace of mind when leaving your valuables in a different location away from your home.

These are just three of the many advantages that make storing your valuables in self-storage a good idea. If you are looking for self-storage in the Wylie, TX area, contact the team at Party Barn Self Storage today. Our storage experts can help you find the right space for your current needs.

4 Tips For Efficient Self Storage

wylie-storageCleaning out the house does not mean throwing away or selling items. Sometimes it means storing items until it is time to use them. Many people find self storage frustrating when they cannot find items quickly and easily. There are several ways to organize storage to eliminate this problem.

Label All Sides Of Boxes

It is easier to move and store small items when packed into boxes. Once in storage, these boxes become part of a tall stack. If notes on what is inside the box are only on the top of boxes, then it is necessary to look into every box. Make sure to label the four sides of the box. This provides a quick way to locate the correct box at a glance. By marking all four sides there is no worry about turning boxes to find labels.

Attach An Inventory

Small items going into storage such as serving utensils or dishes are generally used multiple times during the year. Packing arrangements might require only one or two items per box needed at any time. Grouping small items into several boxes and attaching an inventory makes locating these items easier.

Keep Stacks Within Reach

Tall stacks of boxes save storage space, but they are inefficient unless stacked correctly. Place larger boxes on the bottom for stability. Smaller and lighter boxes go on top of the stack.

Stack According To Box Size

Pack items that will have a long storage life into bigger boxes. Place often needed items into smaller boxes. This allows for larger boxes on the bottom of stacks and smaller, easily moved boxes on top. It makes accessibility easier and less time-consuming.

Self storage is the best way to retain necessary items that are not used on a daily basis. If you need efficient self storage, please contact us today.

When to Use Self-Storage to Get the Greatest Value

When to Use Self-Storage to Get the Greatest ValueSelf-storage facilities provide a place for people to store their items safely. However, you should make it a goal to get the best value when renting a unit to avoid spending money unnecessarily. It is helpful to learn about what situations can benefit most from using self-storage.

Before Moving

If you plan on moving to a nearby home, you can take advantage of storage before moving. It is not always realistic to go through all of your belongings prior to moving, especially on short notice. With this in mind, you can store non-essentials and sentimental items that you can go through at a later time.

After Moving

Another similar situation is to get self-storage after you move. Once you bring all of your items to the new home, you might realize that certain items do not need to stick around for the time being. Instead of keeping these items in boxes in a closet, spare room, or your garage, you can just put them in storage.


An ideal way to use a self-storage unit is when you plan on downsizing. When moving into a smaller home, you do not want to clutter your new home with furniture and other items that do not fit comfortably.

Whether you use the unit as a way to sell your possessions over time, as temporary storage until you decide what to do, or even permanent storage because you want to keep the items is up to you.


If you want to start traveling full-time, you might not want to pay rent or stay in your home, especially because you could rent out your home while you take up traveling. It is beneficial to put everything into storage, which can drastically reduce your monthly expenses and give you more money for traveling.

Contact us if you have any questions about our storage units.

Secure Storage Units Before the Kids Go to College

Secure Storage Units Before the Kids Go to CollegeEach year, thousands of kids leave home in search of higher education. Many choose to live in small, on-campus dorms or efficiency apartments located near the school. Consequently, they end up leaving a large number of items behind that their parents must either place into storage or live with until the kids return.

With that said, many parents prefer to rent storage units in Wylie, Texas. The locked storage units come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for temporarily holding college-age children’s belongings. And if the kids decide to take more of their belongings back to campus with them after winter break, it’s easy to switch to a smaller unit.

Plus, storage units in Wylie are open 365 days a year and are easy to access. So moms and dads can remove items out of storage and send them to the kids as needed. In addition, the kids can come home and access their own stuff whenever the mood strikes. All they need to get into the storage facility is their computerized gate code and lock key or combination numbers. That’s it.

Also keep in mind that the thoroughfares leading to the storage units are level, maintained, wide and lighted during the evening hours. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if parents and kids are driving a moving van or a compact hybrid to storage facilities in Wylie, Texas. They’ll have no problems driving right up to the storage unit’s door at any time of the day or night. One word of advice though. Storage unit rentals do not come with moving equipment.

