3 Ways A Small Business Can Use Self Storage

Here three ways small business owners can use self-storage to solve common business problems.

3 Ways A Small Business Can Use Self Storage

To Take Advantage of Bulk Discounts

You have an opportunity to getter a better deal from your supplier. The catch is you have to place a larger order. Fortunately, you have the funds to make the purchase. What you don’t have is somewhere to put the excess inventory.

Self-storage units are available in a variety of sizes from 5X10 to 10X24. Certainly, there’s a size that’s suitable for the amount of inventory you need to store.

To Store Equipment After Hours

Do you operate a mobile business that doesn’t have a central location? You probably don’t leave the tools of your trade in your vehicle overnight where someone might steal them. Chances are you take them inside your home where they get your family’s way. Perhaps you have to take extra precautions to ensure young children don’t damage your equipment or injure themselves with it.

You can alleviate all of those headaches by taking your equipment to a secure storage unit at the end of your workday. If your business has employees, you could have them turn their equipment over to you for storage at night. It’s a better option than having them take your valuable equipment to their homes.

To Get Out of Season Items Out of the Way

Your maintenance staff complains about having to trip over the snow shovels to get the lawnmowers. Or you’re a caterer who’s tired of pushing the Christmas decor out of the way.

There’s no need to use your limited on-site space to store out of season items. A storage unit is the perfect place to keep things you don’t need for daily operations.

Wylie Self Storage

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3 Creative Uses for Your Local Storage Unit

Local storage units might be boxes, but that doesn’t mean you have to think inside the box when using them. Here are a few creative uses for self storage.

3 Creative Uses for Your Local Storage Unit

1. As An Extra Closet

Have too many clothes for your current setup? Your best friend might tell you it’s time to Marie Kondo your closet, but what if everything in there “sparks joy”? Store your extra clothes in your local storage unit until you need them again.

Or what if you have several children and their hand-me-downs are really cramping your style and filling up every nook and cranny in your home? You don’t want to throw the extra clothing out only to have to buy more later as the younger kids grow. Self storage units give you options. Use one to store the too small clothing until the next kid grows into it.

2. For Your Small Business

It’s not usually a good idea (or even legal) to run a business from a local storage unit. But that doesn’t mean self storage can’t help you run your small business.

An online retail business, for instance, might need a safe place to store inventory. An artist could use a storage unit to store art pieces between gallery openings. And a building contractor might use a unit to store tools and supplies.

3. For Vehicle Storage

Think self storage units are just for clothes, furniture, and smaller items? Think again! Your extra vehicles could benefit from a local storage unit as well.

Consider this scenario. You purchased an RV for your summer adventures, but your Homeowner’s Association forbids you from parking it in your driveway. What are you supposed to do? Thankfully, many self storage companies offer vehicle storage units or lots for just such these situations.

At Party Barn RV and Boat Storage, for instance, we offer storage options for RVs, cars, boats, and motorcycles.

For more out of the box ideas about how a local storage unit might help you, contact us.

Should You Use a Storage Unit For Inventory?

If you’re only selling a few items on eBay or a similar online marketplace, you might find enough free space in a cabinet or closet. However, your home could easily become cluttered as your sales and inventory grow.

Should You Use a Storage Unit For Inventory?

You might be tempted to stow these goods in an attic, cellar or garage. The problem is that these areas are frequently vulnerable to water leaks and pests. Thieves often find it easier to gain access to a garage instead of living quarters.

Self-Storage Advantages

A storage unit will prevent your home from getting crowded and unsightly. You won’t have to contend with tripping hazards or search for the right merchandise in an overfilled closet. Self-storage also safeguards your eBay inventory from burglars, leaks and sunlight that can cause fading.

A locker doesn’t only provide a suitable place to keep items until you sell them. You may use it to store extra boxes, tape, envelopes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts and labels. If you have little space to spare at home, you could also keep business records in a unit.

Types of Self-Storage

You may prefer a climate-controlled locker if you sell valuable items that are highly susceptible to changes in temperature or humidity. Otherwise, a standard unit should meet your needs. It’s also important to consider when and how conveniently you can access the facility.

If you’re concerned about the cost of this service, keep in mind that it could save you money in other ways. It’s normally less expensive than moving to a bigger house or apartment. You may also qualify to deduct the monthly fee from your taxable earnings.

The bottom line is that a storage unit represents a good location for your eBay inventory if it’s maintained well and located near your home. Please explore our website or contact us to learn about our convenient, secure lockers and affordable pricing.

Household Items That Can Go Into Storage And Some That Should Not

Three categories of household items can easily be placed in storage if you don’t want to let go of them yet.

Household Items That Can Go Into Storage And Some That Should Not

Baby and children’s clothing and toys.  Outgrown baby and children’s clothing can be placed in storage if you plan to add to your family. This would provide a ready source of hand-me-downs when you have a new baby. Similarly, kids tend to outgrow their toys when they start growing up. A storage unit would be the perfect place to put them aside for use by later children or until you are ready to let them go.

