Secure Storage Units Before the Kids Go to College

Secure Storage Units Before the Kids Go to CollegeEach year, thousands of kids leave home in search of higher education. Many choose to live in small, on-campus dorms or efficiency apartments located near the school. Consequently, they end up leaving a large number of items behind that their parents must either place into storage or live with until the kids return.

With that said, many parents prefer to rent storage units in Wylie, Texas. The locked storage units come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for temporarily holding college-age children’s belongings. And if the kids decide to take more of their belongings back to campus with them after winter break, it’s easy to switch to a smaller unit.

Plus, storage units in Wylie are open 365 days a year and are easy to access. So moms and dads can remove items out of storage and send them to the kids as needed. In addition, the kids can come home and access their own stuff whenever the mood strikes. All they need to get into the storage facility is their computerized gate code and lock key or combination numbers. That’s it.

Also keep in mind that the thoroughfares leading to the storage units are level, maintained, wide and lighted during the evening hours. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if parents and kids are driving a moving van or a compact hybrid to storage facilities in Wylie, Texas. They’ll have no problems driving right up to the storage unit’s door at any time of the day or night. One word of advice though. Storage unit rentals do not come with moving equipment.

As such, parents and kids alike should plan on bringing their own hand trucks, work gloves, moving blankets, bubble wrap and any other packing materials that they feel will be needed to secure all of the items for temporary storage. To learn more why storage units in Wylie are best for college-age kids and their parents, please contact us today.

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