Self Storage and Disaster Preparedness

Self Storage and Disaster PreparednessTexas has more than its fair share of natural disasters every year and this year seems to be sending a few extra our way.

As such, most Texans are prepared for minor emergencies and even the occasional major one, but many don’t realize that a self storage unit can be a great asset in your disaster planning. Obviously, every home should have the basics of disaster survival: food and water for all family members including pets for several days, flashlights and batteries and a first aid kit at minimum, but where do you keep all the stuff you need for a longer lasting emergency?

A gas-powered generator, extra canned goods and extra drinking water as well as spare clothing for disaster situations, sturdy shoes and other disaster specific preparations can take up a lot of extra space. For city residents with small apartments or others who just don’t have the extra space, a small storage unit can be a smart part of your disaster planning.

At a site that is close to home, storing a portable generator and miscellaneous disaster-related supplies can help assure your family’s safety and comfort during a disaster. Supplies stored can include non-perishable, preferably canned food, large ice chests for storing food when the power is out, sleeping bags and cold weather gear, and even a more extensive first aid kit.

Preparing for a disaster just makes sense and space should never be an excuse why you don’t get it done.Contact us to secure the space you need to help keep your family safe.

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