Your Solution for Extra Storage When Life Happens

Unplanned life events can create a sudden need for extra storage. After finding solutions for the people involved, the next question is what to do with the stuff involved. When challenging circumstances arise, self-storage can be a great solution when you need extra storage.

Your Solution for Extra Storage When Life Happens

An Ailing Loved One Can’t Live Alone

As boomers age, many families have an older family member whose failing health makes living alone difficult or unsafe. If your loved one comes to live with you, you may need extra storage for the items you’re removing to make room for your new resident. Perhaps it’s your loved one who doesn’t want to get rid of their sentimental possessions that are too large for your home. Self-storage can give your loved one time to find a permanent home for those prized items.

You’ve Eloped

Congratulations! Challenging situations aren’t always connected to negative events. You and your romantic partner decided to skip the long engagement and get married right away. During your whirlwind romance, the conversation about combining your stuff didn’t happen. And there’s not enough room for two households of stuff. A storage unit can provide extra storage until the two of you decide how to handle your stuff.

An Adult Child Returns Home

Once your child rented that first apartment, you didn’t think you’d ever share a roof with your offspring again. You’re glad you’re in a position to help your child during their time of difficulty. The only thing is you’ve turned their old bedroom into a storage area for your favorite hobby. Where are you going to put your supplies? A 5X10 unit may provide the extra storage you require.

Your Extra Storage Solution

Party Barn Self Storage has units in various sizes to meet your extra storage needs. Contact us today for more information.

Self Storage for The Stuff You May Regret Throwing Away

Decluttering can be great for your home and your peace of mind. However, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, and throw away things you’ll later regret. With self storage, you can have the best of both worlds. You’ll free up room in your home, and hang onto your valuables.

Self Storage for The Stuff You May Regret Throwing Away

You probably have some things that you’re definitely ready to throw away or give to charity. It’s easy to say goodbye to sweatpants that have lost their elastic or Chia Pets that former coworkers gave you for Christmas.

The tricky thing is all that stuff you may not miss until it’s gone. Here are a few things that are safer to put in self storage.

Sentimental Items:

The most painful regrets are the objects you’re connected to emotionally, regardless of how much anyone would pay for them at a garage sale. That might include your kid’s old toy trains and blocks, family photo albums, and clothing that’s been out of style so long it’s starting to look good again.

Your Good Stuff:

These may be things that are kind of expensive or items that would be very difficult to replace. Self storage will provide a home for the things you value, but don’t need in your house day to day. That might be a thrift shop painting you like that doesn’t go with your new couch, or high-end cookware you seldom use except for holidays and dinner parties.

Fitness Equipment:

Do you wish you could sneak into someone’s house, and take back that rowing machine you gave them? The year 2020 taught us that gyms and yoga studios can close. If you want to stay healthy and toned, you may need your own exercise gear. Keep it handy in a storage unit when you’re not using it at home.

There are enough things to regret in life. Keep your possessions safe in local self storage. Contact us at Party  Barn Self Storage for exceptionally clean and affordable storage units in the Wylie, Texas area.

Why You Should Feel Good About Buying Storage Boxes

If you love scoring free stuff, you might be a little reluctant to pay for storage boxes. However, it’s usually the best choice, and it’s even more important these days. Here are a few reasons why you should feel good about buying new storage boxes.

Why You Should Feel Good About Buying Storage Boxes

Keep You and Your Family Safe:

While there are no zero risk activities, you can lower your risk for COVID-19 and other dangers by the choices you make each day. Buying new boxes is safer than searching for free boxes outside local stores or homes where people have recently moved. There’s nothing wrong with loving a bargain, but your health is more valuable.

Put Your Time to Better Use:

It can be easy to overlook how much time you’re investing into trying to save money. That could include checking local forums to see who is giving away moving boxes and driving around town. You’ll probably feel more fulfilled if you use those hours to read with your kids and enjoy family meals. You could even strengthen your immune system by catching up on your sleep or getting some regular exercise.