Items that could be fixed at a time in the future. Let’s say you like to fix broken things, which can range from bicycles to computers. Of course, if you happen to be someone who has a busy schedule, such items should not lie around the house until you can get to them. Hence, you can set these future repair projects aside and out of the way until you have some time on your hands and can get to them.

Memorabilia. You are likely very reluctant to get rid of things that have sentimental value. These things can range from old sports trophies to clothing that you have grown out of, to any other item that causes you to remember some happy time in your past.

On the other hand, there are some items that shouldn’t be put in a storage unit. These include:

Perishable foods or breakable items. Even in a climate-controlled unit, perishable food should not be stored where it will remain for a long time. Breakable items, unless they are packed away carefully, also should not go into a storage unit.

High-value items. You should not put items such as expensive jewelry, designer clothing, or anything else that would be missed if it were lost or stolen.

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Why Tenants Want Landlords to Use Local Storage

Is it okay for a landlord to store items in a property they’re renting to tenants? While it might be legal in some cases, there are better alternatives. See why local storage is a better deal for you and your tenants.

Why Tenants Want Landlords to Use Local Storage

Prevent Awkwardness:

You might think that you’re being reasonable by asking your tenants if it’s okay to store some of your items in their rental property. Maybe you even incorporated a clause to that effect into their lease. However, your tenants might be reluctant to tell you that they don’t want your stuff in their space because they’re worried about how it could affect your relationship. Would you be slower to make repairs if they turn you down?  Plus, many people don’t like to engage in any conflict so you might lose good tenants if they decide to live elsewhere without letting you know what turned them off.

Increase Accessibility:

Even if your tenants are happy to let you leave your stuff with them, how are you going to get to it? Will you contact them in advance each time you need access? It could become an ongoing irritation, and you may not be able to retrieve your things if you need them late at night or anytime your tenants go away on vacation or business. With local storage, you could have 24/7 access, and you won’t have to coordinate your schedule with anybody else.

Stay Safe:

You may run into all kinds of complications if your tenants damage the things you’re storing or they pose a possible safety hazard to your tenants. Using local storage would simplify your interactions, and a professional storage facility will probably provide safer conditions for your valuables.

Are you looking for clean and affordable self-storage in the Wylie Texas area? Contact us Party Barn Self Storage for a wide range of sizes to accommodate your needs.

Furniture Storage Makes Buying a Fixer Upper Easier

If you’re interested in buying a fixer upper, furniture storage could make your life a lot easier. See how local self storage could help you succeed at one of the most important investment decisions of your life.

Furniture Storage Makes Buying a Fixer Upper Easier

Buying a home that needs renovations, and putting your furniture and other valuable possessions in storage are two smart decisions that work well together. You’ll probably enjoy significant savings by buying a house that’s below market value, paying less in property taxes, and even selling it for a substantial profit when you’re ready to move on. Meanwhile, storage will help you deal with the daily challenges that you’re likely to face:

Storage gives you flexibility:

You may be rearranging your sleeping and eating quarters while you’re making the necessary improvements to your home. With your furniture and other large and valuable items in storage, it will be easier to adjust. After all, it’s a lot easier to move a futon and a microwave rather than your entire bedroom and dining room sets.

Storage protects your possessions:

Anyone who has ever stayed in their home during a renovation project will never forget how much dust there is to deal with. It’s best to move your items off site to a safe place or keep them covered up. It’s also essential to do a thorough cleaning each day that may even include vacuuming the walls. Storage will speed the process up by giving you an open space to work in, and it will reduce the risk of wear and tear from dust, debris, wet paint, moisture, and other hazards.

Storage helps you create your vision:

If you’re like most people who buy fixer uppers, you’re probably passionate about designing your living space. Keeping your furniture in storage as your new home evolves gives you the opportunity to evaluate your current priorities and see what works in your emerging space.

If you’re house hunting in the Wylie Texas area or looking for local self storage for any reason, contact us at Party Barn Self Storage. We make your moving and storage experience as easy as possible.

2 Benefits Of Using A Gated Access Storage Facility

If you are looking for a great storage facility to store your items in, you should definitely consider one that has gated access. There are so many awesome benefits that come along with choosing a gated access storage facility and three of them will be discussed here.

2 Benefits Of Using A Gated Access Storage Facility

It Adds Another Level Of Security 

When a storage facility isn’t enclosed in some type of fence or gated area, it isn’t made to be as secure as it can possibly be. Anyone can walk into the area and try to break into the storage units. However, with the addition of a security gate and fenced in area, you add a whole new level of security.

This can help give you a great deal of peace of mind because you know that all of your items are going to be better protected while being stored. You are the only one who has the access code, so you also don’t have to worry about others being able to enter the gate who aren’t also storing things in the facility.

You Don’t Have To Leave Your Car 

Another awesome benefit of having a gated access storage facility is the automatic features that the gate has. Instead of having to get out of your car to open the gate, you can use the automatic features to simply enter in your code and then watch the gate open on its own.

