Three Tips for Making Moving into Storage Space Easier

People use storage space for a number of reasons. Whether you are using it because you are downsizing or you simply need a temporary solution, you definitely don’t want to make the transition difficult, which can only put extra stress into your situation. Instead, consider these few tips to help make moving into storage space a whole lot easier:

Three Tips for Making Moving into Storage Space Easier

  1. Use the Right Boxes: If you need to store some items in boxes, you want to be sure that you invest in quality boxes. Otherwise, you can find yourself with a serious problem in the future. Not only is it difficult move boxes that are flimsy, which can only lead to the box potentially ripping and items breaking, but you should also note that these boxes are more susceptible to being broken into by pests and not protecting the items inside from things, such as dirt, water, and more.
  2. Treat the Space Like Your Closet: An unorganized and messy closet can make your life very overwhelming. It’s more difficult to find the clothes you want to wear and it can even damage your clothing because they are stacked on top of one another, getting wrinkled, and possibly tearing when you are able to drag it out from the depths. The same is true for your storage space. If you are simply throwing items in there without any thought to organization, you are going to return to retrieve items that you simply cannot find or that have been ruined. Plus, it makes it harder to find reasonable space for future items you might want to store.
  3. Make a Path for Yourself: There should be a clear path for you to get around your items in storage. Being able to walk all the way to the back of the unit without moving items is going to make it easier to store more inside and find things that you want to get to without potentially damaging anything on the way. To do this, pack the storage unit strategically and as tightly as you can in the areas where the path is not being established.

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3 Tips for Storing Furniture Before Leaving for College

Leaving for college means needing to put in some effort to make sure that all of your belongings are being held somewhere safely while you’re gone. Whether you’re moving out of your parent’s home or an apartment that you shared with roommates, you’ll need to take care to put your furniture into storage in order to preserve it for when it’s needed again.

3 Tips for Storing Furniture Before Leaving for College

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Rid of Some Items

When going over all of your belongings that will need to be put into storage, you may find that you have a lot more pieces of furniture then you expected. From a large dresser to a shoe rack and standing mirror, you should think about whether you should be getting of anything that would otherwise be taking up a lot of room.

Be Realistic About the Size of Storage You Need

As you look over all the items you can put into storage, you need to be realistic about the size of a storage unit that works for you. Smaller storage units may be more affordable, but your needs might require you to rent a larger storage unit.

Taking measurements and being honest with yourself over sizes of storage units can allow you to pick out a unit that works for your needs.

Look for Storage Suitable for Long-Term Renting

When you’re putting items into storage due to leaving for college, it makes sense to look into picking out a storage unit that will be a good fit for a long-term rental. Discounts are often available for those willing to sign longer leases, making it a good thing to look into when picking out a storage facility to rent from.

If you need to put some of your furniture into storage due to leaving for college soon, it’s best to look into the above tips and how they can help. Contact us for any further advice on putting your furniture into storage safely.

Reduce the Stress of a Move with Moving Storage!

According to researchers, moving is one of the most stressful life events a person can put themselves through.  Stress increases your body’s cortisol production, a key ingredient in the fight or flight mechanism.  Along with the uncertainty of such a life change comes the added expense of a move.  Not only transportation, the expense of purchasing a new home, closing costs, fees, taxes, and the financial challenges associated with buying/selling a new home, but also the other expenses you might not have noticed when you first considered taking that next step in property ownership. Below we’ve created a checklist to help you on your way!

Reduce the Stress of a Move with Moving Storage!

To hire or not to hire?  

When you move, how are you going to get all of your stuff to the new location?  If the last time you moved was in college or just after you were married, chances are you might have been dealing with a mattress, a TV, a second-hand futon, some chairs, and a table.

By the time they are ready to move, most adults have spent years building a life, which means years of accumulated stuff.

  • Antiques
  • Heirlooms
  • Artwork
  • Furniture
  • Beds, bedding, linens, clothing.
  • Shoes.
  • Books
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Pots and pans
  • China and flatware
  • plates, dishes, mugs, cups and glasses.

Many of these things are going to require special attention.  Fragile items will have to be boxed with packing paper or bubble wrap.  You will be surprised just how many boxes it will take to pack something like a cupboard full of dishes or a bookcase full of books.  Those boxes are also expensive, unless you can acquire boxes from another source such as a local grocer or liquor store.  Even still, are you willing to trust your grandmother’s porcelain figurine collection to a box like that?  What about jewelry? Valuables? Firearms?  Ammunition?  How can these be transported safely and legally?

Depending on your budget and the amount of household items you need to move, you might consider hiring a mover.  Services can include actually packing up all of your items into boxes and transporting them to the new location, or simply handling the boxes you have packed yourself.  Obviously, the more the movers have to handle your items, the more it is going to cost you.  A benefit of this is to free up time and allow a professional to efficiently and effectively move your home, yet a drawback of this is these are not things that hold any particular sentimental value for the movers.  Items can and will get broken, so you need to find a mover that has a reputation for being careful with fragile items in a move.