Protect Your Valuable Possessions:

Even before the pandemic, buying new storage boxes was always the best choice. You’ll know that they’re clean instead of having to worry about what residue may be left behind from their previous life. They are usually sturdier too. That means there is less risk of accidents and damage to you and your possessions when you’re carrying them around or stacking them up into piles. If you need another incentive, consider this. You may save money by using your storage space more efficiently because you’ll be able to buy boxes in standard sizes that will make packing and organizing easier.

Contact us at Party Barn Self Storage. We’re committed to giving you the best storage options in the Wylie, Texas area for your personal and business needs.

The Benefits of Self-Storage Over Basement Storage

The benefits of self-storage at a professional storage facility far outweigh the immediate convenience of basement storage. Let’s see why.

The Benefits of Self-Storage Over Basement Storage

Basement Storage Cons

The cons of basement storage include:

  • Moisture
  • Mold
  • Dirt
  • Bugs, Spiders & Rodents

Most basements have some amount of all of these aspects, which can in turn damage your boxes and your items. Bugs and animals can also create homes in your storage, and when you move your stored items into your home or new home, you’re likely to carry the infestation to your primary living spaces. Even cleaning the outside of your boxes or bins can create a hassle when you’re ready to unpack the items.

Off-Site Self-Storage Benefits

Storage facilities offer clean environments that are free of moisture, bugs, spiders, and other things that might get into your basement, such as rodents. Storing off-site effectively protects your items from infestations, mold, and dirt.

Other things to consider:

  • Items such as paper and fabrics definitely will not hold-up well with prolonged basement storage.
  • Items with many details and groves or light colors may become dirty and very difficult to clean.
  • Items may become discolored and unable to return to their original state prior to storage.

While basement storage may appear to be cheaper at first, it’s not cheaper than losing and replacing items that are damaged as a result of being in your basement. In addition, some things, such as keepsakes, are completely irreplaceable. Off-site storage is not expensive and can reasonably fit into most budgets.

While you may have easy access to items in your basement, the threat of disorganization is much higher in basement storage. You’re more likely to go rummaging around in boxes, or change your mind about storing something in the first place.

When placed out of your home, you have peace of mind that you’ve chosen the right things to store — and stay in storage — until you’re truly ready to unpack them.

To rent a spotless self-storage unit in the Wylie, TX area, contact us today.

Local Storage for Remote Workers

Local storage can help make the transition to remote workers easier. If you’ve traded in your cubicle for a home office, take a look at some of the major benefits of renting your own storage unit.

Local Storage for Remote Workers

Local Storage for Your Personal Items:

Configuring your work space plays a big part in how happy and productive you’ll be while you’re working at home. You’ll want to design an area that’s attractive and comfortable with limited distractions and good ergonomics. At a minimum, that might mean stowing seasonal sports equipment and holiday decorations somewhere off site so you can repurpose that space for your computer and desk. If possible, it’s nice if you can designate a whole separate room, but you can also make a section of your living room or dining room work too. Local storage is a flexible solution for remote workers that can adapt to whatever arrangements you’ll need.

Local Storage for Your Business Items:

While you may be focused on your immediate needs for now, it’s also a good idea to think ahead. Many experts believe that the increase in remote work will be a long term trend, so it could be convenient to have your own space for business papers, supplies, and equipment to replace or cut down on trips you’ll have to make to your old office. Depending on the nature of your work, that might include important files that you don’t use that frequently, such as tax records or completed projects. It may also be ideal for bulky items like press kits and sales packages, so you can keep a few at home rather than having the whole inventory cluttering up your house.

For exceptionally clean and competitively priced storage in the Wylie, TX area, contact us at Party Barn Self Storage. We’ll help you find the best storage options for your personal needs and make your experience as easy as possible.

Extra Storage Makes it Easier to Work Out at Home

You may be working out at home for a long time to come, so make it easier with extra storage. Take a look at how local storage can help you stay in shape and work out at home until you can use your gym membership again.