As such, parents and kids alike should plan on bringing their own hand trucks, work gloves, moving blankets, bubble wrap and any other packing materials that they feel will be needed to secure all of the items for temporary storage. To learn more why storage units in Wylie are best for college-age kids and their parents, please contact us today.

Self Storage and Disaster Preparedness

Self Storage and Disaster PreparednessTexas has more than its fair share of natural disasters every year and this year seems to be sending a few extra our way.

As such, most Texans are prepared for minor emergencies and even the occasional major one, but many don’t realize that a self storage unit can be a great asset in your disaster planning. Obviously, every home should have the basics of disaster survival: food and water for all family members including pets for several days, flashlights and batteries and a first aid kit at minimum, but where do you keep all the stuff you need for a longer lasting emergency?

A gas-powered generator, extra canned goods and extra drinking water as well as spare clothing for disaster situations, sturdy shoes and other disaster specific preparations can take up a lot of extra space. For city residents with small apartments or others who just don’t have the extra space, a small storage unit can be a smart part of your disaster planning.

At a site that is close to home, storing a portable generator and miscellaneous disaster-related supplies can help assure your family’s safety and comfort during a disaster. Supplies stored can include non-perishable, preferably canned food, large ice chests for storing food when the power is out, sleeping bags and cold weather gear, and even a more extensive first aid kit.

Preparing for a disaster just makes sense and space should never be an excuse why you don’t get it done.Contact us to secure the space you need to help keep your family safe.

3 Ways Storage Units Make Your Life Easier

3 Ways Storage Units Make Your Life EasierLife changes with each season, and there is only so much space in any house. Using storage units effectively makes seasonal adjustments easier. It helps with organization and the ability to find items when needed, not after the time to use them is past.

Summer Storage Needs

Coats, heavy blankets and Christmas decorations are not necessary during the summer months. They are often placed in attic or garage space. Once the seasons change, it becomes a full-time job to locate necessary items for the colder months. Placing these items in a storage unit keeps them organized and easy to find when the time is right for their use.

Winter Storage For Summer Fun

There are many ways to enjoy the warm months of the year, especially in Wylie TX. Family picnics and water sports are a great way to spend hot summer days filled with sunshine. The warm summer nights make being outside a relaxed and fun-filled time. All these activities are wonderful, but they require a wardrobe that is not useful during the cold months. Storing these items during the winter keeps them clean and available when summer rolls around again.

Spring And Fall Holidays

Every season has its own set of holidays. Spring has Easter as its major holiday and fall has Halloween and Thanksgiving. Rather than buying new decorations and constantly moving unneeded holiday dishes around during the year, storage is a great help. Decorations and dishes in storage are easy to locate when needed.

There are many great seasonal reasons to maintain a storage unit. These are just three of them. If you need your items easy to find, please contact us today to get your seasonal storage unit set up.

Fitting Your Home Into Self Storage

Fitting Your Home Into Self StorageGetting an entire home of furniture and appliances into a self storage unit may look like an impossible task. First time users may rent a unit, take a good look at their possessions and believe they will never have enough space. There are easy ways to measure possessions and fit them into storage efficiently.

Measure The Large Items

When deciding how to pack everything into a unit, measure all the large items of furniture and appliances. Do this in inches and convert the storage unit dimensions into inches as well.  For example: a 10 X 10 storage area is 120 inches by 120 inches. Write down all the measurements for large items and see what fits and how it fits to get the maximum space. Remember to match items by width and length to make a line down one side of the unit. Do this for all large items, making several lines of furniture and appliances until all items are fit into the floor space.

Take It Apart

Not all items will be in one piece during storage. Beds are routinely taken apart and stored in an upright position. Check all large items for space-saving possibilities in this manner. Remember to figure the new dimensions into the storage calculations.

Think Up

Smaller and lighter items are generally able to stack. Boxes stacked on larger furniture items saves floor area and maximizes space usage. Smaller furniture stacked up with boxes has the same effect. Decide before beginning to pack the storage unit for the most efficient use of space.

Your items will fit into a storage unit. Please contact us for assistance with determining your best storage unit size.


