Why Rent a Self-Storage Unit Before Moving into Your First Apartment

Why Rent a Self-Storage Unit Before Moving into Your First Apartment

Have you finally signed the lease on your first apartment? Congratulations! Whether you’re moving in with roommates, a significant other or taking the leap on your own, you should consider renting a self-storage unit to help ease the transition into your new place. Below we discuss five reasons to do so:

Why Rent a Self-Storage Unit Before Moving into Your First Apartment

Affordable Flat Monthly Rate

Everybody knows moving into your first apartment can present a number of financial challenges. Fortunately, you can store all your non-essentials in a clean, secure self-storage unit at an affordable flat monthly rate. This means you can avoid cluttering up your new space without hurting your wallet!

Various Sizes to Choose From

Depending on how many belongings you have, you can choose from many different sizes for your self-storage unit—from 5’x10′ all the way up to 10’x24′. And you can even use a space estimator to figure out exactly how much room you need. This way, you can store additional items as efficiently as possible!

Officially Move Out of Your Parents’

Even if your parents are willing to let you keep boxes of childhood memories, clothes and extra furniture from college at their house, wouldn’t it be nice to officially be out on your own? By doing so, you’re able to cut the cord while they make new use of your old room and other storage areas.

Maximize the Potential of Your Living Space

Apartments generally have limited storage areas which are normally used for necessities. That’s why you need to make the most out of the space you have. Not to mention, if you’re living with other people, bringing along items that you may not use on a regular basis can be a nuisance. Eventually you’ll have a home where you can put all those things—but right now, it’s best to store them elsewhere.

Everything You Might Need Within Proximity

Some of the items you might choose to put into your self-storage unit could include winter clothing, extra furniture or holiday decorations; all of which you can quickly grab whenever you need to. This convenience is paramount, and just another reason why renting an affordable storage space makes life a whole lot easier!

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