Extra Storage Makes it Easier to Work Out at Home

How Extra Storage Will Help You to Work Out at Home:

If you’re used to using the fancy machines at a commercial gym or loved the ambience at your local yoga studio, working out at home can be a big letdown. You need to take advantage of every strategy possible to keep fit with fewer resources.

Extra storage will help you to clear away clutter and free up space for working out. Just having a designated area can help you get in the mood to do push ups or barre work. It also helps if you can make that space as appealing as possible.

Other Tips for Designing Your Home Gym:

What’s next once you repurpose your basement or extra bedroom by moving your possessions into local storage? Once you see how affordable local storage space can be, you’ll have the room to create a workout space you’ll love using. Maybe you want to install big screens and speakers, so you can take online classes and listen to your favorite playlists.

As far as fitness equipment goes, you can find options for whatever budget and square footage you’re working with. In fact, you may want to keep some of your exercise gear in storage, so you can rotate your activities according to the season or just give yourself more variety to keep things interesting. Your storage unit is a wise investment that can help you and your family to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Contact us at Party Barn Self Storage to learn more about our clean and affordable storage units in the Wylie Texas area. Ask us about our special offers and benefits like computerized gate access.

Small Home or Apartment? Renting Local Storage Can Help

Is your home or apartment too small? Maybe you share your primary residence with a roommate or two, which leaves limited room for your own stuff. The good news is you don’t have to move to get more space. Renting local storage can help with a small home or apartment.

Small Home or Apartment? Renting Local Storage Can Help

Think of Local Storage as an Extra Closet

People living in too-small residences can think of their local storage rental as an extra closet. Use it to store those things you’ll still need access to, but not on a daily basis.

These items can include extra clothes and shoes you may not wear too often. Keepsakes, old pictures, and even books can also be stored in the unit. The key to making this work is to pack your local storage unit so everything is easily accessible when you need it.

Setting Up Your Local Storage Rental

If you’re going to use your local storage unit like an extra closet for space, you want to set it up so everything is easily accessible. Stick to placing all furniture and boxes along the back and side walls of the unit. This will allow ample room to move around.

If you’ll be storing clothes, use an old dresser or invest in a new one. Plastic bins also work, but aren’t quite as convenient. A shoe rack may also prove beneficial.

Investing in affordable shelving for other items can also create a more organized “extra closet.” On these shelves, you can store boxes of pictures, books, or even shoes. Remember to include a place to sit if you’ll be spending any extensive time inside the unit.

Do You Have More Questions?

Renting local storage can help people with small homes or apartments create more room without needing to move. Do you have more questions about local storage?

Contact us today. One of our associates at Party Barn Self Storage would be happy to answer any questions you still have.

5 Reasons to Store with Party Barn Storage

No matter your age or occupation, anyone can be faced with the problem of needing a place to store your belongings. Here’s a list of a few ways Party Barn Self Storage can help you when you get to the point you need storage:

5 Reasons to Store with Party Barn Storage
Attractive young woman is moving, sitting among cardboard boxes, using a laptop and smiling

Parents of College Students

There are many ways parents of college students can utilize our storage and moving. Your child is newly moved into their dorm, and you’re left with plenty of time on your hands—but no space to start any new hobbies. If you want to clear up space, put the larger pieces of furniture from their bedroom into storage for the school months, and use their emptier room for all your empty-nest projects. When they come back for the summer, just move those larger pieces back in and spend the summer months with your college student!

Similarly, if your child is going to school in a different state, use our storage system to keep their dorm or apartment items so you don’t have to transport them back and forth between school and home.

Military Members Deployed Overseas

Military members may find themselves in a very similar situation—leaving home for a while, and needing to get things out of your space. Leaving your home for months or years at a time can bring unnecessary worry. Will your stuff get stolen? Will it be okay sitting in a home? Get rid of that worry by putting your valuables into storage, kept under surveillance.

Short Term Job Assignments

The same goes for short term work assignments. If you’re going to be living in another place for an extended time, it can be difficult to trust leaving your valuables in your home. Instead, keep them in storage. There’s no need to waste precious luggage space when you can keep your valuables in our storage units.

