Self Storage When You Are Ready To Downsize

It’s time for the neighborhood-wide garage sale or your church wants to collect donations. Maybe the weather has you in the mood to downsize and simplify your life. So, do you put items in storage, sell or donate? Before giving away family heirlooms, ask yourself a few important questions when preparing to use self storage.

Self Storage When You Are Ready To Downsize

Furniture, in particular, takes up a lot of space. However, giving an antique away because of timing issues isn’t always prudent. Maybe a niece or sister would love to have your antique clock that reminds them of a loved one, but they don’t have the space until they move in the fall. Consider a few benefits of using a clean self-storage unit as you await changes.

Does this item have special or sentimental meaning?

If the family heirloom does not have a special meaning to you, check with family members. If no one in the family wants the furniture piece but it’s worth a lot of money, consider putting it in storage until a later date. Some charities and churches welcome donations but only for special events such as auctions or fundraisers.

Can I see myself missing this item?

If you can picture yourself using the furniture piece or other item in the future, put it in a immaculate storage unit where it will maintain in good condition. Putting the item in your basement or garage could damage the furniture. If you plan to move to a different home within the next few years, the item could work perfectly with an entirely new decor scheme.

Will my future grandchildren wish I kept it?

Even if your children, siblings or parents don’t want a particular item, your future grandchildren might. Ask family and friends about whether they could need a mattress, sofa, bed frame or other furniture piece in good condition. Estimate the cost of buying the items new. Even if a sofa is a little worn, slipcovers make them seem brand new again as long as the frame is strong. Also, one of your friends or relatives might make a project out of fixing up old furniture pieces.

In some cases, it is best to ditch old furniture pieces. Make sure to dispose of the items properly. In most cases, it will cost money to hire someone to haul away your junk pieces. But getting rid of items no one wants means more space in your storage unit for valuables you or your loved ones can’t imagine living without. At Party Barn Self Storage, we provide well-designed and clean storage units for our valuable clients. For more tips on making the most of self storage, please contact us.

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