Save Your RV from Long-Term Weather Damage with Covered Storage

Parking your RV in your driveway year-round wastes a lot of space. It can even be bad for the RV itself. Here’s how you can protect it with off-site storage options.

1. Don’t let leaks turn to rot.

RVs have fiberglass shells that are particularly susceptible to leaks over time. But if you only use your RV for the occasional road trip or summer vacation, you might not spot that leak for several months. The difficulty is compounded by the fact that many leaks form in cracks and only manifest in the side near poor seals.

But if the leaks aren’t caught immediately and the water stays trapped in your RV, it will lead to mildew, mold, and rot. Keep your RV stored in a covered storage unit garage so water can cause damage in-between trips.

Save Your RV from Long-Term Weather Damage with Covered Storage

2. Keep the shell safe from hail.

Hail is an annual constant in the DFW area. Even if you have a covered garage extension on your property, that can’t fully protect an RV from bouncing hail. The ice can punch right through the sides of your RV or destroy the mechanisms in the undercarriage. Instead, keep your RV completely covered in a storage unit.

3. Add shade so color doesn’t fade away.

RVs have bright bands of color on the exterior panels. But UV radiation can make those colors fade away and prematurely age your RV. Even if the aesthetics of your RV aren’t a priority, that faded color can hurt your car’s resale value. UV radiation and heat can also dry out the plumbing seals and plastic elements. Make sure it stays in the shade as much as possible, especially when you aren’t planning on using it.

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