No Place to Put Inherited Furniture

You’ve just inherited that beautiful, vintage couch from your relatives—but you’re not in your forever home, or you simply don’t have the room. Maybe the item simply doesn’t match your current decor. Instead of selling your precious family heirlooms or stuffing it into your house, keep it in storage until you have the space to make it yours. This route means no tough decisions have to be made—you can have your inheritance, and keep it too!

Downsizing, but Not Ready to Let Go

Moving to a new house is difficult, but it’s even more difficult when you’re having to let go of collectibles or antiques before you’re ready. If you’re ready to downsize, but not ready to let go of your antiques or larger pieces of furniture, storage is the best option. Why get rid of something you’re not ready to give up? Keeping those items you love in a place where they’re safe and taken care of—without taking up space in your new home—can relieve the stress of moving into a new home.

Whether you’re sending your kid off to school, living far from home for an extended time, or moving into a home without extra space, contact us at Party Barn Self Storage  and we will help you sort out your moving and storage needs!

Why Should You Rent Self-Storage Units?

Self-storage is something that’s becoming a lot more popular everywhere as time passes. If you’re interested in tidying up and streamlining your existence, then it may be a terrific idea for you to invest in the rental of sturdy and dependable self-storage units. The boons of doing so are copious.

Why Should You Rent Self-Storage Units?

They Can Eliminate Clutter in Your Home

If you’ve had it with clutter that makes your home look awful, self-storage units can help you. Since they can reduce and eliminate clutter, they can make you less susceptible to dangerous falls and trips that can lead to injuries as well.

They Can Assist You With Renovation

Home renovation is a big task. If you want to remodel your home, self-storage units can clear up space that can make handling all of your projects a lot simpler and more realistic.

They Can Come in Handy for Relocation Purposes

If you’re moving to another home, you may be in limbo for a while. Thankfully, self-storage unit rental can help you adjust to your fresh chapter. They can safeguard all of your possessions while you search for a new place to live.

They Can Help You Manage Seasonal Belongings

If you lack the room at home to store seasonal items, then getting self-storage units may work. They can help you store bulky winter coats. They can help you store outdoor recreational equipment that you use exclusively during the warmer spring and summer months, too.

They Can Aid You With Your Downsizing Journey

People who want to simplify their existences frequently decide to downsize. Investing in self-storage unit rental can do a lot for people who want to downsize and say farewell to excess for good. Self-storage units enable people to move into homes that are markedly more compact.

If you are interested in renting self-storage units, please contact us.

What to Consider When Choosing a Storage Company

Everyone has items in their homes that they only need at certain times of the year. However, when not in use, it can be tricky to find the right place to keep them. Having a dedicated storage unit is the first step to solve the problem, but then how do you know how to choose the right storage company? Here are the different factors you need to consider when choosing a storage company.

What to Consider When Choosing a Storage Company

Storage Company Reputation

Before choosing a long-term storage company, consider their reputation, based on customer feedback. Check for unbiased reviews from previous customers to get a better idea for what their experience may have been. You want to ensure the company you choose is reliable and lives up to your expectations.

Climate Controlled Environment

When storing your belongings, it’s important that they’re kept in a properly climate controlled environment. This’ll ensure that they’re not damaged from excessive moisture or overheated during warmer months. In addition, the units should also be completely leak proof and in great condition, as an added layer of protection for your items.

Monthly Storage Fees

As you compare prices for different storage options, be aware that they can vary based on several different factors: size of the unit, length of storage, and any additional features like 24/7 security. It’s important that you receive detailed quotes from each provider you consider to fully understand what they include, and make sure there aren’t any hidden fees.

Hours of Operation

Unfortunately, not every storage company offers standard 24/7 hours of operation. In your research, keep an eye on the hours of operation available to you. Some companies may offer specific office hours while others may be more flexible.

Get Started With a Free Quote

Are you in the process of trying to choosing a storage company? Don’t hesitate to contact the Party Barn Self Storage team today to learn more about how to get started with a free quote. We offer safe, climate controlled storage space that you need for all of your household goods.