This saves you a lot of time and is great if the weather conditions aren’t ideal for exiting your car. The gate will also close automatically behind you, so you don’t have to worry about anyone else entering the facility without you knowing it.

To learn more of the benefits of using a gated access storage facility, or to reserve your storage unit today, visit us at Party Barn Self Storage.

4 Ways a Storage Unit Can Help You Try the KonMari Method

Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” book brought a lot of focus onto the concepts of decluttering and keeping your home neat. A lot of the ideas demand a blank slate to get started: you need to pull everything out of a space before you can start tidying it up. You need to have room to organize and think. The list continues. But if you’re decluttering your home or even an office, there’s not a lot of empty space to get started. Here’s how a storage unit can help:

4 Ways a Storage Unit Can Help You Try the KonMari Method

1. Empty a room to give yourself a starting point.

The best way to organize a space, especially in tight quarters, is to pull everything out and start from scratch. But when every room needs to be decluttered, where do you put the clutter? Empty one room into a local storage unit and turn that newly emptied room into your declutter organization center to start redoing the other rooms one by one.

2. Organize by type of thing instead of by room.

The KonMari Method also focus on decluttering by type of thing rather than by the location of the thing. But just like emptying a room, it can be hard to pull all of a type of thing together. A storage unit gives you the room and focus to create categories of items.

3. Separate your belongings from your home so it’s easier to let them go.

Part of the reason why it’s easy to reorganize an empty room is that you have to deliberately decide what goes back inside. But if you know you’re the type of person to hold onto everything, raise the stakes — or at least the barrier. Sort through your stuff from a storage unit. If something is worth driving it back home again, it must actually be worth keeping.

4. Store what creates a not-quite spark.

The most popular snippet of the KonMari Method is the idea of getting rid of things that don’t bring joy. If that’s a hard rule to follow, give yourself a middle ground. Fill up a storage unit with belongings that don’t give you joy but that you can’t imagine parting with. If you can store them for six months without missing them, it’s time to let them go.

If you need short-term organizational space or long-term storage, Party Barn Self Storage is here to help. Contact us today to find the right unit for your needs.

3 Tips For Properly Storing Your Items In Self Storage

Storing your items in a self storage unit is a great way to keep them protected when you aren’t using them. However, it is crucial that you store your items properly in order to keep them as safe as possible and to make things easier for you when it comes to accessing your unit and looking through your items. Here are three great tips for properly storing your items in self storage.

3 Tips For Properly Storing Your Items In Self Storage

Label All Boxes

Before you ever bring boxes into your storage unit, it is important that you have them all carefully labeled. Writing what the contents inside of the box are on multiple sides of the box is a great way to ensure that you can read it from almost any angle. Once your boxes are labeled, you can then bring them into your storage unit and strategically place them in groupings that make them easy to find, such as holiday decor, kitchen items, etc.

Wrap Items In Plastic

Any item that you fear may get dirty or damaged in a storage unit should be carefully wrapped in plastic. This would include items like couches, dressers, pianos, televisions, etc. Purchasing a plastic that is self adhesive is best because it will stick to itself as your wrap it around, making it easy to apply to whatever item you are protecting. Also, if an item needs an added level of protection, purchasing bubble wrap to also wrap around it is a great idea.

Take Items Apart

If your storage unit isn’t very big, then you can save a great deal of space by taking any of the items that you can apart. This includes things like tables, chairs, fitness equipment, etc. Once these items are taken apart, carefully tape the screws and other small pieces to the item they belong to so they are not lost. This allows you to store them in a much smaller space and can actually save you money on your storage unit.

To learn more about storing your items in a storage unit, or to rent your own self storage unit, visit us today at Party Barn Self Storage.

Why You Should Store Your Items In A Self Storage Facility

If you have some items that you need to store, then self storage is a great option for you. Here’s why!

Why You Should Store Your Items In A Self Storage Facility

You Come And Go As You Please

When you choose to store your items in a self storage facility, you have full access to your items at all times. You will be given a key to your unit, or you will be the one who chooses a lock for your storage unit. In either case, you are able to enter your unit with ease. This is great if you need to take things in and out of your unit on a regular basis, such as when the seasons change and you switch out some of your home decor, clothes, yard furniture, etc.

You Only Pay For What You Need 

Self storage facilities offer a large variety of storage unit sizes, making it easy to get the exact size that you need. This can also help you to save money because you will pay for your unit based on the square footage that you need. There are helpful guides that recommend what size of unit you need if you are storing the items for 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, etc. This makes it so that you don’t end up with either not enough room or more room than you actually need.

Your Items Are Kept Safe 

You also have the comfort of knowing that your items are safe when they are located in a self storage unit. The facility itself is surrounded by a gate and only those with computer access can enter. This makes it very difficult for someone to break into the facility to take your belongings. Surveillance cameras are also located throughout the entire facility, so anything suspicious going on in or around the facility will be noticed immediately.

To get your own self storage unit today, visit us at Party Barn Self Storage.