Be sure to check whether or not your mover is insured against lost or damaged items during their service.  A benefit of this is you can recoup the cost of replacing damaged property, whereas you couldn’t expect the same just asking friends or family to help you in a move.  Also, odds are you could potentially injure yourself lifting something heavy or awkward.  You might be better off trusting someone whose profession is just that.  They will know the safest and quickest way to move your belongings.


When you owned your home, you might have overlooked certain things.  A broken doorlatch, a crack in window, a hole in a baseboard.  When you move, you should intend to leave a place better than you found it.  New occupants might even be able to insist that you make these repairs before they take possession.  Minor details and repairs can add up quickly, not only from hiring others to do the work, but also from materials and the time you have to invest if you are doing the repairs yourself.

When you come to your new home, you might find yourself in a similar situation, fixing problems, painting, repairing water damage you might not have noticed before.  The move itself can also leave you with new costly repairs.  A headboard might have caught a wall as it was being moved through a hallway, a couch might have been concealing a hole in the carpet you hadn’t known about, or you might have found your child’s pudding collection from when they were ten, and now they are in college.

Cleaning, repairs, and replacements can become as expensive as they are tedious.

And what about all that extra stuff?  You will need time and a place to put all of it while you are moving if there are delays in switching homes or you are downsizing.  Contact us to consider a storage unit for either short or long-term use to take some of the burden off your move!

More miscellaneous:

A house isn’t just books and beds and furniture.  You also have items in your garage to consider:

  • Ladders
  • gardening equipment
  • deep freezers
  • holiday decorations
  • Unopened boxes from your last move (Pro tip!  Throw them out!)
  • Chemicals
  • Paint
  • Building materials
  • Weight and exercise equipment
  • Automotive parts
  • Hand tools
  • Power tools
  • Woodworking equipment
  • Spare parts for home and auto
  • Pet supplies


When you move, you are going to produce an overabundance of garbage.  Aside from the broken down doghouse you won’t be taking with you, there’s also:

  • Garden fencing
  • Leaves and branches you have trimmed
  • Lawn clippings
  • Compost pile materials that have not broken down
  • Fertilizer (which may even be considered a hazardous material)
  • That barbecue grill you have been meaning to replace or the pieces of that birdhouse you never got around to hanging up again.

With household trash you’ll find:

  • Furnace filters.
  • Empty cleaner bottles.
  • Papers, documents (some of which should be shredded if they can’t be recycled)
  • Bills and receipts
  • broken toys, dishes, appliances
  • Worn and out of date clothing (which can be donated or recycled)
  • Scraps, odds and ends, and the mountain of stuff that has accumulated in that kitchen junk drawer for the last 10 years.
  • Consider which food from your pantry to take and which to pitch.

Moving should be the first step on your next adventure.  Not an experience that experts keep telling you will shorten your life.  Your moving checklist needs to include everything that is important to you.  Whatever you choose to bring is following you into the next part of your life, and everything you throw away or leave behind will no longer be your problem.

Happy moving!

How to Choose the Right Box For Smart Storage

Choosing local storage is a great way to declutter your home and organize your life. But for every precious item you choose to pack in a box, you should be as careful in choosing the right box. Here are three tips for choosing the right storage box.

How to Choose the Right Box For Smart Storage


It seems like common sense, but remember the age-old advice: measure twice, box once. If you have larger items, especially items that are large across all sides (height, width, depth), you definitely need to choose the right box.

And if you end up with a box that is just a little smaller than the item you wanted to pack, you should think twice before trying to bend the item or bend the top of the box. You don’t want to damage your possessions, and you don’t want to compromise the integrity of the box.

This includes making sure you don’t use a box that is too big. Empty space inside the top of your storage box is dangerous if you try stacking boxes on top of it. Your goal should be to pack the box up to the top.


Just because you can fit everything inside of a box, doesn’t mean you should! One example is books. A single book may not weigh that much, but when you pack 30 books in box, that weight starts to add up.

You should choose smaller boxes for heavier items. If you have difficulty lifting the box when you’ve finished packing, it’s a good bet that it’s too heavy, and the box may degrade. Also look to see if the box lists a specific weight tolerance.


If you are packing specialty items, like electronics, clothing, or glassware, consider specialty storage boxes. Electronics boxes may have sturdier sides. Clothing boxes may allow you to hang your clothes. And glassware boxes may have inserts which separate and protect individual pieces.

In conclusion, after you’ve made the smart decision to use self storage for your possessions, don’t forget to follow this smart advice on choosing the right storage boxes: size, weight, specialty. Successful packing means successful storage. Contact us today and let us help you!

