Should You Use a Storage Unit For Inventory?

If you’re only selling a few items on eBay or a similar online marketplace, you might find enough free space in a cabinet or closet. However, your home could easily become cluttered as your sales and inventory grow.

Should You Use a Storage Unit For Inventory?

You might be tempted to stow these goods in an attic, cellar or garage. The problem is that these areas are frequently vulnerable to water leaks and pests. Thieves often find it easier to gain access to a garage instead of living quarters.

Self-Storage Advantages

A storage unit will prevent your home from getting crowded and unsightly. You won’t have to contend with tripping hazards or search for the right merchandise in an overfilled closet. Self-storage also safeguards your eBay inventory from burglars, leaks and sunlight that can cause fading.

A locker doesn’t only provide a suitable place to keep items until you sell them. You may use it to store extra boxes, tape, envelopes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts and labels. If you have little space to spare at home, you could also keep business records in a unit.

Types of Self-Storage

You may prefer a climate-controlled locker if you sell valuable items that are highly susceptible to changes in temperature or humidity. Otherwise, a standard unit should meet your needs. It’s also important to consider when and how conveniently you can access the facility.

If you’re concerned about the cost of this service, keep in mind that it could save you money in other ways. It’s normally less expensive than moving to a bigger house or apartment. You may also qualify to deduct the monthly fee from your taxable earnings.

The bottom line is that a storage unit represents a good location for your eBay inventory if it’s maintained well and located near your home. Please explore our website or contact us to learn about our convenient, secure lockers and affordable pricing.

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