Self Storage For Baby Clothes and Toys

Self Storage For Baby Clothes and ToysNow that your little one is no longer fitting into his baby clothes or playing with his old toys, it’s time to do a little decluttering to make room for him to walk and crawl. However, instead of simply tossing away the clothes and toys that your baby has outgrown, you might want to hold onto them for just a while longer. Below, you’ll find the two main reasons for why it makes sense to invest in a self storage unit for storing your baby’s clothes and toys.

Save for Future Siblings

If you’re still in your childbearing years, it’s highly possible that you might end up having more children in the very near future. In that case, it makes sense to save all of your firstborn’s clothing and toys for the future siblings. Most likely, you’re not going to receive as many baby gifts for your second child. So unless you want to spend lots of time and money shopping for your second baby, it’s best to hang onto what you do have from your first baby.

Sentimental Value

Your baby is your pride and joy. You loved him before you even met him. Hence, it’s not easy to just get rid of all the sweet things he’s worn and played with during his early months of life. However, if you have a limited amount of space in your home, it’s also not practical to keep currently unused things around. In such a scenario, it’s best to contact us about getting a self storage unit for your baby’s things. That way, you can visit whenever you want to look through your baby’s old clothes and toys.

Storage Units Make It Easier to Downsize

Use a Storage Unit to Make It Easier to Downsize to a Smaller HomeDownsizing to a smaller home is not impossible, but it is certainly challenging. It depends on how much you are downsizing that should determine what you need to find a new home for or replace.

However, to make the process easier, you should consider renting a storage unit.

Determine What You Must Have

If you want or need to move in a short period of time, you will find that having a storage unit can prove invaluable because it prevents you from having to rush through the process. One of the first things you should do is take an inventory of your home to determine what you must have in your new home.

After this has been established, you can then start working on what might go into storage.

Invest in Smaller Replacements

Some items in your home will be must-haves, such as a couch, bed, and dining room table, but you may be able to replace these crucial furniture pieces with smaller alternatives. It is easy to save a lot of space just by downsizing these three pieces because they can consume a lot of room in almost any home.

Put Extra Items into Storage

Whether you have personal items that you do not want to get rid of or you are undecided on certain items, you can use a storage unit as a way to store items until you decide what to do with them.

In some cases, you might end up keeping the storage unit for good to keep personal belongings safe. Another beneficial use is to keep items in storage while you are trying to sell them, as opposed to procrastinating on your move or making a clutter in your new home.

If you want to make downsizing easier, contact us to learn about your storage options.

How to Get the Most from Self Storage

If you have ever had to undergo a major move then you know how much work it is. Over time you have accumulated more items than space to store them. You need a self storage unit that is affordable and provides adequate space. What’s the best way to go about finding one and how do you know you’re getting the most for you money? Here are some things to consider when selecting the best self-storage unit.

Surveillance and security

How to Get the Most from Self StorageWithout question one of the most important features to consider when renting space from a self-storage facility is safety. There is nothing more frustrating than having questions with no one to answer them. Having an on site manager provides the consumer the point of reference when unexpected questions arise.

When possible look for a storage facility that is completely fenced in with surveillance cameras and adequate lighting. In addition, a keypad entry system and drive up units are also aspects of importance. All these elements provide you as the consumer peace of mind that your items are safe and secure.


Affordability is the second most important concern for consumers.   Eliminating hidden fees and excess charges will drastically lower your monthly storage bill. Look for a self-storage facility that does not charge an administrative fee. When it comes to storing items this, is an appealing feature because of the accessibility and affordability aspects.

Choosing the Option that’s best for the consumer

Climate-controlled units, geographically centered with easy access, boat and RV storage are features you may also need. If you have deliveries being made can the storage facility accept them on your behalf? Whether you’re moving into a new home or relocating for a new job, it’s all about having enough space to store your belongings. Asking the right questions and knowing your options will help you choose the right storage facility for your self-storage needs.

Party Barn Self Storage has room for all your self-storage needs. We take pride in providing you quality customer service. Our knowledgeable staff will take the time to answer your questions and help you select the best self-storage unit for you. To find out more about our services  contact us today.