Benefits of Leasing a Local Storage Space

Over an extended period of time, many people accumulate a significant amount of furniture, kitchenware, and other personal belongings. While all of these personal belongings are very useful and necessary, there are situations in which you may not need to use them for a while.  If you have a lot of personal belongings that are not currently in use, one great option would be to place them in a self-storage unit.  There are many advantages that come when leasing a self-storage facility.

Benefits of Leasing a Local Storage Space

Clear Space

One of the main advantages of leasing a self-storage space is that it can help to clear space in your home. Depending on where you live, having access to extra storage space in your home can be an unnecessary expense. In these situations, a much better option would be to lease a storage unit. Storage units come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from under 100 square feet to spaces that are able to fit an entire home’s worth of belongings.


Another advantage of leasing a storage space is that they are very secure. As opposed to storing your belongings in your garage or home, a storage facility will provide you with assurances that your belongings will be free from theft and vandalism. Each unit has a personalized heavy-duty lock and steel door that is very hard to access without a key. Furthermore, the property is under constant surveillance and has secure access gate.


A self-storage property is also very convenient. A property will be accessible to you 24 hours per day, which means you can access your personal belongings whenever it is necessary. Furthermore, you will be able to choose a lease term that works for your needs.

If you are in need of storage space, you should contact us to learn more about the services that we can provide to you.

Get Affordable, Reliable Storage For Your Move

Are you getting ready to move to the beautiful suburbs northeast of Dallas, Texas? This area is a great location to move to because of the highly rated schools here and lovely homes with appreciating property values. However, one of the biggest problems you often face when moving here is: Where do you store your things until you’ve found the perfect new home?

Get Affordable, Reliable Storage for Your Move

We understand that it takes time to negotiate with real estate agents and tour through every property around before you find the perfect location to settle into. That’s why we offer self-storage units in Wylie with competitive pricing in a secure lot with gated access for your peace of mind.

After you’ve called us or emailed us at this contact us link to book your storage unit, here are some other important tips to follow that will make your move easier:

Get a great deal on a temporary place to stay while you are house hunting or apartment seeking.

Give yourself the peace of mind that you have somewhere to go as soon as you arrive. You can find great deals to save money on hotel costs by booking an extended-stay apartment in North Dallas that offers discounted weekly rates. You could also think about staying at a bed and breakfast or another great place in an Airbnb listing for the Wylie area. Just look for a well-reviewed place that has flexible terms with the owner.

Move long-distance more cheaply and comfortably.

First, you can get great deals on last-minute plane tickets on websites like Google Flights, Skyscanner or PriceLine if you are shipping all your things with your moving company.

If you are driving yourself across the country, then make sure to pack all the road-trip essentials beyond just your suitcase with a few toiletries. You will also need to download some playlists and audiobooks, especially if you do not have satellite radio in your car. Also, get a small cooler for your energy drinks in the car so that you do not fall asleep in the car. An eye mask and ear plugs are also crucial when you find yourself needing to rest somewhere at an odd time.

Once you arrive in the Dallas metroplex, our Party Barn storage units are just a few minute’s driving time northeast of both Plano and Garland. You’ll find us between Lavon Lake, Rockwall and Rowlett. Take the President George Bush Turnpike or I-78 to reach us quickly from the city.

Why Landlords Need Furniture Storage

If you’re a landlord, renting furniture storage could make your job easier, and help you make more money. Managing one or more properties presents you with many challenges to deal with from late rent payments to excessive noise complaints. With local storage, you’ll be able to get at least one potentially difficult situation resolved:

Why Landlords Need Furniture Storage

Attract Good Tenants: Many landlords have to weigh the pros and cons of offering furnished or unfurnished units. Given that tenants will usually pay higher rents for furnished units and you may enjoy some extra tax deductions due to your investment, you may prefer that option. However, you may also not want to miss out on a good tenant who prefers to bring their own bed and couch instead of using yours. With furniture storage, you can rent a unit to them, and keep your items at our facility until they are needed again.

Keep up with Turnover: Keeping your units rented may require you to be flexible, especially if you offer short term leases. With a local storage unit you can keep your furniture accessible. That way you’ll be prepared to get your apartment ready for whatever arrangements and move in dates your tenants prefer. Maybe you’ll have someone who will choose your apartment over another property because you can quickly provide a bedroom set for their children or outdoor furniture they want for entertaining.

Prevent Damages: While furnished units may be more profitable, you may also be exposing yourself to a higher risk of damages. If you have some furniture that you don’t want to take chances with, you can keep it secure in a storage unit so that you don’t have to worry about what your tenants might do to it.

Party Barn Self Storage in Wylie, TX makes your storage experience as easy as possible. Contact us to learn more about our year round gate access, convenient office hours, and more.

Three Ways to Make the Most out of a Smaller Storage Unit

If you will be renting out a storage unit, picking a unit that is just large enough for your items can help you save money, but might be tough to organize. Having a game plan before you start stacking boxes and furnishings in your unit can help you maximize this space, and hopefully even have a little room left over. Here are three tips for getting all of your items in a smaller storage unit.

Three Ways to Make the Most out of a Smaller Storage Unit

1. Think Through Space-Saving Set-ups

If you will be storing awkwardly shaped items or large furnishings, how you get these into your storage unit can make all of the difference. If your unit has a taller ceiling, consider stacking tables or turning couches up on one side to maximize your space. Make sure to store boxes under tables and chairs and utilize desk and drawer spaces to store smaller items where you can.

2. Strategize Where Your Items are in Your Unit

If you will be accessing your storage unit here and there over time, you aren’t going to want to put items you might need, like a bike or other seasonal equipment, in the back of your unit. Pack in rarely used items in the back of your unit first, and clear up the front space for items you might grab from time to time, such as holiday decorations or sports equipment.

3. A Step Ladder is Your Friend

Invest in a step ladder for your storage unit that you can keep in your space. This way, you can stack boxes and items safely. By keeping a ladder nearby, you can always grab items easily that you have tucked away higher up that free up more space.

Storage units can be a lifesaver either for your short-term or long-term needs. If you are about to pack a lot of items into a smaller storage unit, having a game plan can make all of the difference. If you are looking for the perfect storage facility to fit your needs, contact us to help.

Sell Your House Faster by Getting Storage for Moving

Even if your house is in great condition, there is always a possibility for it not to sell as fast as it could if you don’t clear out the clutter. Getting a storage unit to help you prepare for moving may be one of the most cost effective decisions you’ll ever make.

Sell Your House Faster by Getting Storage for Moving

There are a lot of factors you can’t control when it comes to selling your house. You’re pretty much stuck with the location, and you might not have much influence over your local school district. On the other hand, it’s relatively easy to get organized, and put extra items into storage. Here are a few suggestions that will have the most impact, and get your house ready to show:

Furniture: The next best thing to being able to increase the square footage of your rooms is to make them look bigger. Paring down your furniture will do that. In fact, you might be able to remove just the biggest and heaviest pieces to make your whole house look lighter and more spacious.

Kitchen appliances: Bare counters look so much more attractive. Figure out what appliances and supplies you can’t live without, and store the rest. On the bright side, cutting down on kitchen items will also make it much easier to clean, and you’ll need to keep your house sparkling while the for sale sign is up.

Books: Maybe your overstuffed shelves prove how interesting you are, but your bookcases have to slim down at least temporarily. Buyers need to be able to imagine themselves making this their house. Plus, books can be some of the heaviest things to move so you’ll be grateful later on that you got a head start on this task.

If you need extra storage space for moving or any other reason, contact us at Party Barn Self Storage in Wylie, Texas. You’ll find a wide range of clean and competitively priced storage units.

Why Rent a Self-Storage Unit Before Moving into Your First Apartment

Why Rent a Self-Storage Unit Before Moving into Your First Apartment

Have you finally signed the lease on your first apartment? Congratulations! Whether you’re moving in with roommates, a significant other or taking the leap on your own, you should consider renting a self-storage unit to help ease the transition into your new place. Below we discuss five reasons to do so:

Why Rent a Self-Storage Unit Before Moving into Your First Apartment

Affordable Flat Monthly Rate

Everybody knows moving into your first apartment can present a number of financial challenges. Fortunately, you can store all your non-essentials in a clean, secure self-storage unit at an affordable flat monthly rate. This means you can avoid cluttering up your new space without hurting your wallet!

Various Sizes to Choose From

Depending on how many belongings you have, you can choose from many different sizes for your self-storage unit—from 5’x10′ all the way up to 10’x24′. And you can even use a space estimator to figure out exactly how much room you need. This way, you can store additional items as efficiently as possible!

Officially Move Out of Your Parents’

Even if your parents are willing to let you keep boxes of childhood memories, clothes and extra furniture from college at their house, wouldn’t it be nice to officially be out on your own? By doing so, you’re able to cut the cord while they make new use of your old room and other storage areas.

Maximize the Potential of Your Living Space

Apartments generally have limited storage areas which are normally used for necessities. That’s why you need to make the most out of the space you have. Not to mention, if you’re living with other people, bringing along items that you may not use on a regular basis can be a nuisance. Eventually you’ll have a home where you can put all those things—but right now, it’s best to store them elsewhere.

Everything You Might Need Within Proximity

Some of the items you might choose to put into your self-storage unit could include winter clothing, extra furniture or holiday decorations; all of which you can quickly grab whenever you need to. This convenience is paramount, and just another reason why renting an affordable storage space makes life a whole lot easier!

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